Feminist: You STILL don't get it, do you?

Feminist: You STILL don't get it, do you?

ME: No, he asked if he could jerk it in front of them, they said yes.

FEMINIST: He used his POWER to FORCE them to watch.

ME: They said yes, he jerked it. Just because he was a powerful man he's not allowed to pursue his kinks?


No, I don't get it at all.

all men are rapists by definition

are you not paying attention?

women are the next minority to finally win freedom from the white man

Ah, I get it now.

Ah well, if I'm a rapist by definition better get a rappin'

OP your boss tells you to watch him jerk off, if you said no he would fire you and nobody in that industry would ever hire you again, would you understand how his power comes into play in these scenarios?

> implying OP has a job worth keeping


But you're assuming that was the dynamic. If my boss asked me to watch him jerk off I'd say no. If later he fired me then I'd be outraged.

>> implying OP has a job worth keeping
implying anyone on here has a job worth keeping

Tbh, if your employment depends on what others say about you and not your quality of work, you are doing something wrong.
Plus had he ruined 5+ or so ppls career for refusing to jerk it, wouldn't he practically become a joke in the industry?

So nobody in a position of "power" is allowed to get their rocks off?

you don't have the power to say no

that would imply that you were a responsible, reasonable, well educated adult

but of course you're not

so you wouldn't actually say no, instead you would be oppressed, violated, and then would wait until some braver soul came forward until you would join the chorus of "me too"s

ok a very famous well respected comedian says, 'dang your so hot I can jack off right this second in front of you, would that be alright?'

is it a joke? or an attempt to get consent? can you call that informed consent if someone doesn't understand if he will really do it?

>that said, i don't think you can convict him on anything, but you don't need reasonable doubt to canncle a show.

not white men, no

>he would fire you and nobody in that industry would ever hire you again

now who's projecting, the world doesn't work like that, it's not a big conspiracy with "you wont work in this town again!" sentences.

Plenty of opportunity to say "Dude, no, put your dick away." to which Louis may well have said "Oh shit, I'm sorry, I thought you were cool with this."

Instead... they watched him until he jizzed all over himself... seems to me like they were down to clown until their careers went to shit and they saw an opportunity to get a little fame back.

oh yeah, i forgot...yes means no



if a woman doesn't sign paperwork in which she specifically consents to specific acts at a specific set place and time for a specific duration, and if that paperwork isn't notarized, then it's rape and she has the right to wait up to 30 years to announce that rape


They "felt" like they couldn't turn it down, because they are paranoid little fucks with no morals or principles. And, rather than they fix their shit, we are expected to cater to it.

Here's a random pic, unlikely it has anything to do with women or feminists but rage is rage.

what is this aboot? someone clue me in


They're all going to be so mad when no one will fuck them like an animal anymore.

>if you said no he would fire you
I 100% doubt that.

And I somehow even more doubt CK would have.

>and nobody in that industry would ever hire you again
This is the kind of baseless paranoia I was talking about.

Louis CK asked to jerk off in front of some women. The women said yes. Years later they cried sexual misconduct... Feminists are losing their shit.

And apparently if you can't see what's wrong with that then YOU'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

No one has successfully explained it yet.

Found the millennial nigger

Rage is indeed rage. Your pic enraged me.
8/10, nice effort.

>unrelated Viet cutie for your troubles.

He's a witch? He held them down? He told them some jokes? They where powerless to turn around and walk away? Are you asserting females by default are weak and helpless in every situation?
Explain to me this power a 40yo balding man had over a pair of washed out old hags, at what line did you declare him powerful? He wrote for a late-night tv show, and was ready to take his life due to depression before his stand up career got a boost from a Conan appearance? I was on tv once, do I now have overwhelming power over all females?

Truly he is the victim if you really think about it, He's a balding 40yo ginger who, after a show asked some old hags to his hotel room for 'a nightcap', Not only where they too stupid to understand the implications of his invitation, but they ran screaming 'How could this happen to me!' all the way to the press

You mistook outraged for delighted, for the subsequent lawsuit would give me more money from that company than I could ever imagine

Whats the bet these things had Tarantino jizz on them before Uma landed kill bill?

Couldn't agree more.

I had one woman say: Imagine it was your daughter or your sister in that hotel room.

