>number of girls you've kissed


happened like a month ago, she's my oneitis but refuses to give me attention


Sameee buddy. High five up top


Fellas... some advice...

don't worry so much about this stuff. You'd rather find one gal who'll never do you wrong than a thousand who'll lick, dick, and split the second something better comes along.

31, lost count at 20 (the count, not the age). Could easily be 200, but I'd give all of that up if I could have met my wife sooner.


>absolutely fuck all

Somehow the number of girls I've kissed is smaller than the number of girls I've fucked. I must have done something wrong

why would I want to kiss girls? they have aids



You're either cradle-robbing or grave-robbing. They should be age-appropriate and alive. There's a start.

the fuck is rhodey doing naked? where is iron man?

28 years old
I have no idea how my girls I've kissed.

I know that I've had sex with 25 women, 9 of which were in the past year. It's amazing what happens when you start taking care of your body and working on yourself. It's easier to talk to women and be attentive when you're not overthinking things and gain confidence from your improved appearance.


>number of girl you kissed

i kissed only a man like naruto in first series


25 y/o
50+ kisses but only banged maybe half that

>4, 9
does my 4 year old niece count?


but they didn't like it and reciprocate the kiss

>number of GIRLS you've kissed

You should know better OP. See you at pride.

what, how amd why? story?

Do pussy kisses count? If not then 2. If so, 5.


fucked 300+

Not the guy you quoted but I'm 26 and also 0.

Social anxiety life. Hoping for some wizardry when I'm 30.



Kill me.

Does cousin count?

is your a cousin a girl?



29+ (That's the number I've fucked, and I know I've kissed a few more that I didn't end up fucking.

Im fat and bald and ugly and never paid for sex.

>number of girls you've kissed
(technically one was a girl and one was a woman)

Got a steam account?

> 21
> 5 - 6. CanĀ“t remember if more when wasted.

Jesus, and I thought I was bad.

>Somewhere in the 20s

>age 27
>number of girls you've kissed 0
>number of girls you've fucked 3

I wonder if someone will believe that. And I have some minor problems with those girls about it. Somehow I don't like kissing.


How the fuck am I supposed to know how many I've kissed?!
>Age: 30.
>Fucked: Around 100+ women.
I don't know how many I've kissed, since I don't even know how many I've fucked... and I've kissed loads more than I've fucked.


Kissed? The fuck?

>Upwards of 11


kissless virgin