Battlefront 2 sucks

Battlefront 2 sucks

This is why you don't preorder dipshit

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People still buy it though. Its an incredibly fucking success business campaign and they would be fucin dumb not to use it.

People who whinge about it are just fucking faggots, buy it or dont, i dont give a fuck and neither do EA

Fucking sick of hearing about it

thats why it must be pirated...

You probably just haven’t gotten enough loot boxes to enjoy it yet, try spending another $700 or so to make sure

Battlefront 2 mp is fun and in practice unaffected by the lootbox shit. Meanwhile the campaign was high quality but had subjectively bad writing.

EA's greedy practices is the only reason why you shouldn't buy it.

it will but no one will play it, the campaign is god awful, the multiplayer needs a valid EA game id and absolutely no one is gong to set up a private server because lawyers and the game is just not that good.

kids will play it and spend a crap ton of daddys money on it, just to play angsty teen Kylo with all the cards.

>>fat faggot forever alone nerds hate the newest star wars thing
>>implying anyone should give a shit

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Find a new thing to get micro-boners about.
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Swtor is free.


Fucking multiplayer shits ruin the good stories..


Op will not buy it for sure.

>EA doesn't care about game sales

I don't think anyone really should but then again I have disposable income, don't care and just want to play a starwars game

Everything sucks. Shut up bitch

Not the guy you're responding to, but if they can sell 100 copies of the game for $60 each or 10 copies of the game to idiots who will throw $600 at them each in microtransactions, why should they care?
Only a small number of people need to buy the game to make microtransactions viable. All the bad publicity about microtransactions is only going to push away people who weren't going to gamble all their money away to them anyway.

I just wanted the story mode so I just watched the cutscenes on YouTube like any other star wars films.

Battlefront 1 sucked and when I heard there was no conquest mode I knew battlefront 2 would suck

All EA had to do was remake the ps2 game and add more. Why did they go full retard?

Its EA, what were you expecting?

I was expecting them to add a conquest mode