What's the first thing you think when you see this picture?

What's the first thing you think when you see this picture?


Hes tryin so hard, sweatin like a mofugga, posing n shit

And shes just like aww thats cute, at least you tried. Any minute now shes gonna ask "you done yet?"

Black guys love fat white chicks

"Why am I doing this again?"


More of this breeding sow.


Keep her.


She's counting on the cure for hiv being right around the corner.


You just some random guy, OP?

just a big fan of hers who knew her back in the day...

Oh really? Now that's interesting. I bet that makes it especially hot

You ever hook up with her?

yup, makes it VERY interesting :) Got a BJ from her once that's it...but it was with a few other guys...she blew me and 2 other guys while her BF at the time fucked her and let us watch.

first thing that comes to mind is how people willingly fuck 2/10s

my taxes increasing


> holy fuck this bitches pussy is so wet and tight im about to cum inside her

>I can feel his BBC get hard I hope he is about to cum in my fertile pussy

probs dis

so i can't tell is she prosto or just ho?

just born a ho...can't get enough...never says no, turns her on to please guys

Cool man, so now you're like obsessed with her? Do u go back and hit it, or you wanna go back?

yeah pretty much ha...would love to go back and would ANY time given the chance....


"Day-YUM!! Ase kins sees why udder nigguhs lubs de Whytes Wimmenz poosie! Muh dik!!"