Why do women do this to us?

Why do women do this to us?

still cute without

cos we like it

Its not really about us, more of a competition with eachother,. I hate girls with makeup

control, power, influence, power.

Do what?
Youre a fool if you think most women dont have makeup even a minimal amount on when you see them.
Also youre a fool if you 'fall' for it and get upset when they dont look as good without it. Females can look bad just like dudes, grow up.

Because we want them to.

all women have to offer is their looks the hotter she is the more men will value her

still looks good.

If you think women wear makeup for men, you're going to live a sad life, and that sadness is going to feed an internal cycle of ignorance and anger.

Why else would they wear it? There's absolutely no reason to wear it other than to make themselves look better for the opposite sex. Either way, it's ridiculous false advertising.

This, I tell girls they don’t need it.

>competition with eachother

so true...

It's easier than working for a living.

i lilke girls that wear makeup properly and are confident in themselves

You'll find more traction in /r9k/ friendo. Good luck finding a gf or something. I think that's the meme.

Ha, the "just act confident" motive, heard it so many times...

dairy remember..

men are naturally beautiful.
>no homo..

the male lion has the mane, the male bird has the colors, the male deer has the antlers. in almost all of nature, the male has the superior everything, and the females are boring and plain.

these traits are inborn to help attract mates and defend offspring. but as humans, girls are worthless, non contributing, parasitic, selfish, vapid, attention craving whores. so they do everything to try and shift the attention to themselves and further demand that they are the sole gatekeeper as to who gets to have sex with them, because they have literally no power in this world other than allowing or denying the use of their holes.

yeah pretty much the same. Even if I don't always see makeup, my subconscious sees a basic bitch in the left photo and a rather intelligent girl who I could talk to at right, and I must say it's pretty much a good assumption

She's hot even without makeup. I love women with no makeup
This is true

No men are ugly as fuck woman hot. You must be gay

Coz sluts want some semen

What are you even talking about? She looks beautiful without makeup, I don't understand what you're trying to convey.
This is only something ugly, insecure women say

Just a reminder that all the app does is apply a filter that makes things look washed out. It's not even an accurate representation of what a chick looks like without, as the color and tone of the skin is all wrong.

i agree with you on this(simple biology) but bucks have antlers to defend themselves. they use physical violence to dominate other males to gain mates


This app is bullshit. Just today i saw her insta snap/live thing and she wasnt wearing any (or very minimal) makeup and she didnt look like that.

the app assumes all girls darken and thicken eyebrows and have marks on their skin.

i said bucks, not peacocks

you mean this?

Think it should be called crackapp as it makes all woman look like they on crack or meth

For themselves, and their own confidence, moron. Women are not products.

Also, this app is not 100% accurate. It adds imaginary warts and acne, completely removes the eyebrows, thins the lips, changes skin-tone, adds eye-bags, etc.

i like to think the app makes it worse than it actually is.

I know the virgin thing is overused, but you really must have not slept with women or had women around, because to think that this app is accurate would require you to never have seen a woman with and without makeup.

>For themselves, and their own confidence, moron. Women are not products.

no buddy its to get an edge on the competition for the douchiest alpha

It's close enough.

trust me you wouldn't know if a girl did make up or not

You faglords are dense.

Women wear makeup to impress other women. They dont give a fuck about you. Put them in an arena with mainly men and theyll dress down and not wear makeup. If theres other women around theyll put it on.

....because of cunt.

+ those apps are shit I thought you retards weren't as stupid as you are. not every girl has red skin, zits and discoloration that's that obvious.. the app does remove the eye makeup and lips, but it fucks up the skin completely. also not everybody's lips are pale. kind of expected from a bunch of virgins hooked on a phone app

Damn, being this much of a virgin

Good one bro

perfect amount of incel desperation to appeal to these faglords and just enough stealthy irony that they won't be able to recognize

So they build a fake face, basically a mask, to build self confidence... isn't hiding your true face the EXACT opposite of self confidence? You sound like a cuck.

