I am french and my son is in high school. I just "finded" his history teacher's password for the school website...

I am french and my son is in high school. I just "finded" his history teacher's password for the school website. If I have one answer I will drop the password.

website : ent.iledefrance.fr/auth/login?

drop the user and password faggot

username : najat.amri2
password : naja9276

the fuck are we supposed to do with this

"my son"

Oui, bien sur


encore une krouille...


>I just "finded"

sérieux, reste sur le 15-18 tu viens foutre quoi sur un site dont tu parles pas la langue ?

en même temps pour faire apprendre l'histoire des empires africains et l'age d'or de l'islam...

Put some child pizza in his drive


c'est vrai que apprendre Charles Martel c'est plus tellement la mode en ce moment....



Where can we see or edit grades?


who changed the password?

No one still works

this is funny


I wrote to every contact, just a wiki paragraph in french about lobsters

bien joué môssieur


some one answered

what does it say

I think he wants to know what's going on

Merci pour le rire OP.

tell him about lobsters some more my dude


De quoi s'agit-il ?

L. Barrand

response to the pedo msg

i already told him to burn niggers so we good

Doesn't work for me either.

I wrote a poll to every student, teacher, and personal contact about lobsters and made some other kind of announcement about them when a fire alarm warning came on

I never knew my french lessons would pay off like this one day

good lads

I believe there's a recording device you guys could toy around with

needs more spicy right wing stuff

get some Jupiter memes going monsieur

Whats the password

did some 1 change it?

OP's one works

someone changed the password

*Found. Moron.

Lobster pics.

top kek

did anyone yet post HITLER DID NOTHIN WRONG?

finded, bitch