Dear Sup Forumstards, i've got one question for you:

dear Sup Forumstards, i've got one question for you:

why do you even lift? all you do is wasting time and money for a body shape nobody needs, i mean we don't live in the friggin stoneage anymore so why do you need strength?

To defend yourself? well good luck with that, retard. Even a butter knife is a superior weapon compared to your body, not to mention guns.

To fuck chicks? Guess what, money is far more attractive.

Because you are a beta everyone picks on? I've got bad news for you. Nobody cares about your body shape, they'll continue laughing about you. (pic related)

To be honest i think bodybuilding is fucking useless and bodybuilders are a waste of space but i still want to know why are people doing this?

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This has to be bait right?

>This has to be bait right?
>everything thats offensive to me has to be bait

Implying this is at all offensive to anyone

so why aren't you answering the question?

I like to see my cock when when I look down. It's also fun user. You should try it.

I don't really lift anymore, but if I had to guess, people probably do it for self validation and fear of death.
They think that possibly avoiding death a few years is going to make any difference and then you have the tards who actually care what other people think. It's all just a matter of being self conscious I guess.

Used to be a fat fuck. Diet and exercise and now I am not a fat fuck. I dont want to go back to being a fat fuck.

its all about self improvement. one could also argue overall health and discipline improvement, preparing for the race war.... and so on. If you cant understand this simple idea you're beyond fucked

>Takes literally 4 days a week and 2 hours each. Training+meal prep+ shower included.

It's called an easy investment.

finally a valid reason but i was talking about bodybuilding not exercise in general

I need to be physically fit for the European race war.

ok an easily made investment but what is your return-of-investment?

>To defend yourself? well good luck with that, retard. Even a butter knife is a superior weapon compared to your body, not to mention guns.

It's simple user,
Regular exercise is beneficial to physical and mental health.
Endorphins are where it's at if you don't want to be a depressed beta forever.
Pushing yourself and your body to its limit abd seeing just what you're capable of is a rather rewarding experience. And yeah it has alot to do with self esteem and insecurities for alot of people, but to each their own. It's not about "lifting"
It's about being happy with yourself, and exercise can help tremendously

60 minutes of cardio = 25 mins of weightlifting. Spend less time working out for same muscle definition.

a good looking healthy body

>To defend yourself?

no, I need to be physically fit to run away.

It's about endocannabinoids, actually. :)

check'd but that's exercise, not bodybuilding

It's all about projection. Cut/ fit people are seen more successful by society. They project good qualities before you even open your mouth.

your life has to be pretty depressing if you need gym for your happiness

another valid reason but what is the value of projected qualities if you lack them?

Ive tried all sorts of exercise. And weight lifting just seems to me to be the most efficient way to keep fit, keep off the pounds, the most benefit for the least amount of pain.

ok you're excused

The word need was nowhere in that post. I was simply stating the benefits of physical fitness. Now go back to the 2d waifus you "need" for happiness and leave the thinking to more capable individuals.

child detected. as you get older you need to stay fit or you get depressed, fat, feel like shit, can't cope, sleep is less beneficial, energy levels reduce, self-esteem lowers, the list goes on.

>1 hour of exercise is better for you than 1 hour of sleep. given the choice, exercise 30mins and sleep 30mins less.

if you start now, you won't have a fight on your hands when 30-40 rushes past in a blur and you're suddenly a fat bastard.

>implying 2d waifus grant any happiness
>implying you're capable of thinking
>implying i was talking about physical fitness in general

scroll to top, read the post, try again

Doesn't matter. For all intents and purposes, you'll get what you want/need before people actually get to know you.

And regarding most human interaction, it's all about appearances. Everything happens inside their head. You can do the same action, and depending on how people perceive you, they will interpret the same behaviour differently.

you're also talking of exercise, i was talking about bodybuilding and annoying gym rats

How about you read my original comment again and try again buddy. I'm not, nor was I, talking about bodybuilding. Bu even that's better than any point your trying to make.
You've been cucked by one too many chads and it shows.

so you're wasting your time to impress people you don't even know, whats the purpose? if you'd focus on real qualities like hard skills you can impress ppl even quicker and as bonus you're capable of doing something useful

good luck fucking your women while she thinks about a fag like op's pic(not the face of course)

so you're just off-topic? why don't you leave then?

