Be me

>be me
>24yo femanon
>meet guy off tinder
>he's super cute
>i go to his place
>seems like his photos were 20 years and 100lbs ago
>have sex
>he asks me to go on a date saturday night
>say yes just to be polite

Fuck off.

God damn how many more of these are you gonna post?

>mfw no tits with timestamp

You know the deal

wtf. theres not build up, no conclusion. no joke. this is just a fucking stupid greentext blog post

i wont apologize for having an active social life

not the point

please refer to OP

Kek and sucking off a guy on his break at McDonalds is a terrible social life

You see this post?
you see this fucking thread my fellow anons?
this is the fuckign enemy,
get to know her because shes gonna be here to shove it in your face every single god damn day but at the end she will never be one of us


Hey you fat bitch let us see those utters with time stamp or gtfo out of Sup Forums

im not the enemy

im just a Sup Forumstard trying to find my way

i didnt give him head. we just had sex

Spider-Man we nnnnneeeeedddddddd yyyyyyoooouuuuuu


Tits you fucking cunt then you can fit in

>i didnt give him head. we just had sex

Yes,because youll find yourway by posting about your first world problem about a guy you met on your phone on an anonymous image board on the internet
Cmon you fucking slut im not even trying to take this bait but i hope someone grants you your wish and gives oyu a fucking wakeup call you stupid bitch

last time i showed tits i got roasted


dubs of truth


Stop larping faggot, show penis or get the fuck out


Do it again

>I met this girl
>A 24 yo Trap-user (Because girls = traps here)
> pushing 180 IKR
>Been dieting for a year, lost 100 lbs (Happy)
>See look when I try to impress her (Him)
>Fuck, but balls never touch.
>Ask to go on date because s/he can suck dick well.



no. people were really mean last time

someone said i was, and i quote, "inexplicably flat chested for a fattie"

Jesus Christ, a lot of anger in this thread for someone not showing tits.

Meanwhile there are at least 2-3 threads in the catalog of random amateur tits. So who cares about this one?

You teenagers need to learn that sometimes if ignoring a thread is better than smashing the caps lock like some autistic impotent virgin.

Time to Derail this fucking thing

So fatty, why did you expect Fabio when you are Flabio?

Dot it again you land whale

>inexplicably flat chested for a fattie

man and i thought Sup Forums was running out of good ones for second


I care becuase of the unspoken law of Sup Forums. Listen New fag we can’t have these liberal fat bitches coming into our boards thinking they have some sort of right

i assumed you have great hips and bottom

i dont want fabio

i just want a decent guy who wont steal from me

Bitch no one going to steal your nuggets now show FUCKING TITS NOW!!!

Let's see you're fat flat titties..




Do you really need to have sex with strangers to confirm yourself?
Why not find something you can be proud of, without degrading yourself.
Eventually, some decent guy will come along- but the chances of finding him on tinder is slim.

"I just want a decent guy from a hooking up mobile app"


So you're going in the infamous "I'm not a slut" date, mm? The one you agree to go on because it makes you feel better about being a slut, mmmmm?

fuck off

FUCK off randy bobandy

He wants to date you and has his own place bitch. Get off your high horse and deal. No one is perfect.

You’re 24. I had married my wife when she was 23 and we were trying to have a kid.

Your clock is ticking.

I kek'd. I do every time you post one of these.

Fuck off Randy you fat fuck

Bullshit. I’ve seen every one of these faggot ass threads and there were never tits

The new fags are showing like herpes on hooker

fuck off randy

post tits fatty, it's okay

It’s time....

"But-but my tindr prince will surely come one day"

Yeah no point in trying to talk sense into this one user. She will just keep fucking local fuck bois for those sweet tender Mcnuggets till she shrivels up.

Show your tits with time stamp or gtfo

sad thing is, im not new..
Im just still gullible as fuck... some things never change

Can you stfu so you can stop feeding op

Holy Jesus they're right when they said this place will become more cancerous every year.

maybe i will find my prince on tinder

dont be cynical

Just watch, I bet she'll end up being an SJW in a year or so saying "All men are pigs" or some shit like that.

>calling others newfags
>using reddit spacing





Every time i see a fucking reddit spacing post i see these god damn superior idiots who dont know how certain phones functions

What is reddit ?
i only Sup Forums


Yeah. And maybe Zimbabwe will be a world super power.

Nice trips there buddy

Reddit spacing meme started in Sup Forums as a handwave argument. The newfags ran with it since they got here so soon they never saw we used it as bait.

and some people think fake news isnt real.
this world we live in
and its just gonna keep happening and we gotta live with it


So amazing and wise

No, you won't, tinder is nothing more than a carousel of unending pussy and dicks. No one besides a few delusional people get on there for anything other than getting fucked.

Why did you have sex if you didn't like his subterfuge?
Also saying yes to a date to be polite is actually impolite. It's leading another person on knowing that a romantic relationship won't happen.
It's way more polite to be straight forward about how you feel.

Why do you explain this?!

Stop meeting dudes off tinder then you hoe. You have every right to say no, if you fuck em thats your fault

This is why I left Sup Forums
Well, this and




Becuase stupid newfags use it like its a real fucking argument.

Such a wise man

You kids get triggered fast.

How can you post on Sup Forums if you left?

>Im retarded let me be wrong on the internet to force a response anyway

im cute and photo is reecent

fuck off jeff

she pissed you off and made you reply...... i think .....shes one of us.... But just how guys cock tribute for answers to life questions... your tits ma'am..

you inexplicably flat chested & dicked fatty!

kys faggot

that proves it's actually a femanon

wow. So you're a woman, you're insecure, and yet post nudes on Sup Forums. That went well but then you mcgoonfucked. Like what the fuck did you expect? why even post nudes for anything else than attention anyway? pfff. If you really didn't care you wouldn't have posted nudes and not enven mention your gender to begin with. If you post nudes embrace your slut status and ignore muh mean remarks, you're a slut anyway, you're showing your naked body to stranger, you don't have any dignity to save already. Fuck.

C'mon Op did you ever realize on dating a girl,dunno maybe THATS what you really need,stop suffer by dating guys

OMG you intolerant pig I hate you so much you are the reason why I hate catcalling anyway all males just want to fuck I'm not a slut just because I show my genitals to complete strangers for attention, you are a bitch for criticizing me and I reported you, that will teach you, prick.


lol op take it easy yo , Sup Forums males are always rude,you're not flat chested lol!

Yes she is. I would call her Flatty Fatty Boom Baletty
But check'ed.

Lol yo you're really a pig also thx trips rules over dubs

Active social life ... tinder lol
Tits or gtfo