What's the meanest thing you have ever done to a girl, Sup Forums?

What's the meanest thing you have ever done to a girl, Sup Forums?

Solicited nudes via a video game with the sole intent to send them to her husband.

When i was in the 2nd grade i kicked a girl in the pussy

filmed and spread videos of her showering

I was at a bar once and got in free because my friend was doing a coatcheck at the front. Some woman just took out a creditcard and her phone and decided to stuff her purse with her jacket in a closet,so my friend dared me to shit in her purse.it was his last couple weeks on the job anyway since fal lwas coming.i didnt just shit in the purse though i shited in a little purse within the purse it was kinda difficult and got some shit on my hands but i ultimately did it in the backalley of the bar.

as i was younger. my at the time Gf cheated on me. as revenge I fucked her little (yeah thank god its long ago an noone can fuck me) sister and filmed it on video tape. write on the tape "your favorite movie derpina, love u"


Respect women

Loved her without her loving me back

had her taste my stink finger that was in her pooper while i was fucking her pooper

oh please. you can put up that front all you want but we all know deep down you dont

WoW mAN thats pretty fEElY

source plz

Fucked my best friends girl and then ghosted her for 10 months before she moved to Vermont

You're a piece of shit

what do you mean i dont talk to women

Definitely a win. Still got the tape? Asking..for a friend.

tell your "friend"... yes but as I said it's on tape and I'm a lazy motherfucker with two teenage kids so I had to copy it on my computer first

tried to date a few.

Convinced a girl to be a cam whore then told her husband and dad

>husband and dad

wtf dude - are you from a shitskin country and she was 7???

loved one more than she loved me
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that

This level of sarcasm is too advanced for me
So you saved it onto your computer or what?
im not even asking for the tape im just impressed anyone would get away with this shit

Took her ps4 controller sold it after break up

No she was 24

convinced her she loves me, we have been going out for 3 years now

Yeah I know. This was in my senior year of college and I was a fuckwit back then

said to a virgin girl in high school that we can have sex only if she covers her face with a pillow because she has a nice body but hideous face, she killed herself 2-3 years after that, no BF

Meet her on badoo she wants to meet me most beautiful girl in my life i canceled 10 times because of my autism feel lonely though

no she throwed the video tape against my head. so I kept it. It's probably in the garage.

I can save it on my computer but I'm to lazy. Last tape I saved on pc took me ages.

Had sex in the missionary position, under the covers with the lights off for the sole purpose of procreation.

>going out
>3 years
are you really this stupid?

you sir are a monster

high school "girlfriend" at least thats what shee calls herself. we dated for a summer but things fizzled out but we were from the same group of friends so we would always see each other. never stuck my penis in that but we've hooked up time and again. playing with her tits, fingering her, etc. last year she broke up with her bf of 4 years. so as usual, we get close again. flirting, talking everyday. her sister is one of my closest friends. known her just as long. now her sister, after i had lost a lot of weight and started getting fit. she started complimenting me, telling me how good i looked, and asking why and how i dont have a girlfriend. she's dating my friend at the time. now she confides in me asking my opinion on what would happen to the group if she broke up with her bf. i tell her i dont think things would change too drastically. she opens up about her depression and what not we get close and start fucking. keeping it secret from her sister. her twin sister of my "ex girlfriend" she asks if theres anything going on between and we lie. i spent the night once cause we were drinking. used that as the excuse. her sister and i fucked all night till she left for work in the morning. afterward, my ex walks in to grab some make up. we're talking, im in bed shes doing her make up in the mirror. she lays back next to me. we kiss, and start getting handsy. she asks if this is what her sister and i do. i scoff and say no. i start fingering her. keep in mind, this is not even a half hr after being inside her sister. didnt wash up beforehand and now i have my fingers, ripe with the scent of her sisters pussy juice, all up in her. in her sisters bed that we were fucking in all night. she leaves to work, texts me saying make sure theres no evidence on the bed and that her sister would kill her in her sleep if she found out we did that in her bed. i laughed to myself thinking if theres any evidence no one would tell the difference.