I was like, alright... if my daughter and/or sister said 'Yes Louis, I will watch you jerk off.' then good for them and good for him, I hoe they all have a nice time. They sure as fuck wouldn't run to the press years later for a little attention.

Neat, thanks.

None since she had starred in multiple tarintino films before kill bill. If you said her first movie with him then maybe, but at that point; No

What's the betting he asked and she said yes but if she needs some cash/attention/career boost in ten years or so she'll call it "sexual misconduct"

you guys ever wonder if these kind of stories are total bullshit crafted to tank someone's public persona as punishment for crossing the wrong people?

0%. They have the weird longer second toe. Fucking gross.


Baseless paranoia.. lol how delusional can one be

One girl did say no. Wasn't fired. Still complained. It is inappropriate to fuck subordinates though.

Her feet have worn his jizz on more than a few occasions 100%, and its made her career


I'm not into them either but Tarantino definately is.

It wasn't rape. Mixing him in with actual rapists is counterproductive. It even makes my feminist girlfriend mad.

you really need to not be a faggot

For all of you saying rape answer this:

How could he have had consensual sex?

He got consent.
He made no threats.

>implying I wouldn't say no
>implying there aren't cameras literally everwhere where I work
>Implying I wouldn't get rich off the lawsuit

Says the on in the shiny hat.

No one does. Let's move on with our lives

>false equivalence fallacy
Asking some girls to your hotel room for a night cap, which is basically netflix and chill for 40yo's, isn't in any way shape or form the same as your fictional scenario.

Imagine some guy from out of town invited you to his hotel room to drink, you can say no at any time, you can leave at any time, no negative repercussions in any way, other than the distinct possibility of seeing a 40yo gingers fire pubes if you neglect to do the above.

only rich farts get accused of this nasty shit
they probably deserved it anyway

Assuming any of you know what its like to feel you don't have control of a situation. Easy for a man to ask why they don't fight or run. Whats worse? Losing your pride or your life? Who's to say what their motives are, these women can't guess this shit on the spot. Most are stunned or scared. Do not be so naive as to think you can understand their perspective. Defending a person who behaves this way is making excuses for disgusting people. He deserves everything that has come to him.

That's what I was thinking. At what pay grade does a man have to relinquish his sexuality ?

But Louis can't move on with HIS life. And if these cunts gt away with ruining his life they have a president to do it to anyone who has ever asked for any sort of sex and been told yes.

>OP your boss tells you to watch HER JILL off
>if you said no SHE would fire you and nobody in that industry would ever hire you again
>would you understand how HER power comes into play in these scenarios?

Uh-oh, did i break the argument?


>neither do you, if you can't explain it

So was Quentin Tarintino uncredited for Batman and Robin, because before Kill Bill it was literally her largest starring role since at that time Pulp Fiction was still considered a great underrated film.

So you're all just ready-made victims?

So no matter what men do they're wrong and they're sexual predators?

Thank fuck most of the women in the world don't think like you - I asked my wife if she wanted to fuck the first night I met her - she said yes - does that mean I raped her?

Go fuck yourself with your bullshit logic.

Not my job to prove someone else's point.

If you don't like getting peed on you get out of the way.

That's the whole point of this thread, faggot.

Saying that would have proven YOUR point, retard.
Exactly, why didn't OP just respond with that then?

Woman can not be held responsible for their actions. This is reinforced by laws and implications of current social norms. If a man and a woman have drunking sex, it is rape by the man. The man is always supposed to have 100% pure judgement on all situations. Woman are just not able to make choices under any kind of duress or influence. Case in point, man is drinking and driving, hits a pedestrian, he is responsible. A woman does the same thing, it's the alcohols fault. I think what it boils down to is all women are stupid because they do not have dicks. Having a dick means you are to blame when ever anything goes bad for a woman.
Good thing we white males have some social camouflage in this day and age by lying and saying we are tran-fluid-gender-queer-snuffleupagus

Did Louis even say any of that stuff, or did you pull it out your ass?

he wasn't even powerful at the time
he was a no-name comic and writer



You argue like a woman

been arguing about this since it happened. I try to be respectful and logical as possible, and methodically explain while Louis CK may be a creep and his actions could certainly be called inappropriate, sexual misconduct, and generally not cool, nothing he did constitutes sexual assault. In return for this i have been personally attacked, berated, and one fucking feminist hag even contacted my place of work trying to get me fired with the old "your employee thinks sexual assault is a joke"

No you stupid bitch, i think your victim complex is a joke. I've had dudes whip their dick out at me unwantedly. Ive seen crusty homeless dudes wacking off in the street and on the subway. It doesn't make me a "survivor of sexual assault" get real.

