Why can't I get a close shave ?

Why can't I get a close shave ?

I've tried DE razors, 5 blades razors, shaving soap, cream, gel, 3 passes across then with, then against the grain. Every god damn time, there's still some "beard shadow" or idk how to call it.

Any advice ?

Get some wax nigga and rip that shit out

Believe it or not, I've tried.
But since the hair's not long enough, it does nothing

Then let it grow out long enough so you can get 'em real good.

I might just try that...
It's kinda pathetic tho

Just grow a beard & groom it, a close shave doesn't last long to be honest

use cum on your face.

Lazer treatment. So you can achieve your full transformation.

You have to shave every morning to keep up that close shave

But I do, every morning, I made a routine. I end up cutting myself like a retard cuz I'm not satisfied of the result

Yea i personally rather have a trimmed beard, close shave everyday can irritate your skin if your not careful

At least you only have to shave your beard. I have to shave my whole head.

Scary as fuck until you get the knack and you will always have to take your time but nothing beats it. Keep the blade flat to your skin, not like the movies or you will slice yourself to fuck!

Truth, my head and my face everyday. I shave my face like I wash it, start at the bottom of the neck and finish at the bottom of the neck.

try holding the razor closer to your skin

how much closer?

Press as hard as you can. Lean against the wall with your razor-holding hand if you have to.

I use this 6 blade razor and it works perfectly.
Might be worth a try.

Shave in a steamy shower (hot skin makes the hair stand out straighter), or wrap face in steaming hot wet towel for a few minutes.) Make two passes. First with the grain, second against. I find Gillette Fusion works best for me, but you may have different results.

If I have the time, a hot wet shave with a DE safety razor and hot lather with good cream from a quality brush works too, but it takes time.

How much does that shit cost? How many shaves do you get out of it before needing a replacement?

Forgot to mention you'll need an anti-fogging mirror if using the shower method.

Source: me. Qualifications: 25 years of near daily shaving, tried nearly every method. Top many moles and not enough cojones to attempt a straight razor.

Stop fighting it and grow a beard.

Ya cuz you slice yo neck as soon as you start kek