Some cute chick sent me a snap for no reason

>some cute chick sent me a snap for no reason
>keep talking to her for 3 days
>finally have some courage to ask for nudes
>it's a fucking trap

wat do Sup Forums?
i think i'm attracted to her even though she's a boy, am i gay?

Traps aren't gay

If it was a boy with a vagina, would you be interested? If the answer is no, go for it.


Bang him
No homo tho

The heart wants what the heart wants.


>she's a boy

You weren't gay because you were led on. on the other hand if you continue now that you know, that'd be pretty gay. your choice ofn what to do op, a bunch of judging anons isn't the final decider.

TEll her to prove it

>hair tie
>short hair

This thread again?

Also what’s with the mark on their neck?

You're the gay guy it seems like youd know

GO GO GO GO for it! that is a once in a lifetime chance. even if it goes south you are one experience richer. also keep us posted.

ask for more pics and post it here so we can determine

Op is faggot

Go for it dude
he makes a cute girl

Real talk if your attracted to this person then be attracted to this person. Don't give a fuck about what other people say, or if it makes you one thing or another. Live your life the way you want to live it.

You are attracted to her because she looks like a female so no you are not gay. If you like the dick though it might be time to start questioning yourself.

Where are the nooods?

by god yes he is and it is good.

OP this is a once in a lifetime opportunity

ITT: Faggots

Nice try you fucking faggot.

you posted this shit 2weeks ago tho


Just bang

>still caller him her
yeah you gay

OP your gay as fuck for not already having a trap gf

give snap

Post his nudes OP

So what's their snap?
Post that shit OP.


Sweet trips user i'd suck ur dick for sum dubs

Ask and ye shall receivith.


I'm confused. So it has a vagina or a dick?

OP hook me up im being for real

Holy trips send his noodles OP
>Bitch lasagna

who cares if its gay
go for it lad

he's cute, but he also looks underage

If you’re attracted to someone with a dick, you’re gay. End of story.

I think friendship would be okay but I don't think you should be romantic with them unless you are gay.

If you are attracted, fuck him. Who cares if it makes you gay (it does).

It's not gay if you let them give you a blowjob, or you want to fuck it in the ass. But if you get turned on by their dick, or insist they fuck you. There's no going back

Person in the picture was proven to be a girl, which makes OP even gayer

may i?

>both hands on face
but who was phone

thats not a trap



fuck him.

At least you'll not have to be nagged 24/7.

What's his age? Cute af

Copypasta from last night. It's not a trap at all. Nothing to see here folks

Id ruin its asshole


reminds me of an ex. pic related

I would fuck that guy, I'll be gay I don't give a fuck.

to be honest I could have told you it was a trap just by looking at him