No, i was pointing out the absurdity of another user's analogy, who tried to compare him asking some old ass hoes to a hotel room, to a scenario such as this.

If someone called my place of work talking all that shit, I'd be happy to rape them in return.

No it definitely isn't rape. It might be worth talking about but he gets crucified because it is hard to make a good argument for where his punishment should stop. Doubly hard because some loonies are going to call you a rape apologist if you do.


but he was a maaannn so he had powweerrrr over these poor defensless womyn REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

All this "trust & believe" is really bringing us back to the Salem witch trials.

even if they said yes at first, they said no after the fact so that means he raped them. Learn your shit OP

eventually I will post her info on here and let you Sup Forumsoys take care of her, but yeah if she had gotten me fired I'd do worse than just rape her

If I got caught masterbating on the job I would be fired. What he did was worse than that. Not rape but still inappropriate.

Is this supposed to be FFX Auron, or related to curious is the trapmaker's craft

absolutely. He keeps getting lumped in with Weinstien and Spacey... its really not cool.

Don't rap. That's cultural appropiation.

Imagine being asked into the hotel room of an out-and-out proud pervert and NOT expecting a penis


Fight the good fight. I respect you for not falling for the unreasonable extremes.

Fame is fucking weird.
I mean, no-name losers are always asking people to watch them whack it.
But when you're famous, it's apparently a bad thing?
>>Muh powerful position
He's a fucking "comedian". He couldn't issue a nuclear strike or whatever.=
>>b-b-b-buh I might lose muh job if I say no!
Then get a better job than that of a runner, you vapid cunt.

Not defending him, by the way. Don't even like the guy. Just saying.
People are fucking pussies these days.


Think about it this way: if someone says yes because they feel backed into a corner; it's WRONG

>I've brought you here for one thing only ;)... would you like to see my pog collection?

>my sides
>flashback of chappelle love contract

It's the soap box conundrum.

The more a public a figure takes a stance on issue the more likely that person is they themselves guility of being the very thing that tgey are preaching against. A hypocrite. Ergo every hypocrite stands on the soapbox.

Look at Harvey Weinstein in the fucking pussy hat.

>he asked if he could jerk it in front of them

Awww, what a polite guy

>the implications

top kek, tho really it's not a laughing matter

Two claimed he blocked their path when they tried to leave and kept jerking.

fucking this.

Must be fun to be you, walking around constantly worried that some rando is going to rape or kill you.

This level of anxiety suggests maybe some medication would be appropriate for you. Also, you should wear a big sign around your neck that reads, “Do not attempt to engage me in one-on-one interaction as I’ll assume it’s a prelude to rape.”

if a "powerful" person did such a thing i would happily agree then whip my phone out and get some amazing pictures. they're literally begging me to blackmail them.

Are you small minded?

>the implications meme

implications is the new trendy word folks! Doesn't matter how or why you use it, doesn't even matter if you know what it means, just USE IT!

Remember when everybody used to say "random" remember when everyone used to say "epic" Remember when everyone said "cuck" and "ironic" and "literally" all the time incorrectly and for no reason? Well SAME THING! just say the new trendy word of the year all the time! JUMP ON BOARD!

why is sex such a traumatic thing to people, its just body fluids and rubbing of a body part. big whoop. we've conditioned our society to value this thing beyond belief.

Please kill yourself before your semi-retarded ideas spread any further.

It's Guts from Berserk

I dunno. I guess it's like if you got to visit Trump at the white house, but when you got there he just wanted to whack it in front of you. Whaddya gonna do?

That's kind of implied, if blacks or women had any power then they would be capable of racism/sexism

Kill 'em whores.

From what ive seen its most of his supporters biggest fantasy. If he asked them to give him a mustache ride with a Hitler cut they would oblige

>would fire you and nobody in that industry would ever hire you again
Are you literaly 12 years old?
Because that is an argument that 12 year old bring up.

It's absolutely unsound reason and you should be ashamed for even considering that route or argumentation.

If you are a guy, grow some balls.
If you are a woman you are excused ofcourse, your natural incapability speaks for itself.
If you are a kid then MODS