So, in all reasonably established science, back time travel is only possible if moving quicker than the speed of light

So, in all reasonably established science, back time travel is only possible if moving quicker than the speed of light.

>CERN was able to accelerate electrons, and positrons, very close to the speed of light

Will they ever be able to surpass the speed of light? If so, when?

Also, what are the ramifications of true time travel?

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can't violate causality

you can't go faster than light

>Also, what are the ramifications of true time travel?
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They cant hit C and pushing past it would do some funky shit according to Einsteins math, negative time (traveling back in time) and negative mass

But that's just an assumption, right?

the moment any particle with mass reaches the speed of light it implodes taking large chunks of the surrounding spacetime continuum with it ...

fun fact electrons do have mass soo its not gonna happen and IF it were to happen we and our solar system wouldnt be around to wittness it ...

I think, and I might be wrong, that Tom Delonge cited on Joe Rogan's podcast that his company had been working with that exact formula on charging some sort of metal?

butterfly effect

whatever tiny thing you send back in time will violate causality, we don't know what happens when this happens but I would think that it will cause a rift in space-time.

>Using a mass dilation as a function of velocity to charge metal
>charge metal


are you reffering to caesium by any chance? speed of light is higher in caesium gas than in vacuum but there is still nothing that can move as fast as light in any given medium if there is any mass involved.

You're probably right on that; After watching Donnie Darko, I've been pretty obsessed with the constructs of time travel (albeit fictional or theoretical).

First off, you can't. Relativity says Fuck You

Second, science never said such thing about "Yo!, go fucking fasta than light and you can delorean your ass to the past"

Third, True Science is still debating about what type of timeline we have. Until something changes, the 3 options are:

>Terminator Timeline
Everything is predetermined, there's no room for paradoxes, time can't be change

>Back to the Future Timeline
You can change stuffs, but you're at mercy of paradoxes. Paradoxes can have a subtle effect or being a cataclysmic event capable to destroy the very fabric of reality

>Trunks Timeline
There's no a single timeline and time works like a multiverse. Travel in time send you a other universe were time and situations can be from subtle to very different to your original timeline. Changes and paradoxes have little to no effect to others timelines.


They radiated pieces of metal with terahertz which then made the metal lose mass. If you watch from 36:00 on, he goes into

>Second, science never said such thing about "Yo!, go fucking fasta than light and you can delorean your ass to the past"
Einstein equations of time dilation as a function of velocity suggest the possiblity....see this equation but sub mass variables with time

So the photoelectric effect? Einstien discovered that almost 100years ago

That's what newton mechanics and quantum mechanics shows us.We can't reach speed of light.But physics is a prepossession itself.So yes,we can do tim

That may be right, but I don't think anybody has been able to do what he has. His company claims to have made pieces of metal considerably lighter using this method. Would that at all impact prospective time travel? It seems significant but I'm too stupid to put it all together.

WTF my nigga? First that equation is not ever related to the subject. Second, science as theorized that, the faster you move through space, the slower you move through time, but, you can not go backwards. Time only flows in a single direction: forwards.

So far, we only only one force that can go back in time: Gravity.

I know a way cheaper method of making material lighter:

drill holes in it.

never seen K-Pax?

The speed of light is a constant, its impossible, However if we live in a virtual reality, whatever came up with the ruleset could change the rules; we might need to grow up some before that happens.

Well its logical, kek.

what makes you think gravity can go backwards in time?

btw the exact propertys and workings of time and gravity are the 2 big things we havent fully explained in classical physics and einsteins equasions only allow for "negative" values for both simply because the math allows it that however doesnt mean our universe alows it as well. not everything that is possible in math is possible in reality.

That was a very symbolic movie which had nothing to do with time travel and very lightheartedly used science fiction to convey story elements.

One of the many anomalies of science:TIME.

Sorry, my bad english. Gravity is the only force can affect time

how is that an answer?

nothing that science has measured or discovered points towards gravity going backwards in time. quite the opposite actually , with the recent observation of fusing black holes and the propagation of gravity waves we have found out that gravity propagates at the speed of light wich indicates it works forward in time just like anything else.


np . yeah you are right on that.

One of the many anomalies of physics:Gravity?

Its not supposed to be an anewer, Science simply doesn't know much about it, nor do i or YOU.

Gravity, so far is that little bitch we can't conciliated in science. That's why, in simple words, we have relativity to handle big stuffs and quantum mechanics to handle little stuffs.

SO FAR!.... Look up digital physics.

In all reasonably established science fiction.

Not necessarily true, experimental evidence suggests otherwise but studies ongoing

Particles almost, solid objects, only in science fiction.

>digital physics
Boy, digital physics is the poor cousin of String Theory. Sounds good on papers, but failed hard in experimental confirmation and predictability. Relativity and quantum, in the hand, as showed both.

Young man:The double slit experiment.

Atoms are probability distributions, i rest my case.

True, the equations are asymptotic AT the speed of light but not beyond. The question is if you can jump that gap. Entanglement also suggests there exists super-luminous communication. Einstein referred to this as "spooky action at a distance"

I'm an expert in double slit experiments

No. The speed of light increase the closer you get to it. It's perpetually faster than what our technology and understanding can achieve.

Glad you found the TIME, to contribute, I'm sure you have more pressing matters to deal with. lol

Predictability is the key here, my bros. You can found new ways to prove things we already know, but the key is being able to predict future or unknown kind of events

Are you talking about entanglement? This is NOT a transmission of information faster than light!

The amount of energy required to theoretically accelerate a particle beyond the speed of light would be greater than all of the power humans have ever generated throughout history.

i.e. impossible with our current level of understanding

yeah you don't get anything about entanglement
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There's no such thing as proof in science, only, data;does the data stack up, so yes is the data predictable under scientific tests.

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Very interesting, there's quite a bit to chew over, so thanks, we must always have an open sceptical mind.

Imho, cern have that only on hyperbole, which means, it never reaches speed of light.

Cern is behind Mandela effect.

the berenstein bears did it

It's more like Harry Potter. I know that sounds dumb in this type thread, but in the one movie where it's featured, the original timeline is already affected by the travel that hasn't yet occured.
Time travel is still linear, eliminating paradoxes

Not with current tech and understanding, but you're limiting time travel to being speed based. What about field envelopment, and moving space around you i.e. pocket wormholes

You can't accelerate anything too or beyond the speed of light. As you approach the speed of light, more and more of the the energy from the force you apply to accelerate the particle gets converted into mass instead of kinetic energy (mass-energy equivalence). By the time you get really close the speed of light the particle gets almost infinitely heavy and therefore need an infinitely large force to finally reach the speed of light (F=ma).

You can think of it as a constant for basis of scientific research, but it's not constant and nothing is; only on paper.

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>Entanglement also suggests there exists super-luminous communication
>I think it's you that doesn't understand it

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accelerating matter to the speed of light would cause that matter to become light itself

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