Rest in peace Lil Peep

Rest in peace Lil Peep..

I will never forget how you saved me from killing myself.

'Life didn't do your greatness justice' is what I am thinking. I am heartbroken.

Rest in peace Gus.
The world didn't deserve your great personality.

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Just made a song about this as he inspired me to do music. Shits so sad

Fuck you and fuck lil peep that he's gone, you should follow,
you know, paying respect and such.

Lil pepe is shit, and you are shit.
RIP in pieces


Excuse for bad englis. But where were you the time you hearing about Lil Peepee from overdose?

I was in Yugo with Stosh eating Pulegria Butter Sandwich he say

"Lil Peepee is died!!"


can you upload it or post a link?

This thread will be deleted before i release it. You got SC or kik? i can figure out a way to send it to you

This. The betas crying over some dirt bag. Fucking lol

No one gives a fuck about some retarded wigger. Fuck off.

It's funny, every time I see a musician with a lil in their stage name, I just assume they are shit based on past experiences.
This guy was actually good though?

No he wasn't. Just a dumb wigger.

yeah its kaylagbc on sc

Lil Pump what?

looks like social welfare Bristol mixed with free mixtapes on Hollywood Blvd

That's what I thought, I just wanted something not to meet expectations for once.

We won't be hearing a peep then ;))

Winner of the Darwin awards, and we're better off without these consumable kid stars that sing about their cool Xanax addiction.

This guy was good. All those people were/are hating cause of his appearance but his music and his lyrics were awesome. Listen to some of his stuff.