New trap thread

New trap thread

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If we can't see your face you're not a trap.




Anonymity, some people actually value it

ill trade more of my nudes for hentai, yes this is me

kik trappyfappy

Does anyone have the pic of that trap wearing the shirt that says "I have no tits" or something like that?


18 and hot as fuck


Shaved my legs but it gets really spiky underneath my calves whenever I get goosebumps

Did I not exfoliate properly beforehand? Got lots of red bumps there, tried exfoliating today but not sure what good its done me. HELP!


Moisturizing is as important as exfoliation especially right after shaving. Shaving strips essential oils from your skin.

:( Can I still save myself from itching if I get to moisturizing now?

Wow you actually remind me of an autistic kid I used to know, Jamie is that you?

It will help, but you need to get in a regular habit of it, i.e. after showering, shaving. Take a good hot shower and after you dry off while your skin is still sort of damp apply the lotion all over and rub it in good. Try some different lotion if the one you have doesn't work well. Some work better than others and it's different from person to person so you gotta just find the right one for you.

I personally wouldn't even know where to start, but I've applied a cooling post shave balm but its probably all very temporary.

Thanks chum :)

>New trap thread

Why are there so many faggot threads on Sup Forums? Are there this many faggots here or is it spam? Because it seems like faggot bot script spam.

How about a faggot spam containment board already? Get the faggots the fuck off of Sup Forums into their own little rest stop glory hole where they can suck on another off.

lol you took the time to type that

how's life treating you kid?

Welcome to/b/ newfag

People spam trap threads so they can browse in share houses and be like oh im just posting bananas dude huhuhuhuhu yeh man so lame huhuhuhuh look how many ive posted huhuhuhu

Every grocery store, pharmacy, etc has body lotions, I just get neutral scents. You in US? Ulta's house brand body butter is pretty good.

more OC & pics, less chat

So hot

This shit's important, we can't have itchy traps now can we.

lets get pumping on this thread

London but I'll figure it out, might just borrow some from me mother xdd

Also not a trap, more an aspiring femboy :)

Take it easy buddy, the world doesn't revolve around you and your need to fap

anyone else like swallowing a big cock?

I'm not a trap either, just a guy who likes smooth skin, and a Swede too so there's not much to shave.



we need moar latex traps

More like this



How's everyone doing today? I hope you had a fantastic day today!

what happened with the tip of his dick???

still here?


Mmmm, Christian's HIV positive cum


Looks like someone took too much off the top, look at the scarring.


Better lock it away then

Nice dubs
I do

Saged, reported, hidden, called the mods, emailed moot, emailed the admin, called the cops, called the state police, called the county sheriff, called your ISP, called the District Attorney, called Interpol, called the NYPD, called the State Attorney, called the LAPD, called Child Protective Services called the FBI, called US Homeland Security, called the CIA, called the NSA, called the US Marshals, called the local courthouse, called your State Constable, called London Metropolitan Police, called the German Police, called the TSA, called the US President, called the attorney general, called the National Guard, called the US marines, called the US Navy, called the US Air Force, called the US army, called the Royal Navy, called the governor of every state, called the Federal Air Marshals, called every sheriff deputy, called the Coast Guard, called the US Customs and Border Protection, called the RCMP, called every park ranger, called the mayor of every city in France, called the British Army, called the Queen, called NATO, called the Russian Air Force, called the Federal flight deck officers, called the UN, called the Corrections Department for every state, called the Australian Federal Police, called SWAT, called the Supreme Court, called the Mexican Police, called the White House, called the DEA, called the inspector general, called the Secret Service, called CNN, called ABC, called the vice president, called the senators for every state, called congress, called the pope, called CHP, called the Department of Fish and Wildlife for every state, called the internet police, called the US Capitol Police, and called the Party Van.


Anyone have that britfag from a while back, used to be a total whore, posted requests like a bitch

This is one of the worst trap threads I have seen. May mashiach have mercy on your souls.

locked = sissy
unlocked = faggot

Girls don't play with their dicks...

>that britfag
There's a lot of britfags you cuck

I don't know. Black hair, Emo looking faggot

Lots of those


Used to wear a tight black top, I know one photo they took was completely naked with their legs open showing their dick


I wish I was her so badly

>tfw you will never be that girly
>tfw you will never be brutally dominated by bbc


>wanting to get shitted



> tfw you're still a massive ugly faggot




Is there a story to this?

The only person who vaguely matches that description is Kitten, but as far as I know she hasn't posted a nude pic like you said

Just a picture

anyone have more traps in bondage?

Holy shit








I think the person im talking about quit just before they started appearing

just look up razor burn

>everything I needed to
How did you prepare yourself? And how did you shave? Ama I literally shave my entire body


how can I meet a cutie like this?



Can you talk me through step by step and I'll tell you what I've missed?

Yeah I just did, going to try. It itches so bad its turning my stomach, I think I'm gonna be sick

Just wax your shit and shave near your crotch ffs

Femenine buttholes

Holy shit, this app will ruin traps forever.

Got sauce?

i'm just gonna sit in a warm bath and cry

i got too carried away shaving and didn't reapply as much foam, didn't moisturize.. yeah i fucked up loads, i deserve this but my gosh is it agony. i suppose lesson learnt :))))

I found the person, I don't have much though

Shit dude, that's rough. I remember when I first started shaving, made those same mistakes.

Rate my cock sissies.

I've never had a problem getting girlfriends, and it doesn't take me alot of effort to get laid.. But Goddamn all I want is to bury my tongue in some cute traps Ass then fuck and cum inside of her while she calls me daddy...

Then just be content with being a dude in girls clothing.

Yes this is my clitty and yes I failed as a man. Please humiliate me and call me a cuck and beta.

Kik: Mommylightning

>that filename
show ass if it really is you

kik? moar also