I take it the diet didn't work out for you, OP?

my only problem with meatheads is that when they start to look good all they talk about is gym gym gym gym. it's like they become tards

yea, people keep talking about trying to stay fit, and you are talking about bodybuilding
the way i see it, they want to be attractive, so they go for the easiest route
everyone can lift shit off the ground while listening to music, its easier for them to do that than to actually try to think about anything
there is smart buff people, but its rare
i am sorry, but if you spend your time lifting shit off the ground, in todays world, you dont have the time to do anything else, which means you cant read or write, or do anything useful other than your job i guess if that is useful?
call me pretentious, dumb, 2smart4me, a rick and morty fan, but it wont make me wrong
i am poor as fuck, a 6/10 and i am able to get more girls than my 8/10 friend who lifts weight and trains how to fight
i could care less about most of them, because i already have a gf anyway, me talking about anything interesting and you taking your shirt off has the same effect on women
>inb4 i am smart but i cant find a gf
youre either delusional or youre trying to pick up roasties

by reading and writing, i meant reading books and writing shit for yourself about them btw

nice trips, but i'm not even fat. don't get me wrong i exercise daily to stay healthy. I think exercising is totally legit but bodybuilding is just plain stupid and waste of time

Theres a subtle difference between body building and weight training. Dont lump them together. Weight training is a fitness tool while body building is a goal. I agree body building is totally ga when taken to the extreme that many douche bags take it to. But weight training is an incredibly effective and efficient way to keep fit.

*gay when taken to the extreme

It's how we work, I actually agree 100% and I still think you are pretentious.

that's what i'm talking about lifting like crazy is just a waste of time and no one really cares about your body. Let's be honest a real skill is far more valuable than any muscles

I lift x 6 times a week and body wise I'm pretty close to the OP pic, I have a little more bodyfat and my abs aren't as visible but its still low (13.4% last time I got it checked 4 months ago)

I lift because it feels awesome, the human body was made to work, to run, to hunt, its what it is designed to do. Getting plugged back into that is the most amazing feeling in the world. Your muscles are tight, your blood is pumping, you feel alive, fine tuned like an animal. Its just fucking awesome.

There are a whole host of additional benefits to this feeling. Your mental health is better, your outlook more positive, you have higher mobility, more energy day to day, you sleep better and more regularity. Essentially it gives you better quality of life all round because your body is getting that fix of energy expenditure and effort that is was actually designed for. Happy body = happy mind.. Lifting is not only for aesthetics and chicks user, its for life itself.

Of course because I have a nice body I get a lot of female attention but I'm happily married for 3 years now and while I'm flattered and I liek it i dont act on any of it. But its also good to know they dig you. Maybe try going to the gym OP, it took me 4.5 years of consistent training to go from skinnyfat to where I am now.

Any spelling errors down to this shitty little box I have to type in... desktop.

that just means they were boring cunts to begin with. same as football bores, guitarist bores, sjw bores, religion bores. most people are completely boring and facile. they just talk about whatever they've picked to try and make themselves more interesting.

if you are lifting weights for exercise, it shouldn't dominate your life to that extent.

bodybuilding, the hobby, is completely stupid and a waste of time. building a good body is extremely worthwhile.

so you have an animal-like state of mind and you're proud of it?

I would fuck him except he is not Daryl Braithwait

>but if you spend your time lifting shit off the ground, in todays world, you dont have the time to do anything else, which means you cant read or write

How long do you think you need to be in the gym for? This is the dumbest shit I've read all week.

Did your stepdad rape you with no lube today?!?!?

Speak for yourself faggot my job needs strength to get shit done

glad to hear it
we are talking about bodybuilders, even exercise people happen to be in a gym 3 hours a day, and only have time to go out at night and act like retard
It does dominate their lives to an extant, from what i heard they cant stop going to the gym, and they have to watch what they eat
not really a big deal, but saying it has no effect on their lives at all is wrong
for the record, because this is a wonderful place, i am pretty skinny
i expected answers far worse, this is at least honest

Some chad took your fucking gf?

2h gym
+ 30 min each way
+ 30 min showering
= 3,5 h each day wasted

now calculate your wage for a hour of productive work and you know how much money you waste each day with gym

>why do you even lift?
Why does one do anything?

>all you do is wasting time and money
I suppose if you want to look at it that way but you can say the same about most things in life.

>for a body shape nobody needs, i mean we don't live in the friggin stoneage anymore so why do you need strength?
For many reasons, having flabby bits of fat hanging off yourself isn't nice. Then whenever you need to use your strength for any reason at all it's good to have it there as well as just going about your day to day activities.. feels much easier when you're used to cardio, lifting, etc..

>To defend yourself? well good luck with that, retard. Even a butter knife is a superior weapon compared to your body, not to mention guns.
Implying everyone carries a weapon or some shit? Bait is weak. Most times you'll actually need to defend yourself it'll just be a bare-knuckle fight.

>To fuck chicks? Guess what, money is far more attractive.
Well having a good body will actually help with getting laid, but besides all that.. fucking a chick when fit.. you're capable of doing a lot more as well as lasting a lot longer. It's incredible.

>Because you are a beta everyone picks on? I've got bad news for you. Nobody cares about your body shape, they'll continue laughing about you. (pic related)
Self projecting or something here? You sound very insecure OP, as well as incredibly salty.

