Oh America, how did you let it get to this?

Oh America, how did you let it get to this?

if there were a pay per view where they took SJWs like that, strung them up by their wrists, flayed open their guts, and slowly roasted them alive while they screamed at the sky......

.....i bet there would be a LOT of people paying to watch that...........

Why does this thread keep re-appearing? Is it some spammer faggot or some russia bot to divide the US?

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What a hateful, empty pathetic life she must have.

Oh russia, please stop making little kids shit post for you

Wow, America is a huge country with a wide range of people and political opinions. Color me fucking shocked, you absolute bot queer.

Russian spambots. Who else would waste their time posting this stupid shit?

how can you tell if it is a she

Not enough nerd beatings in school anymore.

I assumed her gender.

you are probably a white male



It was your fault to let cultural marxism and political correctness in. Your fault


I am. Straight too. Get a job you stupid hippie.



well it's just as stupid as someone believing that Jews are terrorists.



Sub human irony confirmed

>"I'm here for the job interview"

Patriots. Patriots who want fellow Americans to see what an absolute shithole of a nation we have become, and start making a stand by bettering ourselves. It all starts with testosterone, soyboy.

Comifornia and NY mostly.


i'm more worried about iq than ape fight hormones. post your iq and a list of your contributions to society.

The only states that matter.

any and all points of view will find adherents in a free and diverse society. how did you let yourself become emotionally invested in an agender bigot?

In terms of fucking up the US, correct.

Fun fact: California has the highest tax, by far, AND the most debt.

>"Did you get the job honey?"
>"Nah, damn libtards and chinks taking away all der gud jobs from us"

goddamn tumblr


You have Autisim my friend

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shit thread every fucking day. not even americunt. kys op

its an antifa

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Couldn't agree more. Also, we need to do something about the Jews and every scumbag subhuman whose trying to keep us down and spread their cultural disease among our kind and turning them into a disgrace. Hitler did nothing wrong, to a context situation of our country is similar to that of Germany back then, something needs to be done that was done back then and which worked out for them. And, am pretty sure that we won't do the mistakes they did and would get the job done right. To save our beautiful country from these vile cynical creatures, no mercy shall be shown towards them.

stone cold autism

America is a huge continent

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