It would actually help self confidence then even better if they weren't perceived as "uglier" without makeup, just natural beauty. It would also help imensely if they didn't see that "other" face every morning before they spend an hour putting the mask on.

Loving the natural look

>Women wear makeup to impress other women.
Sort of. They put it on to *out-compete* other women. For men's attention.

Alcoholic whamen are even more DISGUSTENG. You know they have lots of 'issues', amirite?

>For men's attention.

It has nothing to do with you.

Women do not care what you think.

here is a good example of why this app is shit.
look at her arms in the no make up version.

Because women have nothing to offer except their looks.


>be girl
>be unable to lie
>come up with totally unbelievable story
>be on Sup Forums

Looks to me like it did a good job on her face tho

It'd behoove you to research the subject but i know youre all hopeless.

Women wear makeup because it makes them feel better around other women. You barely enter into the equation at all. I only say barely enter because you have trouble understanding you dont enter it at all.

It makes them feel better around other women who are also competing. Because its about who looks better, you can say it has nothing to do with men all you want.




still goddes with no make up

OP is homo


woman =/= human

I always wondered if there really was a mental leap to understanding women better. I guess there is. Yall make this too complicated because you need it to be about you.

Oh well.

>Can't connect the thought train.
>So take the part that's simple.
Read it again, try harder.

You poor thing haha

Because if they didn't make themselves as attractive as possible, no one would ever sign up to put up with their bullshit.

lol how teenage boy are you. user the world does not actually revolve around your little pp. you're gonna find this out eventually. Probably the hard way, like everyone else.

>daily reminder

lol could you be any more of a cunt


LARPing female detected.

This. I have 2 brothers who are "confident" and they have girls drooling over them. Im the odd one out and all i keep hearing is that bullshit advice-so i act confident and guess what happens. Thats right. Nothing

they are vain bitches who will judge you harshly for the same shit they cover with makeup.

The arrogance of believing women do what they do for and because of you

lmao look at this self-depricating faggot.

we wear it to impress other girls at this point with skill and technique because we all know how hard some shit is to achieve. Also to match it to our clothes which is why makeup products come in 500 different shades

Sorry to tell you men are literally not even on the radar when you're applying your makeup. It's not shopping for lingerie

It just makes people uglier whether they're wearing makeup or not. Try it on yourself.

Any retard who thinks this app actually works is probably gullible enough to believe anything.

Its satire but proves a point.
Look how rabid the feminnazi's are over something as stupid and simple as this

This. It's driven by jealousy and hate of other women.

I don't believe a word of that, but regardless of the real reason You put on a mask to hide your true face, and that hurts both men and women, its not just about you, you selfish insecure bitch.

So women waste all that time and money on competition with... themselves... for... what purpose? Literally nothing? So what if another woman has better makeup, what does that mean? How vapid and unnecessary.

its kinda like how guys spend thousands of dollars on rims and a nice paint job for their cars. so silly right? why do they do it? i bet if we made a "CarApp" so nice cars look old and rusty, men would freak out. looool.
women do it because its...
A. cultural
B. fun
C. stylish

None of That is hiding your true face and maybe its to show status and wealth to attract women, why cant makeup be to attract men? You just gotta be strong and independent huh?

You guys forgot the key point: they dont give a fuck what you think about it.

You 2 are the ones wasting time thinking about it, not the women.

There are lots of women that look great without makeup. The one on your pic is one of those OP so stop whining.

this is an APP that makes you uglier.. the right one is the after picture... OP picture is of model Rachel Cook..

orginal picture here.. op's picture is of app that makes you ugly.

You fags are missing the point if you think this is about how someone looks to 100 % without makeup. the point to determine if you find fucking shrek under the makeup with some decent degree of accuracy.

Plot twist: It's actually an app that makes op taking photos of good looking gals