Itt things that never happened

find it hard to believe that some of us actually get laid? you're projecting

I seen the signs my wife was gonna leave me so I started transferring all my assets to my company so when we finally got divorced I knew she didn't know how to get a good lawyer and got almost nothing.

How old was the little sister?

i raped a girl, so there's that. but she wasn't conscious. so...

Autism detected

There was this lonely girl in school she wasn't ugly or anything kind cute actually but just not good at talking at all would go red in almost any situation.

Anyway I was pretty popular and I'm not too bad looking if I say so my self and I be friended her and started dating her as a joke.

Got a bunch of nudes eventually and fucked her then got bored released the nudes on school network and dumped her in front of everyone at dinner and it was bad.

She was crying and shit even said she loved me lol but I told her it was just a joke.

She dissapeard for a while turned out she tried to kill her self by jumping from a bridge but she just broke her legs and spine and she is now in a wheelchair and had yo have her house redone for a cripple.

I felt pretty bad she never came back to school and I've not seen her since.

Ok I want tho before you have breakfast.

Full story please. How old was she? Where did you cum? etc.

Anal, when she said no. I was railing her pussy and "missed".

>broke up on Valentine's day

she chose the wrong day to bitch about nothing...

it's afternoon here

Pic related?

cba to type it all out

>she's wasted at a party
>she approaches me and i can't even understand what she's saying cuz of the music
>offer to take her home
>she passes out in her dorm
>irresponsive to my pokes
>lift up her dress
>try to fuck her, doesn't go in
>lube her up with olive oil from her kitchen
>fuck her pussy
>fuck her ass
>fuck her pussy again
>cum inside her pussy

always wondered what she thought when she woke up with her bed smelling like olive oil and her pussy and ass hurting.

Only manly shit in this thread.
The rest of you are degenerates.

Did she find out you fucked her?
How old was she?

Convinced her to have sex with a local tramp/hobo who I told her was a friend, because she was a stuck up snob and I knew we were going to break up anyway.


looks like her, but she wasn't really into lingerie sadly

i don't know her name and she doesn't know mine, so i have no idea. she was like 18-22ish? id say

If you can't wake her up by Fucking her, then you have a small dick and she probably never felt a thing the next morning

married her

*raped her

Suprise anal during sex, cried like an hour, becouse of pain.

Did she get pregnant?
What was it like cumming inside her raw like that?


idk she was wasted, not just asleep. but whatever my friend

how the fuck should i know if she got preggers what the fuck

What was it like cumming inside her? Were you in deep?

we maybe have a winner

who's the girl in the picture?

Some girls in my class kept their sports clothes under their desk in the classroom.
I jerked off with some of the hot girl's pants.

I creampied a girl even tho she said I shouldn't.
I creampied her again the next day.
It's my gf though, so I guess that puts it into a different light, it wasn't a hump'n'dump.

>be me
>17 y.o. With 18 y.o. gf when it happened
>quite drunk when I come back with some buddy, parents not home
>gf doesn't like him much
>gf greets me, she's used to me drinking
>buddy asks me if he can watch us fuck
>drunk me says yes
>start fucking as buddy enters bedroom
>gf sees him, doesn't say anything
>keep fucking her, buddy starts jerking, don't give a fuck
>both gf and I cum, tell buddy to gtfo
>gf cried all night long
I have some other stories like this, was a jerk at this time. My gf and I stayed together almost 2 years before she dumped me. Quite deserved it tbh.

Got caught having sex with my gf's mom. That imploded their relationship and I dipped not wanting to be around for that. Stopped answering their phone calls and moved on.

Pic related. Her mom.

Moar? !

