I'm a 37 yo European male. I got a (very) well paid job two years ago, and it has changed me

I'm a 37 yo European male. I got a (very) well paid job two years ago, and it has changed me.

Sex is more of a must than a pleasure. Female attention is rather boring, and trying to impress others now makes me laugh. "Success" is just a word beta idiots use.

My days now consists of 8h enjoyable work, and when I get home to my big apartment I smoke some weed and relax in front of the tv. No kids. No annoying wife. I have lots of friends who I meet for fun a couple of times a month.

Am I the only one who doesn't spend my life chasing pussy and fame?

Nope in a similar situation here. Just also have extremely low maintenance gf

Kind of post someone who is about to become a 40 year old virgin in denial would make

Female attention is rather boring.. wtf do you mean by this.

More of a hassle than it's worth in the end.

Not really. But I am not prioritizing pussy. I believe if you are truly successful pussy comes to you.

Right now I have two goals
> Getting economically independent trough Fonds
> Getting really fit (Like pro athlete level).

Currently investing in fonds (I am educating myself right now so only got about 50$ a month to invest though)

I can lift about 100kg bench press. The only issue is I want to be more lean.

>if you are truly successful pussy comes to you.
Totally agree with you. But for some reason I've began to prefer daily weed over weekly sex.

>Female attention is rather boring

He would rather just fuck girls and have them leave. He will probably never experience true bond with a female mate. Sounds like he is ok with that.

Me I'm going to keep my woman around because I love getting blown all the time.

I read your ppst and I'm willing to bet that you either suck your own dick or you jerk in front of a mirror.

>lording it over others
>still on Sup Forums
You're probably hated by your employees

Don't get me wrong. I've been in multiple long term relationships living together.

But since I broke up with my last gf I've noticed the need for sex and attention is not that great aymore. I enjoy the security of money and doing what I want instead.

I get laid by some one new every weekend. Its my favorite thing still. I don't have to do much work. Just sit at a bar and wait.

No employees. Just a well paid job as a back end developer.

If that's what you enjoy then great. I can't see myself having much flare in life without the emotional rollercoaster of women

Never met a single person that got swol for personal health benefits. the motive is always related to acquiring more pussy or satisfying some ego complex.

>blown all the time
bulllll shiiiit


I very much enjoy the rollercoaster from vaping cannabis instead. :)

I can imagine that. Sometimes you just want to relax. I am not there yet but ever since I started with self improvement I have gotten a lot more pussy.
Give me that cash then because the only mirror I have is in my bathroom which I would not be able to see my dick in and in my living room which quite frankly all my neighbors would be able to see. I am not agile enough to suck my own dick either.

Tbh though I am trying to humble myself but it is hard when people in your class say things like "Of course he can play guitar aswel".

at some point you have kids or you lose life

but enjoy it for now

also at some point the backend gets standardized enough that code monkeys do it

ask a cgi dev from the 90s about lamp

There will always be a demand for shitty php in Drupal, so I'm good. I hope.

To be fair I started because I wanted pussy now days I get that so I stay because I like being healthy something a fat cuck like you would not understand.

I have all the 'material' trappings of life....but I still lust after my partner's honey snatch. Pity I'm impotent eh...............

nice chain logic.

Wtf is chain logic?