Can any kind richfag who does giveaways help me out with a google play card i would really be grateful...

Can any kind richfag who does giveaways help me out with a google play card i would really be grateful.. Im a poorfag who doesn't have a pc i need the card for my shit phone it would mean a lot to me.. Ty

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Oh my email is [email protected]

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Get Google opinion rewards from the play store and slowly earn the money.

My earnings
Just don't expect a lot fast
Better than begging

Get a Job u fat cunt


>just do it

Thanx a lot user but i actually needed it now

i've never bothered to google how you people do this.
so how do you do this.

>i actually needed it now

Isn't that for dumb phone games or something? It isn't something you need.

did he die

There is an awesome offer on one of my apps which i really need it will expire soon.

>which i really need
If you're a poorfag then you don't really "need" it.

Learn some self control.

Its not a need you're right but i extremely want it user.. :(

Yes user i dont need it but i was hoping to find some user who does giveaways.. Ppl who can afford pcs get steam games all the time why not me who is actually a poorfag


Go clean your mom's house for $20 or something.

Okay OP, I'll send you $20. Just post your your name, card number and the three numbers on the back.

If you're that poor just pirate games. You don't have to play online ones.

Le XDDD ebin troll

I have played a fuck ton of piratable games user this one i really fuckin love

What game is it?

If you guys cant or dont wanna help just let the bread die dont reply anymore.

Makes no matter user i realize i wont get anything was hoping to encounter an user who does giveaways but i have shit luck

Google that faggot he is begging everywhere. Sometimes pretending it's his birthday or his little brother needs a it etc.

All giveaways are trolls. Get a job faggot.

Exactly 47 keks were had

No user not all are some post proof

Doing a giveaway to anyone other than OP.

Get dubs with a game and steam name and it's yours.

What fucking game is it, faggot?

Why do you wanna know so bad

Maybe I'm just curious. Maybe I want to know what I'd be paying for. I'm definitely not buying any Candy Crush bullshit.

Its an obscure mmo user you dont know it.. So yes or nah user?

You faggots who don't know how to earn a little spare change online are the worst. Making $5 a month is simple, $5 a week is really easy too, $5 a day gets a little harder. I make a minimum of $20 a day online for fuckaround money. Learn how to google shitbird and quit being a begger.

fuck off

How user i would like the 20$ per day option

Wtf 26 bucks over a year, that is some seriously shitty payout

>an obscure mmo

AKA you just want the card to re-sell it and get drug money.

If you name the game I will honestly send you $10

If i wanted drig money i would have asked for a paypal transfer with bullshit story like no food and shit.. And the game is crasher

yea, theres a full video on the internet

Yes or no user dont get my hopes up just send it if you wanna

Not OP but I'd really love some vip time in dungeons and dragons online

>Korean shit

sent ;)

>Learn how to google shitbird and quit being a begger.
Also, learn how to read

Its not Korean shit its actually a good game but fuck it you wer never gonna give me the card anyway