All women need to try the BBC at least once in their lifetimes

All women need to try the BBC at least once in their lifetimes.

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> talks about bbc
> Does not include a pic with a bbc

looks like she tried and was disappointed


bad shop

you mean the Base Ball Club? sure!

she's wondering how badly the steroids shrank his testicles

she know's her ABCs - average black cocks, perhaps it's a SBC OR MBC -
Small black cock/microscopic black cock

Funnily enough, all the roasties I've talked to who I know fucked black dudes said it wasn't great. Said they had no concept of rythem and basically just pounded until they came


The average black cock is almost two inches bigger than the average white cock.

Most white men simply can't sexually satisfy a woman

she's not even looking at him. Looks like she's looking at the ground behind him.

kys shill

>be me
> be faggot
> have black friend who always talks about how big his dick is.
>says it hits the water in the toilet when he takes a shit.
>get shitfaced drunk with him one day.
> stark making out. he gets his pants off
>plot twist he's got 4 inches hard.
BBC is just a meme dick size is just as random as every other race.

Just because you're a white guy who has a small dick doesn't mean we all do, no fuck off shilling somewhere else faggot

What else you want from a nigger?

She's wondering why somebody did such a shitty job of photoshopping her.

>Look at the hair

Don't forget your fake BBC before leave the thread, user

>this one anecdote proves all the data wrong
That's not how it works you dumb queer.


why don't you try it and then you can just tell them about it. Tell them about how you caught herpes, hpv, hiv, and full blown aids you gay cunt

I tell my wife this all the time but she likes men with jobs.

Basically said it wasn't worth it because all it did was make them sore and niggers being niggers didn't have the self awareness to bother to try and make them cum either.

Why the fuck can't you use correct measurements?

t. LDWBs

Remember ladies, don't go to your grave without knowing what BBC feels like. You might end up marrying a white boy for his money but you deserve to be sexually fulfilled in your youth. Enjoy BBC!

So you're basically admitting to being a beta provider?


After 20 something years I think it would be good for her.

>what is statistical evidence

Silly. Most women have tried BBC but you don't know about it yet.

Scientific study here

Average length(prolly flaccid) - 81.6+/-0.94mm

Thats fucking average nigger

Besides. I’ve got big house, nice cars, I don’t have to steal to have nice things. I’m not worried about her leaving.

He's a gay guy who gets off on humiliation. Its the lgbt people who are spamming this board 1000 times a day. Just dismiss the thread and stop replying.

You want that? checked

Good. I'm just trying to convince as many white girls to go black as possible. Just planting seeds...

Why would she leave? You're a good little cuck provider. She'll just fuck Jamal behind your back

How's those white birthrates going whitey?

Enjoy your race being exterminated by BBC lol

I'd imagine it feels like being penetrated by a phallus shaped object but with the experience of having the smell of shit and sweat fill their nostrils the whole time


You need more? checked

Some guy posts an image with some numbers on it, there for those numbers must accurately represent reality.

the whole point of these threads is to make guys with small/average dicks feel bad and to trigger racists. Anyone who believes the "data" posted in one of these is a bigger faggot than me.

Wtf, did he catch a squirrel?

so it's like 8cm?

Tried it. Didn't like it.

Niggers: So gross that they're disgusted by their own race

>>All whiteboi cucks need to try the BBC at least once in their lifetimes, like me, I really need it.
Fix'd that for ya, fucking nigger sucking faggot.
Because I mean, really, how can you sit there in mom's basement spewing that shit?

what is it with the Italians liking the dark meat? Deniro is another one, he always had a nigger bitch with him

Asia has 60% of the world’s population and a 4.3 inch average penis. For the global average to be 5.5, the other 40% of people would need to average a 7.3 inch penis. That’s an outlier value on this chart, and thus impossible. At least put effort into your bait pics.

Obvious shoop is obvious

his nipples are so pink

Makes me feel good knowing that those chicks who said im bigger then most black dudes they fucked are true.

I got a shit personality but size matters boys.

Because, my friend, a woman, regardless her color skin, wants a truly man at her side. A friend, a partner, a lover, a protector, a confident, a shelter an a supporter. A woman would do anything for it.

What's the deal break of the Nigger?: Muh dick, Muh BBC.

What's the deal break of the White?: Yeah, I have that, plus money, stability and POWER, real, undeniable and palpable POWER.

Don't blame Deniro, she probably give him everything he ask. He have power, real power, not a fairy tale as the BBC

Right is a penis pump for sure.

OH Yeah most porn that you see with huge cocks that look soft are penis pump, chances are they couldnt get hard if they wanted too, which they do.

Ditto. Scrawny little white dude here, but when you have a big dick, none of that matters. Glad the man upstairs got something right when putting me together.

Also, regardless of size, all niggers have shit stink down there which repulses all but fat white girls.

It's weird how that girl on the very bottom looks like a hot version of nicki minaj

Something tells me that nicki minaj just copies black girls that are way hotter than her

>hooton plan part 2

Probably, and some whites have even better versions at his side.

IDC, that’s my pass to have a side piece.

>I'm just trying to convince as many white girls to go black as possible

You're not going to accomplish that here, little Jew...

OP needs to try not being faggot at least once in his lifetime.

Another study

Fuck, the average stretched penile length is around 13 cm or around 5 inches

> muh big black coke
>average dick + additional 2 inches of inflated ego/insecurity

Im having a hard time believing that there is actually a 10% chance of getting killed dating a black guy

I know, but people still fucking respond to this shit, mods should close threads like this

No thanks

Yes black boi, I´ve tried too!

this has nothing to do with jewish people



go on


Hahahahah, you just BTFO'D OP hard.



You must be a salty whitey to waste your time doing these charts that nobody is gonna read

You welcome, my bro.

What dat is?

LOL, white cuckolds


denying it is expected

Fuck you, white boys





It must be so painful for you

>Fuck you, white boys
You're a white boy yourself. A sissy gay white boy who faps to black men and wishes he was the girl in these pictures. Trannies in a nutshell.

White sluts

>B-b-b-but muh bbc
>You're salty, not meeeeeee.

Stay mad, boy. Go back to your mother's womb and come back when you are ready to face reality.

Somebody is mad, guys :^). Lets make more fun of him

No white boys

her tits suck. get some silicone in there.

Fuck you

>>You're salty, not meeeeeee.





Black Lives Matter

Then why did you use a shoped picture, look at the hand smh

LOL, white slaves

I agree

even little virgin asian girls?

>trying to convince as many white girls to go black as possible
No convincing necessary. In a 97% white affluent area yet see white girls drive 30 miles to get at the black boys and they bring back mixed babies whom they dump on their mother to raise and head back looking for more black dick. Wish I was joking but its common