Honestly speaking, how much money do you earn?

Honestly speaking, how much money do you earn?

Base rate: $22 an hour
Weekends: $32 an hour
Holidays: $45 an hour
Bonus: $500 a month

>Inb4 everyone is a millionaire

Base Rate: $27 an hour
Client Work: $60 an hour
No holiday wage or Bonuses


Whatever the fuck people will pay me for my abilities.

So are you a freelancer? If so what do you do?

Nothing anyone will pay me for.

I work on commission but it's all high rate oil field stuff. I get paid bimonthly

163k a year

Bonus: 2x400€ per annum

60 an hour, working part time

18.75 base
28.12 after 8 hours

Four year pay progression I just started so by the end of four years base pay will be ~36 an hour

What u do

Project manager.

Getting paid differently. Working as software developer for companies.
Most I got was 54k in a month

$24.50 an hour, $36.75 after 40hrs.
$49 an hour on Sunday. ~$4000 yearly bonus.

My side business I charge $125 an hour if I go to job site and $85 an hour at my shop.

Base rate: €2.96 an hour
Weekends: €2.96 an hour
Holidays: €2.96 an hour
Bonus: €0 a month

Executive sous chef at Wendy's
37 $7.35 hr

government benefits, $950 fortnight for 6 years..

126K a year with 14k bonus. Hopefully

No weekends
All holidays off @$29/hr
Bonus at Xmas of only $2k.
Promotion promised within 6-12 months. Fuck I need this promotion.

Hang in there, I was like you before I found my feet. It was 5 years for me.

Software Engineer I:

Havent had a bonus yet since I only just started working in June

$115,000/yr salary from regular job
$110/hr freelance work, roughly 5-10 hrs a month

$10k bonus typically at year end depending on my teams performance

13.50 USD
any holiday or overtime times is time and half
paid weekly
definitely feel like one of the poorest anons on here
am 21

12k a year with 3 degrees is maintenance

Before anyone calls bullshit, far from a millionaire. Have a stay at home wife and a couple kids. I make enough to live comfortably but rarely have money in savings due to yearly Disney trips, health insurance, and wife going shopping for things we do not need.

Minimum wage + tips.
Delivery driver. Average $80 in tips/night.

22 here, 9.15 USD/hr, bi weekly.
I barely have enough money to pay for food. I have been legally homeless for a year and a half.
You could have it way worse.

15.25 base
+1.00 for nights +1.30 for weekends +.50 for special care
+72 hrs is time and a half
Call in time and a half +300 for a 12 shift bonus

ill clarify. 32 @ 12k a year with 3 degrees in maintenance getting the shaft from company legal documents despite working min of 60 hours a week, more if I do weekends too.

$500/day to shoot
$50/hr to edit


I'm sorry user i have a friend who is also legally homeless right now he lives in his car but he makes enough for food and for anything else he needs other than a home for right now he works construction younger than me though hes 20 i think
hopefully all gets better for you with time hard work effort will at least get you to the 15 an hour area
i work 13.50 an hour at my full time job and work one day a week as a manager in a retail chain as a "technician manager" for 12 an hour that one is also weekly

100 dollars a day dog walking in nyc I live in new jersey

work in tourism ,about 45k a year, work seasonally, 18 an hour during the on season, then off from oct-june, in the off season i get 938 bi weekly for doing nothing.

im a certified truck and transport tech, i used to make $28 an hour but every day was a piss off, wasnt worth the stress

€3000/month + car + iphone
working 8 hours a day, never do weekends
32 days vacation every year

oh and i have a rental house

2014 $40,000
2015 $50,000
2016 ~$70,000
2017 ~$85,000

Hoping to hit $100k by next year

retired at fifty, on about $2k a month (no hours, lol) but my mortgage is paid off, and i live in a really well built insulated house with passive solar and active, so no heat bills for water or living space. Biggest monthly outlay is car insurance. (oh yeah, and I live in a civilised country that has health care)

so after 600 a month to pay food and stuff i have a nice bundle to spend on fun stuff.

I make less than he does, how does he not have a place to live? much less eat? learn to manage thy money better.

17.50 an hour, bringing home 900 - 1200 a week

£35,000 + 10k Dividends
Front end developer 2 years out of university

54,000 CAN

96k/yr salary
24k/yr bonus
10k/yr expense acct
plus retirement and insurance benefits

small biz owner...the rest is left in as retained earnings to grow the company

16k salary (gross)
14/hr OT

$135/hr for any hour worked (16hours on Monday all at the same rate), inclusive of all tax, super, leave, etc.
Currently averaging 70 hour weeks.

Fucking hate my job and the halfwits I work with, but their stupidity keeps enabling me to charge the rate.

83k base yearly not including OT. I only work 6months out of the year. Half my time working other half family and weed.

Per hr

OT rates

You are a driver for UPS

i charge 65 euro's an hour, programming.
i work 5 days a week for 4 customers, and some other jobs sometimes

Easy work, fulfilling online orders for 40 hrs/week.

57.67usd/hour in todays exchangerate.
Translates to 9226.85usd/month (before taxes)
No real bonuses, but for the last 5 years, boss gives us 795,42usd at xmas to buy stuff for (don't have to pay taxes of the items, so it translates into about 50% more in actual value).

My job
>Professional sous chef at Wendy's
>37yrs young

80k in medical devices.

37€ an hour with nothing but a high school graduation and two failed year an Lausanne Institute of Technology

Wait for me to have a master in computer engineering and I'll make 120000 a year.

>Computer Engineering
>Software architect

The winning three

ITT: the only people who have posted are those who are doing it for the sole purpose gloating.

>everyone on Sup Forums makes more then 12$/hr or equivalent.

I kek'd and know it's bullshit for how many "muh I'm in the military" and "muh college life sux" an "how to stop being NEET" threads.

3,61$ an hour
It is base rate, weekend rate

How shitfuck of a dumbass are you ?
You're saying that people post here to gloat and then say they are lying because they all make more than average.
Well yeah, I guess someone with a below average paycheck wouldn't want to gloat about it

Fucking faggotlord, god shit...

12 $ an hour..my life sucks

I'm not a millionaire, but I did invest a little less than $20k in bitcoin when it was at $790 a coin. I sold it at $7k per coin. Waiting for the next crash to buy back in. My wife doesn't even know about this money yet so its literally play money for me at this point.

Don't go on yearly Disney trips then?

Base Rate: $55/Hour
Weekends: $55/Hour
Holidays: $80/Hour

When are you retiring from the UFC?