Leaving work

>leaving work
>little girl approaches you and offers some beer, latest record of that band you like and car magazines
>kinda too good to be true but okay, how bad could it be
>bunch of them burst out of the van as you approach
>they tie you down and force you to take part in their lame tea parties
>instead of beer you have to braid half a dozen heads of hair over and over
>instead of AC/DC you have say nice things about their dumb plush toys
>instead of car talk it's endless piggyback rides
>hours pass and after torturing you with songs from children's shows, they eventually throw you out and drive off
>used up, covered in make up, glitter and hairbands, utterly cute from their twisted makeover
>climb in the shower and cry on the floor for the rest of the day
>no matter how hard you scrub, the shame doesn't go away
>too scared to go to the authorities or tell anyone
Stay safe out there, anons, there are some sick people out there.
Don't trust lolis. Do not fall for offers to take you to a barbecue. Never follow them anywhere.
If you're being tailed by little girls, stay in well-lit, crowded areas. Get a girl you know to walk you home.

Look closely. What might initially appear as a fellow trustworthy, hard working man, may be just a clever disguise.


Must be hard on you, sir... I symphatize you

B-but a little girl would never know how to use those power tools

step up your pasta game, senpai

I don't know, man, they can stack three of themselves to reach the pedals of a van

>to feel so used and dirty

Stay strong OP

One of the many ways a predator can approach potential unsuspecting prey.

Awareness bump

This is literally the life of a father of any girl. Henry VIII was on to something.

That actually sounds fun



What a terrible experience! These loli gangs truly make it dangerous outside. Best way is to always have your loliwhistle with you in the hope someone notices the assault.

These Loli gangs are out of control I saw a group of them outside the store I was about to leave. Stayed in the shop for ten minutes until they dispersed
One even had spats, I was terrified.



I wish this was a thing.

Men like you are the reason they think this kind of behaviour is okay

But it is

You've obviously never given a girl a piggy back ride. It's amazing

Go live out your perverted fantasies someplace else. Even if I WERE to give a girl a piggyback ride, it should always be with consent and only with your own child.

source on that VN?

4real tho i would pay to see an anime with this plot

rondo duo by tinklebell
Google it m8

something happened to me recently bros, cute scene boy offered to do shots and listen to andy C with his subwoofer, next thing I know Im tied down having vodka poured down my throat and mandy stuffed up my nose

took me near a week to stop shaking, my nostrils still burn from the drip. I dont think I can ever listen to serial killaz again

sorry for rambling, it really helps to get this off my chest, if you've been through something like this, please, let it out, ive let this fester for too long. thanks guys

Congrats on ruining the joke, fag.
There's always one friend who just ruins it.

I always carry a gun for personal protection, you never know when evil is going to strike


You're the one apparently putting sexual thoughts to it. Giving a daughter or little sister a ride on the back is pure bliss. Guess you'll die never knowing the joy.

what a little whore

Shut the fuck up user. You don't know the pain, the fear loli victims are branded with. When you're driving past a middle school during recess, they give you this stink eye that says, "If you tell anyone, I will kick your shins bruised and bite your hands red."

I've conversed with the PE teacher during class hours, says all they listen to is sing-alongs. Last time he got caught eating a pepperoni stick, they tied him down with jump rope and beat him with the work out mats, even when he started choking from the dust kicked up. The poor guy held onto me like I was a life preserver, crying into my shoulder, said he couldn't remember Tom Petty's voice, or how to properly cook a steak medium rare.

Pedos aren't safe either. I saw a greasy looking slag in a rusted out 1986 Lincoln continental drive up to a 7 year old chalking a unicorn on the side walk. He tried coaxing her into his car, but he wasn't strong enough for this sunny side of town. As she blew chalk dust into his eyes, five other girls came out of a back yard gate, pulled the grease head from his ride, and dragged him to their realm, kicking and screaming. I tried to run away, but their ring leader, Cindy, walked up to me, and gave me a pack of Big League Chew, said something about teaching him love and compassion.

Sometimes I see that guy, wearing sweaters, giving piggy back rides, holding hands with these gremlins. I can still hear him faintly mumble the MLP opening, his eyes empty.


Violent little girls are the best




>>used up, covered in make up, glitter and hairbands, utterly cute from their twisted makeover
got to admit, I a bit aroused by this.

>tfw your gf sees you sweating.



that sucks you had to go through that OP, maybe I can cheer you up. I've got some classic rock CDs in my van if you want.


You should have deletted while you had the chance

A very bad Touhou doujin you don't want to see.

piggyback? seems like fondle opportunities. I'm in

yeah, except i do


Hook me up with sauce brother

Boku no Mendoukusai Ojousama _ My Troublesome Lady
Creator(s): nishino eichi

Amazing what five seconds on saucenao.com can do.

You also gave me sauce to the manga, and the sauce to a place to find sauce.
Bless you user. Bless you.

Not if you're on all fours like a good boy

Damn... hate being hit on by young girls!

Giving a new meaning to the words 'child molester'

I counted to 30



That's actually kinda impressive

>turkish porn


this one is nice.


I loved this show so much I went out and bought the blue ray.