>To be honest i think bodybuilding is fucking useless and bodybuilders are a waste of space
They could say the same towards fat people and so on and on and on. Your arguments are weak and your bait is repetitive. You're finding something you don't like and applying the same "hurr durr why do people even do this! It's meaningless" logic to it. It's like you're trying to come across as an edgy nihilist when you feel like it.

>but i still want to know why are people doing this?
Feels good and it's nice to exercise with friends. Memberships are cheap and it beats sitting on your ass gaming.

so 8 hours at work/school
about 1.5 half to eat/shit/shower
about an hour driving to the places you need to go
about 6-7-8 hours you are asleep
and from what i have heard, a gym session is about 2-3 hours long, for bodybuilders, its longer
explain to me what do you think they do in the remaining 2 hours or something, i didnt actually calculate it
stop trying to excuse them, they are not doing anything, being self aware is a huge deal, and if someone walked up to me and said "i dont give a shit about anything, i want to look good" i wouldnt have a problem with it
Just stop trying to excuse it, and make it seem like they are somehow geniuses for doing nothing hours upon hours every day

Name one hard skill that impresses people even quicker.

Bonus if you can find one which has more universal appeal compared to physique.

>your life must be pretty depressing
>makes a thread on Sup Forums and actually replies to it

Wow, yeah dude working out is totally for losers, lol enjoy being a fatass posting on Sup Forums from moms basement forever, that’s totally not depressing at all lol

nah i have to work with a gym rat faggot which triggers me hard because it's fucking annyoing

damn idubbbz looking fine

I dunno, I don't bodybuild I do strength training everyday im about 14 stone very little fat and a bit of muscle but not a ridiculous amount. I like being a strong cunt, helpful in football as well for holding up the ball. Useful at my job makes me feel good

Such weak bait.

>implying every waking second of yours is equal to your salary

You're literally coming across autistic right now. I would stop for your own sake before you begin to cry.
>pic related

>Implying I'm not listening to audio books as I'm bench pressing for massive gainz

To challenge themselves. To be healthy. Plenty of reasons. I can agree though i do not understand when you reach Arnold nigger level of fitness. But a nice Lean body makes you feel both healthy and attractive. So you can get laid even without money.

Im a bouncer and strength and size has proven fairly usefull because I dont know any martial arts.

i have no problems with this, but lets be honest, most of them dont do this
i never said there is no buff smart people, i said its rare, because it is
but props if you actually do this

there are ways and ways of doing these things.

you don't have to watch what you eat if you simply eat paleo/keto type of food. steak all the time, good fish, good veg. just don't eat/drink soda, chips, crisps, white bread/rice which is a good idea on many levels.

for the record i don't use a gym, when I did it was for many reasons, taking the kids swimming, going straight there in the morning to exercise then shower and go on to work, dropping in for a sauna on the way home, cheap golf, etc.

i don't disagree with you that bodybuilders and gym bores are pathetic.

i just assert that you should try to be lean, fit, strong and eat well for yourself. don't force your opinions or lifestyle on others though, thats as bad as being a vegan.

i can't actually talk. usually I am lifting, surfing, windsurfing, playing squash all the time. last few years I am drinking all the time. but I know I need to get back there.

>Implying I'm not doubling as a personal trainer while I'm at the gym.

Weak bait son

Hi jealous child! You presume everyone lifts to look better and get more pussy.. totally not the reasons why many people lift including me.
Deadlifting cured me of my lower back problems, muscle supports your skeletal structure and posture.
Besides that it slows down the slow but unevitable degeneration of your body.
Also its a reason to eat healthy.
For me I generally feel better mentally when I'm satisfied with my body.
Stay salty Mr. Pre teen body

you're excused


Honestly OP, get out of the basement and go get a gym membership. Do something.

Just try and better yourself, don't be the lowest of the lower, a complete and utter degenerate scum with a single purpose which is the equivalent to a toddler shitting themselves and throwing a fit in a restaurant.

You'll kick yourself in the future if you don't try.

good job extending your worthless gymrat life

t. Autism.

this video is basically conclusive proof to how fucked, stupid and pretentious body building is:

i didnt actually know this, people i have met are always on about watching what they eat, its not that bad then
and i am not trying to enforce anything, for real
i already said, i just want them to be self aware, just as i am self aware i probably wont say anything new ever, because most things we cant solve, and things that are solvable have been solved (mostly) hundreds of years ago
i just want them to be self aware, and i wont say anything, this is just my opinion on their lifestyle
they ridicule people like me all the time, i see no problem criticizing their lifestyles

With home gym, my workout is less than 1 hour total including shower, 3 days a week. Most efficient way to stay fit.

