Anyone else afraid of going to bed/sleep?

Anyone else afraid of going to bed/sleep?
I'm not afraid of falling asleep, nightmares, or anything like that. But I'm afraid of being alone with my thoughts.
I can't stand just laying there in the dark with my thoughts, so for the last three years I've been falling asleep with the TV on with sound, and the lights on, with my clothes on. I'll watch Netflix until like 8-9 AM in the morning so I can just lay down randomly and fall asleep.

Anyone else do this?

I know what you mean. Been awake for 2 1/2 days. Always need tv to sleep. Im always alone. Have had a friend stay with me for almost two weeks now but other than that always alone. I hate sleep.

Nope, I'm afraid of waking up.

Get a small earphone comfy enough for sleeping user

yeah i have that problem.
I listen to audiobooks or dvd commentaries to put myself to sleep, anything is better than being stuck with me.

Well, I always sleep with a fan going, otherwise I stay up listening to every little sound inside and outside.

I also have a great adventure that I build on and play through in my mind when I'm left to my thoughts, I find I drift off to sleep before I know it and I just pick up where I left off the previous night.
I have an awesome imagination yo.

Thats why i smoke weed Like a mad man dude

i have the same problem i just listen to music on a low volume with earphones

I have trouble sleeping too for the same reason. Im not really afraid, just annoyed to lay in bed for hours and then give up. Its just fucking boring, so I postponed going to bed as much as I could.

What helped was asmr videos on youtube. I look for videos with talking and questions, so I can listen and answer the questions in my mind and I slowly drift off to sleep.

You need to just face your own shit and resolve it. Stop being a pussy and confront yourself. It's called growing up.

Been having weird dreams lately. I checked the mailbox too and still nothing.

Speak for yourself

u are not alone

yeah I have that same problem, my sleep schedule goes full circle sometimes, but usually I just fall asleep around 6am, whenever it gets bright

Yes But not the way you do.

Waking up is very painful for me. The hours I sleep are inconsistent. I have been on super strong sleeping pill, muscle relaxers, you name it.

Waking up sucks. My body and mind don't have energy. But my will pushes me through it.

Waking up from small naps are okay, but waking up from legit sleep sucks. I use to not sleep at all and my body was fine with it. But now I get some sleep.

As for being alone stuff. It's fine. I'm use to being alone. It's not bad or good.

You must be 10, Causey I that when I was 10.


same here, always audiobooks or podcasts but my life has been changed with mindfulness meditation. read "waking up" by sam harris, and get the headspace app or find some 10 minute guded mindfulness meditations on youtube and do one a day. I've only been doing it for a couple weeks now and the difference in not just sleep but my life in general is amazing. Please do try and I hope it helps (I'm sure it will)

Get a tv, play movies.

Works for me.

Does anyone else wake up in a panic attack sometimes?

I'm afraid of sleep itself, and generally just unconsciousness, which is why I stay on my phone while in new for hours.