>be 14
>13 to gf
>she's 4'9" & 85lbs
>fucking daily
>one day start to get hot and heavy
>play with puss
>wet like alwayz
>try to pull down off pants and she says no
>think she's kidding for some reason
>pull em off
>"user I said no"
>you're still wet tho
>enter her anyway
>after about 15 seconds she starts crying
>too late now, might as well finish

fucked her while she cried for about 10 minutes, pulled out and nut all over her pussy and stomach. good times.

When I was 12, I had to go to craft shows with my mom. We had to stay overnight at one place, and she didn't know beforehand, so we would have had to sleep in the car. The pastor of the church right next to our booth let us stay in the church for the night. Well, his 8yo daughter thought I was cute and was doing the shy flirting thing little girls do. So I snuck off with her and we kissed a bit. I guess I made her smitten after, because the last day when we were packing up to leave, she tried acting 'older' and snuck out a bottle of sacrimental wine. I didn't drink any, but she did and was already a bit drunk for an 8yo. I had to say goodbye, but my horny 12yo self saw her in that white sundress in the stained glass light of the church windows. I asked if she wanted to do bible stuff like Adam and Eve, and she said yes. So we got naked in the pulpit, I fucked her(I could get a hard on but not shoot sperm yet), her 6yo brother came in and found us and wanted to 'play', so I told him to get naked, had her get on him and work his little penis into her, and told him he couldn't stop until he peed in her, that way they could have another brother or sister. While they fucked(badly but trying hard) I got dressed and hurried out to the car because my parents were waiting. Her father, the pastor had walked in a minute after I left, because I heard him yelling as I was leaving the church. I swear, the last sounds I could hear as I grabbed my bag from the booth space and headed for the car was her screaming from the beating her father was giving for stealing the wine and fucking her brother on the very spot he was supposed to preach in an hour. I also pissed in the corner behind a pew.

If there's a hell, I'm in line for the throne.


fake and gay



You guys are just jealous I'm going to rule in hell.

When I was 6 I forced my tongue down a girls throat. Now she's in 2 of my classes. We don't talk

actually dont care if true or not that made me laugh, fuckinghell after ruining 3 peoples lives you finish it off by pissing in the church lololol you fucking nut

Stripped my passed out friend at a party then told a bunch of randoms that showed up about her in the bedroom then proceeded to watch as they fucked her.

Loved and respected her. Bitch had it coming

Dude that's brutal. Post the nudes here.


Story pleaseee

How old was she?
Where did they cum?
Why did you do it?

>be me
>typical Sup Forumsasement dwelling Sup Forumstard with autism
>be in 3rd grade
>like girl on my school bus.
>i play fight with her
>we do the whole "i know you are but what am i"
>it ended when she said something about my father.
>i thought it would be funny if i said something stupid like, "at least i have a dad" (because EVERYBODY HAS A DAD. she's suppose to laugh and call me stupid)
>she hides behind her backpack
>we never talk again
a few months later i realize that her mother and father probably separated.

She was 19. They came in her mouth and pussy. I did it cause she was hot and i was bored.

Any pics of her?
Did she find out what happened later?

He’s a cunt whether it actually happened or not


Samefag with passed out rape fantasy

Well, yeah?

Actual pissed in the church the night before while parents were asleep. Too be fair, at that time, I was trying to get god's attention, but now I don't believe, or at the least he doesn't fucking care.

This is her. She didn't know what happened as the guys cleaned up and i redressed her. She wasn't pregnant either.

Why’d you deserve it? What happened?

Holy fuck. I would rape that bitch too.

Why didn't you fuck her on the night instead?

How do you even sleep at night

Nevermind, misunderstood the story

smart man. I plan to do such a thing should I ever find myself in that situation

I was too much of a pussy to do it but not to much of a pussy to watch.

Never done anything all that horrible to a grill. Seriously searching back, maybe said some mean things in middle school. I promised some girls I would call them the day after drunken one night stands but then never called. But really nothing serious at all. Feels good man.


friend let me hang out at her house when she was at school/work. So I found her dildo, covered it with my cum and put it back where i found it. I also would cum on the head of her toothbrush.