Bodybuilding is useless.
I don't have massive arms and chest, but I am far more alpha than all of you faggots combined.
You know why I can get more girls than you?
Because I'm successful in life. I've got everything. Good looks, money, friends.
What have you got?

again, staying fit=/=bodybuilding
i am all for not being a fat fuck
we are talking about gym bores that are always on about them lifting shit off the ground, implying its somehow important, and implying its somehow unique
i am saying 2-3 hours because people i have met, told me that is usually how long they train( again, the bodybuilders, not the people trying to stay fit)

>2h gym
2h is too long. 1hr - 1.5 max.

>+ 30 min showering
Who the fuck spends 30 mins in the shower? 5 mins MAX. You're cleaning off sweat not a weeks worth of grime.

>+ 30 min each way
30 mins each way is very presumptive. I live 10 mins walk from my local gym, 2 mins cycle.

>= 3,5 h each day wasted
'Wasted time'? That implies no benefit, there are fuck tons of benefits.

>now calculate your wage for a hour of productive work and you know how much money you waste each day with gym

I'm self employed and make 75k a year

It doesnt necesarily extend your life it improves the quality of it babyboy

Btw I train 2x2 hours a week to maintain what I accomplished which is about one eigth of the time you spend trolling on the internet and I only wat what I like. I know it sounds hard for a bedbound mamas boy

to conclude this, take a look at worlds billionaires and see how many percent of them are buffed.

Most people in the gym use it as a social thing. I go to the gym with a couple mates, it's great. Why you have to be so mad?

>insults people who go to gym
>gets called out when someone who goes to the gym does something more than just lift
>backtracks in his argument but still hates people who goes to the gym because he thinks he knows more about what people do there than the people themselves

Just what?? Did you go to some shit anti-social gym which put you entirely off working out or something? Did you fail at making gains? Just what.

You're all over the place.

Gains dumb nigga

>and from what i have heard, a gym session is about 2-3 hours long

What you 'heard' is wrong. 1hr is all you need. You're talking through your ass user. You are just ranting at something you know 0 about.

You call everyone else a faggot and post this photo hahahaah I hope you are trying to create a meme or some shit

How is two hours too long lol. Funnel chest detected

Bodybuliding is the mist retarded way of defending yourself. If you want to defend yourself use your head to stay out of dangerus situations. And if you want self defence, practise actual fighting.

lol this thread is cringe, 5 years ago nobody went to the gym except hardcore gymrats, its a fucking fad. Spearheaded with instagram and the vain pathetic idiot culture we live in now. I think keeping fit and healthy is great, but working out for 'gains' is fucking cringe and a shining example of insecurity.

Diminishing returns.

i am insulting people who go to the gym and do nothing else with their life
i have literally said in the first reply, that there is smart buff people, and that i have no problems with them
how am i all over the place, because i am reasonable?
i never backtracked anything, i dont HATEE them, i think they are annoying, its not the same thing
also never saw that one coming, yes, people can find other people annoying only if they were bullied by that group


and it's not even everyday either, where the fuck is OP getting his info from?

life is a perpetual battle with death, you are essentially struggling your whole life while you slowly die

working out makes life more manageable and easy, and better resists entropy as apposed to simply laying down and rotting

you may not appreciate it now, but when you are 60 and can't even reach down to pick up a 10lb box without throwing out your back, or can't walk without joint pain, etc. etc., you will wish you had actually taken care of your body

4/10, because response

this dude is goofy looking but has a great physique. Plus it feels good to work out. Maybe something a pussy like you wouldn't understand.

im stating my opinion, which is ranting i guess
i heard wrong, and so what?
its shorter, sure, i was wrong
doesnt make my original statement any less true, its all they do

feels good, man

I don't do shit for anyone but myself.

To be honest, my gym time is not enough to finish one book a week. I continue on daily work commutes etc.

Bodybuilding doesn't take as much time as you think, if your goal is not Arnold Schwarzenegger.

>how am i all over the place, because i am reasonable?

This is the only part I'm going to reply to. Get off your high horse you narcissistic asshole and stop spewing shit like a 10 year old with the mental age of a 5 year old.

>doesnt make my original statement any less true, its all they do
gif related.

Fuck off, theres a difference between staying fit/healthy and working out for gains. Getting huge when you're younger is great, but wait till you're 40 when you have crippling arthritis and joint problems.

crazy how many butthurt wannabee bodybuilders we have in here, you guys are cringe af.

How can anyone be so jealous?
Ok, I understand I am better than you in every way.
And yes, I post my pictures because I'm not afraid to show my face. I know I'm handsome enough to do so.

I claimed 2-3 hours. It included travel shower laundry meal prep and meal planning, shopping all related to training.

Forgot to add, that meal plan and meal prep also covers whole week. Plus makes you budget your food better.