You have 10 seconds to prove you're not an Amerifat

You have 10 seconds to prove you're not an Amerifat

> My country can actually win wars

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>my country is arab country

>tfw from swedenistan

my country has free speech.

I have free healthcare

I don't like traps cause that would be gay.

bitch we win any war we actually want to. problem is being a war like nation who really likes being at war, if you win its over.


God I love being American, feed me all your envy and hate, it sustains me.

yeah and your gas costs 3 times as much as mine. $2.27 a gallon tonight in arizona. 3% black population. wonderful.

that doesn't prove i'm not an amerifat though... i came here when i was 2. no one in my lineage ever enslaved blacks or stole this land. my immigrant parents came with master's degrees and own two houses. i live free because they did it right. amerifats don't do it right. i hate whitey but i'm nordic. whitey is bleached dog to me.

Expect you guys have lost to a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY and you guys can't even beat the war on drugs

>Vietnam war


>ad on tv about how to make all the payments online and not fuckin use actual money
>Shows millions of people already doin it
>Next ad is about how you should not fuckin shit the streets

i'm white and don't have any spic, nigger, jew or native americunt ancestry in me

10dm=1m 100cm=1m

our average price on weed is 20€/g

My country is neutral

I cry about america on the internet


I have proudly never been shot

We have ketchup chips and imperial cheese.

Doubtful. What country

well the average europoo can't understand the imperial system so it was dumbed down and called the metric system

>win a war
>not american

We're pretending we don't exist then?

Yes but all you have to remember if American is.
30 234 236 1/8 56 182 37 1/16 282 and the use a slide ruler to convert ... Or something moronic.

Holy shit, what a rip off


History pls

neither have 99.9% of americans

trust me, no one is jealous of you


Remember when Russia actually won WWII for the US, and then the US went rushing in at the last minute and proclaimed victory?

Or that time the US got chased out of North Korea? Or Vietnam? Or their failure in Afghanistan and Iraq? And their lack of leadership over Syria?


then why post these threads everyday?
I realize millennials are borderline retarded but come on kid, this much denial?

sure kid

>chased out of Vietnam

>Strangely coincides with the decline of sales of military equipment after sending a country so far into the fucking past even towel heads are considered more advanced.

>not knowing history if own, failed country

Pretty pathetic.


stay mad kid

Holy shitballs! What, is your dealer making payments on his luxury yacht or something?

lmfao how can a war obsessed country be so shit at wars.

>my fucking sides are exploding tbh

"Shit! The North Vietnamese and Viet cong are coming!"

so weak

Because you dont make much money once the war is over

come speak to me when you learn how to war

I know. This is why they should just stay the fuck out of the world. Have little cute parades to celebrate "freedumbs" . This is literally all the US should be allowed to do.

Let the big boys handle the world.

We were to busy bombing Japs in the Pacific to be fuckin with Hitler. Let Stalin kill close to 20 million of his own people.

The big boys like who? Please tell me.


Then what was going on with the Western Front?

Why don't you ask someone at one of our military bases your country sucked our cock for?

>getting fucked up in Vietnam by a bunch of chink farmers with sticks
>w-we lost the war on purpose

you know the one always begging for the US to help them

only way to win a war on drugs its to not have a war. its called a black market and legalizing it, a lot of people will probably die in a real hurry like the few that do already.


we have free health care and our population is the one wich lives the most on average thanks to the mediterranean diet too

Amerika is huje kurwa

Anyone who isn't fucking retarded? China is a much better candidate for looking out for global security.

"But Trump Rulz"


He's diarrhea. And so is the US.

The u.s had to save England from getting completely obliterated. If the Japs didn't bomb pearl harbor and the u.s didn't get involved england would have surrendered just like France did.

somewhat right, although d-day was a sight to behold, and the usa played a major part in the invasion of europe

the ussr did immobilize the entire eastern frontier of the axis powers, and slowly invaded germany itself.

overall russia played a much larger part in destroying germany, but americunts ended the war with the manhattan project


sure kid

what the fuck did you just say to me you little bitch!??? come visit USA and say that face to face with a US Navy seal and see how that works out for you

I lost it, love you bro

Oh yes China would be so much better. Are you fucking retarded?

>Russia won WWII
Soviet Union led by Georgian tyrant. And it wasn’t Russia all along. Russia even didn’t get invaded as much as Belarus and Ukraine, that were among top contributers to the total war score.

america at best is a greedy, fat, inhuman beast that destroys everything it touches

However, the worst thing america can be is a psedo-europoor 3rd world nation taking muslim dick in every orifice.

there is no winning here.

That's a complete lie. The Brits and the Russians had Hitler under control...until the US rushed in to try to steal the glory.

Anybody who has read a book on WWII knows that to be a fact. Watch less "friends on TV, you fucking retard. It's not the same as history.

its called politics. cameras take pics of the dead in viet, politicians lose steam, pull out forces. push NK/Chinese to china border, politicians say with draw to the 38th when we could have had all of NK handed to SK. not saying it politics but its politics.

sure kid

How's that immigration going eurotrash? Soon you'll be under Sharia law while your leaders suck Mohammed's dick


sure kid

Whatever you say buddy.

>has no argument
>sure kid

Boy. You're putting everyone in their places. History is being interpreted as we speak. WOW.

>Country thats been in civil war for 40+ years should be responsible for global security

>Because im a special snowflake I need to take common measurements shared by the world and needlessly complicate it to make myself sound more intelligent.
imagine being this delusional

you are right, in terms of gemany

but do you not remember the fiasco in the pacific between japan and the usa?

>w-we lost the war on purpose though we weren't even trying

you yawn, but that is the truth. perhaps the concept of nations is something we have grown past...

I really hope you're not referencing Taiwan, young Harambe. Because you'd be wrong.

Sure. That started 3 years into the war. US deserved it.



If i was NK or any other neet country i would literally go to war with US tomorrow. it's pretty much a guaranteed win given america's track record with wars

your opinions are pathetic, just like your life. How dare you yawn at me cunt


stop yawning cunt



>prime minister



Yawn/Kek combo.

itt tired thread


Thats an australian soldier.

I dont have to calculate the taxes at the cashier

I find it funny that everyone hates America but if it wasn't for us you'd all be speaking German. But that's none of my business.

>actually American