Women are supposed to be pious, pure, submissive and domestic

Women are supposed to be pious, pure, submissive and domestic.

They have abandoned ALL of these gender roles categorically.

Why do we still have to be stoic providers and protectors, never expressing vulnerability or weakness?
Why do women get to abandon their gender roles and we don't?

You can be a sissy now.

No one's asking you to be those things if you don't want to, user. Be whoever you want to be.

but I'm straight.

I meant with a women. Or whatever. You seem to have a loose grasp of freedom.

Lol faggot

Why are they supposed to be all that?
Because you can't get yer dick wet without those rules?

Besides. there are still some girls like that, just not in your basement.

This just isn't true. If you aren't a stoic provider and protector, never expressing vulnerability or weakness, you aren't going to have a girlfriend for very long.

They still insist upon male gender roles. It's a massive double standard.

Men aren't under any obligations to be a certain way or to treat women a certain way.
We're currently working on robots to replace them, they'll either have to step up or become obsolete.

You seem to be delusional about what women find sexually attractive.

And to add, i know a bloke who is a stay at home dad, just works only a few hours a week, the rest is kid and gardening.

He grows the best fucking tomatoes i have ever tasted.

This is bullshit. Go outside and meet actual girls.

Some of them find straight sissy faggots sexually attractive. Debate me faggot

Are you retarded?

I don't know how to explain this to you in a way you can understand it but you're wrong. Go outside. Meet real women. If one or two or ten tell you that you're not the way they want a man to be, don't wprry and find someone else. I'm married and I'm neither super stoic nor unable to express my emotions. I am the way I am and I kept looking till I found someone who'll take me that way.

And all the ones that do are so mentally fucked that it would be a liabilty to date them

Tits or GTFO. Take your women's studies degree with you.

anyone in this thread smoke weed

>I'm valuable because a woman has vouched for me


Do they look like this?

Have you ever even met girls?

I am a man.

you sound like a mgtow cuck.
you don't have to be the stoic provider or protector if you don't want to.
you either try to live up to society's idea of manliness, or you can do you own thing.
personally, i think society can go fuck itself.
society is the same bunch of faggots who think brucelyn jenner is a "hero."
fuck them.

Hell yes they do my negro

I am quite sure sexual fetishism and open-mindedness =/= mental illness

Lol Wat

Amazing tomatoes or not, stay at home dads are uberfaggy. they're on the far opposite end of the spectrum of the faggotry OP is bemoaning.

Maybe that is the situation in yankistan, maybe all the girls you meet are instagram club sluts, maybe all your knowledge about women comes from the internet.

But i know girls who aren't into male gender roles and others that like the classic roles.

>Why do women get to abandon their gender roles and we don't?

Because we're women. By having to gain our consent for sexual intercourse, women get to set the standard of appropriate male behavior. The human female-male dynamic is an employer-employee model. We get to establish employment qualifications.

It isn't fair, but that's the way it is. Deal with it.

>open mindedness

I keked hard
Thanks user

Where the fuck did he even imply that?
Go be a bitter, dry twat by yourself.

feminists stole my gender role

You are just reinforcing gender roles for no reason at all.

I dunno man, he gets to do what he loves and watch a lot of rugby with beers.

Works in a shop a few times a week.

Meanwhile i work my arse of everyday painting, no qt3.14 gf and don't have enough time for all the shit i want to do.

Meant for

Woman have never been and will never be pure you fucking retard. Get that in your head and stop giving a fuck

You've never met any of them.

Womyn will have a very rough time when sexbot become an actual thing.
>Inb4 Virgin.
Nope. Married for 12 years. If we remove sex Most women are in a clear disadvantage about with what they have to offer to a relationship.

Christ this redbill nonsense.

I am friends with girls because they are awesome people.

Maynw europe is totally different and yanksluts are really all as dumb as the stereotype or its all major projection.


I've fucked over 30 girls.
I'm 25.
Every single one I fucked was retarded.
I know women pretty well.
Your bullshit about me never meeting a woman does not apply nor means anything to me.
If anything I know women are retarded because i have met so many of them and gotten to know them quite intimately.
Quit being a faggot


Girls are raised to be a lot stupider here in america. I'm pretty sure most of Europe is slightly worse.

>30 women
>30 undoubtedly similar and not random women out of billions
You are a shit.

Shouldn't you be getting ready for junior high instead of shitposting here?

>implying women arn't carbon copy replicas of each other and have any inherent value besides their vagina

Kek looks like I triggered one

It seems like you haven't experienced the outside world for 10 years and everything you know about the word is what you've seen on the internet.
Go out and talk to people, women don't want to fuck you not because you're not a stoic provider, but because you not only are most likely physically repulsive, you have an absolute shit personality that's a mix of whiny bitch and bitter loser.
Women are not supposed to be anything and neither are men, everyone's different and should embrace what they are. If you had any social interaction out of Sup Forums in your life you'd understand.
Now if you want to get laid remove that shitty attitude, go take a shower and go outside. Forget everything you know about people because obviously you've been fed lies.

gif unrelated


So you're saying all these slow girls came to you, or you went looking for them?

You are misunderstanding me on a fundamental level.
All woman are retarded. Atleast american women. I am from america.
I hae nothing to choose from but stupid bitches.
That doesn't mean i try to prove myself wrong and find one that isn't retarded.
I just keep proving myself right. Or rather they do

So either you're full of shit and a virgin, (which is really the more likely here), or you're just such a goddamn loser that you couldn't attract a halfway decent woman if you had a million dollars and a face like Fassbender.

I'm pretty sure if all women you've fucked are retarded you are the problem here man.
You have a sad, prehistoric view of the world my dude.