This fag is dead

this fag is dead
how do you feel?

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Didn't know who he was before he died
Don't care now that I do

nobody cares

kinda weird cause my friend died of a zanny od a few months back

peep is die


also, OP is a faggot who gives free publicity to things he doesnt like instead of finding something he actually does like.

OP is more useless than a dead faggot.

Hahahahahahahaha zannie addiction is natural selection

>facial tattoos

thirsty...I'm thirsty, that's it

Who the fuck is that supposed to be? Er, have been?

Thought his tunes were shit and cringe

dunno who that is

I don't know who that fag was, but I feel excellent. Thanks!

never fuck with succubi

you are also a faggot for wasting your time telling op is a faggot

nice, same here

i told him not to do it
hopefully this death makes others leave the fucking drug alone

i was listening to somewhere i belong earlier on youtube, then the next few videos progressively got gayer, and i was like wow... no wonder why he killed himself lmfao


I didn't care about him while he was alive. I don't care about him now that he killed himself from a drug overdose.

is he a fag or a (((fag)))

I feel good

And now you're the faggot wasting your time telling some faggot that he's a faggot for telling OP he's a faggot.
And now I'm a faggot for having participated in this gay ass exchange.

neither now

Who is that

Only know about him because he is dead

Lil' Peep? Never heard of him

He had 1/2 good songs if you're into that genre. He was a super shitty person though.


Ehhh... Good? Bad?
I don't know what kind of feeling sholud be have at this moments


I don't know who that is but based on the comments in this thread I couldn't care less.

Who? He looks like some kind of druggie. Good riddance.



Lol at all these fags pretending like they dont care when deep down there is some sympathy within them

another dead druggie
no talent
who cares


Feels good. Enjoying a nice breakfast with my girl while that cunt rots and his family grieves

I've categorically outlived someone.

I can assure you I literally don't even know who that was.

Is that Justin Bieber?


Who is this fag and what was he known fro....from what I've read I get that maybe he's a YouTube person but that's all /// retrospect he does look like a fucking joke

Breaking down ur barriers is enlightening, u should try it

You can't hate on just because for being a druggie, almost every artist do some kinda drugs and also some of the greatest snapped off overdose. You should hate on him because he looks like faggot wigger

No, he died last year.

Literally who? Looks like a white trash wannabe nigger meth head.

Don't know who the fuck that is. And i don't care to know.

zanny? xanax?


Lil Pump?????????????????

>Glad he is dead!
All celebrities who take drugs and die are a good example to stay away from this shit.
Thank you Amy Whinehouse, Prince, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Kurt Cobain, Chet Baker, Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley etc...

Ustasa ?

Is this some american pseudo celebrity or am I just getting old?

some wannabe rapper who date wannabe celeb bella "stanky" thorne

I google image searched op's pic

>Bruce Lee

Asprin is a bad drug to you?

poor kid obviously had some issues just looking at him

Bruce Lee has nothing to do with the other faggots and you know it. Could you list the celebs that died without doing drugs in a lifetime? What? Everyone dies?

The world is a better place.

when I clicked the thread I assumed it was justin bieber with some even newer degenerate look.

ffs why couldn't it have been


lil pump my nigga

masterful bait for bruce lee fans though

who the fuck is this

no idea who he is and absolutely no interest. bye.

Who dat?

Bruce Lee also used Equagesic.

Also: Aspirin is a strong (non-addictive) drug and should not (contrary to believe) be taken carelessly.

Yet you write here. And I am sure you'll read this too, you little shit.
Low IQs like you are annoying

Don't know him therefore I feel nothing.

What a faggot.

Very much indifferent

Don’t know who he is, by the look of him probably no real loss to the gene pool.

Regardless of the safety of those drugs, he died because of an allergic reaction. Lumping him in with people that overdose on recreational drugs is just silly and it will make people take you less seriously about the ones that actually did deserve to die.

Not him, but what does having a low I.Q. have to do with telling someone you don't care about something?

"If he didn't care then he wouldn't have told me"

Not necessarily. Maybe he doesn't care about the person that died, but cares about letting you know how unimportant he is. Maybe he cares about how much time you're wasting telling people about it. Maybe he's helping you and you haven't figured it out yet.

don't know who he is. am i officially oldfag now?

The jews lost one of there degeneracy puppets, no big deal.

Just another cancer loved by degenerate homo faggots who spend most of their time on youtube giggling over shits by their fave youtubers. You are not an oldfag, just not a cancerous faggo.

who ?

Nothing. I just wanted him to write. And proof he cares. *adds cancer emoji* ;)

ITT: Edgy high school boys happy to see lil peep dead after hearing the high school girls liked him

I assume this is some popsinger from some country, like a justin bieber of sorts? too bad for him and his family but humanity moves on.

is lil peep

ill have to google it i guess

as i thought, too bad i guess. not my kind of music, life goes on.

thread still alive after 1 hour and 25 minutes


this and solo rnb female singers is what music is nowdays, not good but it pleases the lemmings.


This so fucking hard.

I guess I'm the only person in this thread that will miss him

not surprised

I saw an interview once he was slurring his words and looked like that typical “i dot give a shit about anything” milennial and he was talking about all his tattoos and how he just likes ink and wants to be completely tattooed and how he will let random people do it or decide what the tattoo was etc etc

all I remember thinking was: god, we dont deserve this planet anymore
god, this kid is gonna be dead soon

guess I was right

I wish XXXTENTACION would kill himself but he doesn't have the balls.

Didn't even know he existed.

Never heard of him, so nothing...

Sup Forums confirmed filled with prepubescent teens