Atheists claim to be logical, yet they don't provide proof for the claim that God doesn't exist

Atheists claim to be logical, yet they don't provide proof for the claim that God doesn't exist.

Why do atheists act so illogically?


Don't need to prove something so obvious, keep being deluded by your false prophets.

Where is this picture from?

Wait lets break it down.
>Don't provide proof for the claim that god doesn't exist.
So I assume you have provided proof that god does exist?
If not seems like you are sharing the same boat of existance and you need to get the fuck over yourself.

>Also notice there isn't a Carl Sagan post calling christians retarded... meaning you are making the claim, not Atheist.

God here, why do you keep posting these stupid threads in my name?

Neverending Story

the 5 second response is that any logic system requires positive authentication of a proposition, not proof of a negative.

e.g. the proposition that god exists is what needs to be proven, not that god doesn't exist.

this is the "child-like empress" from "the neverending story". go watch it or better read the book.

oh shit, you're right
they're so dumb
now all we have to do
is show them god
and we'll have won!

I remember when the OPs of these put in a lot more effort. One fag's thesis yesterday was little more "gawd eggistz pruv me rong".

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I don’t flat out reject the existence of god, but there is no reason to believe in him either. If you’re going to claim that something does in fact exist then it’s YOU that needs to provide proof. It’s perfectly reasonable for anyone to be skeptical of it until then. I’m not sure if this is bait but you’re autistic whether it is or not


Interesting that you used a pictures from a film based on a book series that involves a child going mad with power because of a prophecy he believes and ends up being untrue

Why can't atheists define atheism???


They can, they have
Disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.

Its not a religion or a faith or a structure so it does not need to be defined anymore than above

If you cant get that asking more questions won't help

Prove that there's not an invisible pie falling towards earth right now to kill us all

Not Piemageddon

>Disbelief or lack of belief in the claims of God or gods.

'Existence' is tricky as it implies knowledge over belief.
>I don't believe God(s) exists
>I don't believe the claims God(s) exist

The second is true not because there is no evidence, or even no good evidence, but because there is insufficient evidence.