Why are there so many Jews in America...

Why are there so many Jews in America? For having been virtually exterminated it sure seems like there are a lot of them.

yep. that's a jew alright.
>still believing the holocaust was anywhere near what the jews insist.

I wonder why

Kike here. Despite common perception, most Jews were simply deported. My granny was placed into a concentration camp, deported from Germany to Russia, then deported from Russia to burgerland.

Come make a deposit at my bank later user.

There aren't that many. They just have a higher IQ, a strong work ethic, a sense of ethnic community that encourages them to give each other a leg up, and they drift into fields like media, banking, and media, where they're highly visible. Basically, as a group, they do everything right, which brings down a lot of envy on them. They are, if you think about it, anti-niggers.

meant to say medicine, not media twice


JIDF gtfo

Idiot ancestors converted to judaism, being a bunch of fucking deceitful swines in europe, got kicked out and spat on wherever they go, decided to open a fucking old book and claim it is their right to take Palestine. These disgusting beings are plenty in america because America was a country where many people from europe travelled to back in the days for a better living especially after the war(s) because europe was recovering at the time.

envy is for retards, nigger

only a jew would equate disgust with envy

Because this is Sup Forums, I should be able to get an answer pretty quick, but can someone explain jew-hate to me? Like, seriously, I don't really get it.

Judaism is a religion, not a race, you can be a jew if you want...just join their club
Most Jews are super-white (unless they're Israeli Jews, then they're pretty awesomely tanned), so its not really a white vs whatever color you hate
Everyone is money-grubbing, so who knows how that's only a bad trait in Jews, but admirable in literally everyone else?

I'm not a Jew and definitely have my own prejudices (yes, can confirm, I thoroughly believe that recent-immigrant drivers from China suck balls at driving), but Jew-hate baffles me. Explain me, Sup Forums!

They believe i am a dog, a beast without soul who is destined to be their slave.

They are the most morally lacking society that exists today that isn't vilified by mainstream media, if anywhere else in the world acted as Israel does there would be uproar.

isn't that what Sup Forumstards believe about anyone who isn't white

No, it isnt. Sup Forums is a group of retards with varying views that come together to circlejerk about nothing, Sup Forumss intentions never align because they are many many people with different perspectives.

Jews are taught that we (goyims) are to serve them, they believe that it is fate and that they are entitled to this perspective and behavior. there may well be many terrible people on Sup Forums but they certainly do not have the influence the jews do.

Sup Forums has nothing to do with jews and vice versa, they are both abhorrent people.

also one is mostly lonely trolls and the other is a sect of true believers, who are more dangerous to me?

Hmmm...so, if they believe that, and you believe in their belief, why wouldn't you just become a Jew?

Also, how are they the most morally lacking (to be clear, I'm not saying they are or aren't, but 'most' is a pretty concrete adjective, I'm just wondering what makes them 'most')?

They are approximately 2% of the population. That's not a lot.

Jews don't all think like that, but I'd believe that some in positions of power are out to get us.

Unfortunately, lots of non-Jews have absolutely no qualms about fucking everybody over anyway.

>Why are there so many Jews in America?

Only 2% of the population. Figure that one out. They have a bizarre amount of sway. "Their tendency to act as a clique"

why are they always at airports?

Why does it matter? There are worse people like nig nogs and sand nigger muslims...Islam is the worst religion and africa is the worst race/nation (violent/uncivilized)

Because I have respect for every human and believe that all are equal upon birth, it is behavior that determines ones worth beyond that. My decision to help my neighbor is what merits respect, not the thought of doing it.

Why would I want to become a being that i believe has disgusting behavior? That would be an incredibly selfish decision, regardless of the truth.

>how are they the most morally lacking
Because they stole their land (even though the torah says they are not to have a state until the return of the messiah) and genocided a people (Palestinians) and attempt to justify it by the most ridiculous standards.

Before firing missiles into civilian buildings they send a letter, which may or may not be seen by the occupants, they fire warning missiles, as if this in some way justifies their hostile takeover of an already established people?
Anywhere else in the world this would be considered genocide and illegal, but no, not with israel.

There are protests in Isreal under the most disgusting guises, they are the most xenophobic people that are tolerated in the modern media, i know that horrible things happen in africa, all over the world there are groups of people who do terrible things, but they are not swept under the rug like the jewish acts are, they are insidius, manipulative people.
yes and those people deserve no respect either. anyone who truly believes that i (or anyone else) is beneath them purely through an unjustified belief is disgusting.
if i see some nigger steal, respect is gone, if i see some cracker steal, respect gone - the perspective is built from their behavior.

>Why does it matter?

because they're parasites

>Why are there so many Jews in America?

indeed a good question.

here in Europe we have six million Holocaust Survivors.

where the fuck all those American Jews came from?

>there are worse people

Besides the fact that I dont think that is true, what does there being subjectively "worse" people have to do with the Jews? Can I only condemn one of these people? Of course not.

300 millions population
2% Jews

2% of 300 millions is 6 millions


They pretend they are Germans, nords, english/Scottish/especially Irish and also Spanish

This is an actual tactic of theirs. I work in a place with lots of Jewish clients. Ones with last names you never heard with no info online throwing Hanukkah parties

They did this same thing during the dark age and colonial period, it's literally called being a crypto Jew. They claim it Ian self defense from persecution

There aren't that many, roughly just 5 million, but they traditionally raise their kids from the start with an idea of excellence and exceptionalism, tying in with the whole persecution saga, and push them hard into prominent careers in sciences/finance/doctor/architect/lawyer/public office. They hold the arts in very high regard and are very demanding, so the Jews that want to be artsy must either be rich and a lost cause otherwise, or very skilled and talented at their trade. This demand for excellence and capitalizing on talents is so widespread within the culture it has had a couple names, in English it's Jewish Exceptionalism, and you can see why that culture surrounded by a horde of sandniggers outperformed them in every way back in Egypt and landed them in hot water. It is not a passive culture. It is also not a single culture, and the divisions between the factions are the most extreme differences in any culture, but those that don't raise their kids in that traditional manner often don't even give enough of a fuck about jewwiness to identify as one.

Only a loser would equate envy with disgust

I'm not envious when they constantly create wars, diseases, change history books, and perpetuate horrible economic and social practices. It's not envy, it's loathing and detestation.

they do have a lot of kids and the reason for this is that they think that the messiah will return, return from one of their kids. so you see they must keep on having kids

>Shit Jew marketer detected.

The American jews have been in America for longer than Israel as a modern state has existed. Kind of unfair to blame them for the fuckups of the British.

Can you blame them?

Oh, the jewish boogeyman.

I'll try.

The holocaust never happened. Wooden gas chamber doors and soap bars was as much of a fabrication as Anne Frankenstein and jew skin lamp shades.

The truth of the matter is, America probably had taken every last one Israel doesn't have and less than 300,000 jews died in Europe. The other 5,700,000 were almost surely goyim that died as a crutch for jews to claim as their own.

Hasidics need to be deported back.

Netflix has a good documentary on people trying to leave the Hasidic community.

One chick said her husband made her have 7 kids. Raped her everyday. Apparently they are some of the biggest recipients of welfare.

Can someone source this?

Reminder that a lot of these Jews don't like Israel.

Reason? Israeli politics have drifted steadily to a right-wing angle, while American Jews are increasingly Liberal.

The divide cannot be bridged.