How do i get a mommy gf?

How do i get a mommy gf?



Your closest bet would probably be a single mother, which are probably the easiest women to get.

Actually, I do know 3 places were I´ve met some nice milfs
- Home Depot (go for the ones that seem to be picking up stuff they don´t really know if its the right thing, most likely they are divorced and trying to fix their own place or something)

- Salsa lessons (same as above if they go without a partner, easier than home depot)

- ???

gibe me mommy milkies

There are tons of thirsty 30+ women and single mothers user, they all need your betabux

Cum in her.


i just want a mommy gf so i can rest my head on her lap and she gives me milkies why cant life just give me this one thing


who's this cutie

That's some scoliosis right there

Any one got any ideas how I can some how fuck my mum? She's been divorced for probably 2 years now and for all I know she hasn't had a fuck since then. My mum and I are very close and she has the nicest ass.

Tatyana Kotova


S/hes packing a dick and balls but id take delia delions as a mommy any day



depend on her fetish, mood and moral. try to have her watch incest mom-son porn to see her reactions. swear that you will always use condom

Absolutely I will always wear a condom, I don't know if I could convince her to watch incest porn, Im too much of a pussy to try and do anything with her until im sure she'll be ok with it.


The urge to breed her in a strong one!




Do you fags always have to associate middle aged women with with moms? That's disgusting.
I'd like to fap to a 40 yo woman, why not, but as soon as someone calls her a milf of a mom it becomes unfappable to me


>get any gf
>impregnate her

I've fucked a 64 year old, does that count?

greentext that shit, i want a lolz

Has she show any interest in you at all?

google it you fucktard

>be me
>groomed by pedo online as a young teen
>noods of myself and fake photos the pedo sent me get discovered by my dad and his work-mate
>they call the cops, police come to my door, interrogate me, and tell 14 year old me that I was talking to a pedo
>fuck me up big-time sexually
>force brain over the years to develop a MILF/mature fetish so I will never want a young girl, just in case
>fast forward to this year, break up with gf; go dry a few months
>want to get dick wet, but want to overdose on the MILF fetish to get rid of it, in turn getting sick of it
>hook up with 64 year old GILF on OkCupid, fuck her a couple of times, get so disgusted though

I'm 19 and I still haven't gotten rid of the Mature fetish. Is this a problem?

Never heard of reverse image search?

you already had that when you were a baby. looks like you still are.

More like lordosis stupid

I have a mommy gf, lets me chat with his 10yo boy online ;)

Nothing out of the usual as I can tell, she is very passionate towards me, I swear I saw her checking me out once though.

So, a tranny mom then

ah my silly mistake sorry, i was thinking of the boy so I referred his mom as a male! I jerked off under the webcam maybe 20 times, he always let me see his tummy

Well offer to massage her, if she asks why say you think she looks tired, she feels comfortable so i doubt she would mind
Make it a habit thru the days, if she asks about it again say you like it, wants to improve etc
go from standard back rubs and slowly do it to the rest of her body, eventually ask to do it on her legs or to take her top off like they do in movies

She wont scalate, wont suggest it and will keep her guard up
don't rush things and always reassure her everything is fine, worked for webm related


why so you can rape her kids

Thanks user, I'll give it a try, the hardest part will be hiding my boner.


So you think after a few weeks she'll let her guard down and be open to fuck?

Get gf... Impregnate
There's nothing more to it

more please?

anyone here who used mom gf to taste her kids?



Just dont rush things and sperg, sexual advances out if the blue is not endearing or exciting, it just creeps out women due to their bitch guard up, its even more intense against relatives
She will never do anything herself, its you who normalize the ideia and take responsability for it, its you who show her first how you like body
>open to fuck
If it scalates too fast she will freak out, if he never scalates it will never go anywhere

Thanks very much for the advice user, getting late now, I'll catch ya later. Cheers.




No pics of her ass you faggot?



Why do I move my head a little bit to the right, just to see more of her boobs?

This. They are desperate for any sort of attention.



Better look at those flaps

Who is dis gal?