Post Black Girls you would fuck

Post Black Girls you would fuck,
Or tie in you're basement

Ill use it on the cottonfield

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>Post Black Girls you would fuck,
Or tie in you're basement

Clearly Latina, faggot.


A swing and a miss


>Or tie in you're basement
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>Or tie in you are basement.
i could and would post in this thread but you fucking cunt went and...


I wouldn't fuck a black girl, I want to continue living a herpes free lifestyle



Herpes is just as rampant in whites as black think you got the wrong STD

I want me some of that chocolate.

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Must be so hard living a world where you always get butthurt by grammar and feel the need to correct it

Well guess little jobs for little minds

>Must be so hard living a world
you meant to type "in a world".


Must be a disease, won't anyone think of the children

you meant to hurt my feelings by making that comment that you thought was funny because you don't like people who correct typos but in reality you also get angered by those mistakes you see sometimes.

Nope lived with dyslexia my whole life pretty used to being corrected by now, just find sometimes when people do it just to be perdantic its more about there ego then anything else.


this cutey

damn, I wish we had black girls here, wanna fuck one for so so long

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only black males are animals, beautiful black girls are ok

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Spics ain't niggers

please tell me there are videos