I just finished the witcher 3 now i don't know what to do with my life i feel a like in a void

I just finished the witcher 3 now i don't know what to do with my life i feel a like in a void

Did you feel the same way with this game or others? How do you cope with that feeling anons?

Same thing happened when I finished STALKER.

>ITT: What I felt after completing Half-Life back in 1999... Also HL2 in 2004...

Since then, an empty void that can't be filled with any other games since. Tried 'em all...

feelsbad man it's like losing friends that are definitely gone after the generic finished

Mount and Blade is impossible to finish due to the complexity of it plus all those mods.

But do you get attached to the characters as much as games like the witcher or other RPGs ?

Not entirely.

You could go back on max difficulty. I'm going through on blood and broken bones and its been ok for the most part other than the tailor dirden fight.

Did you do the DLC's?

Read the books then!
Also, had this feeling when I finished Samurai Champloo

No not yet, the most important question for me is do you interact again with main characters (yen, ciri, triss depending on your past choices) in those DLCs or it's just good extra quest and stuff?

I truly know how you are feeling Now.
Did you Play the Dlcs especially Blood and wine is insane.

I am just playing it again and again. I guess its the best singleplayer game ever

Do you really recommend them to me it's not too different from the video game? I heard that the author despise the game?

Played the DLC's?

If you played the Witcher series, 1 thry 3, you've played the best rpg, all things considered. I'm old, been playing awhile, and it is the best. That being said, depending on if you can take the graphics, Morrowind is great. The first Mass Effect was great.Planescape Torment is great and you can get it on Steam with some enhancements to make it easier to play.

It's a little bit comforting to know that i am not the only one feeling that, same question as above, do you interact again with main characters in blood and wine or it's only extra quests?

not yet but do you still interact with main characters?

i played the 3 witcher games yes... Morrowind i didn't played it..

I heard about planetscape, i finished baldur's gate 2 and people recommended it to me afterward. Maybe I should give it a try

i finished that game long as time ago and i think it is a really good game. I did every single quest possible. but i don't see why would i play it again and again.

heart of stone gives you a magnificent, albeit (relatively) small story about audacity, regret and destiny.
Blood and wine tho is a whole different story.
It feels like a seperate game entirely, where you get carried into a colorful and royale version of france, where chivalry, betrayal and mysticism will entangle you in a wondefully construe story that serves as a perfect epilogue to the main-game, allowing Geralt to find the peace he did seek so long for.

Morrowing Game of the Year can also be had on Steam.

Planescape is like the Bauldus gate you've played in the style of play. The characters are great, especially Mort.

Mass Effect 1 is a good stroy.
For me, game have to have a good story to be great. They also have to have good quest lines, and a way to build up the character over time.

That's nice to hear i will buy it for sure!

Felt this way after every Uncharted or Bioshock game.

in blood and wine you will depending on your sex choice and ending

The books are even better than games

Yes he did, but it has nothing to do with the quality of books. Atmosphere is even better, idk how they are translated, but in polish they are easy as fuck to read and you finish one in few days.

Then thank you i will read them as well

The solution is to stop playing video games as substitutes for movies and books. Go play blood-borne or Dark Souls 3 and then after you beat it go back and beat it at a lower level and then go back and beat it at an even lower level and then go back and beat it with zero deaths taken and then go back and speedrun it at zero deaths taken and then beat it at SL1 and then speed run at SL1 and then do a zero hit and then do a zero hit at SL1

God damn fucking normies

Play ASS Creed origins, its pretty good

That sounds completely unenjoyable.

Youre basically just doing data entry at that point.

I can see why people would like the challenge, but I have to agree.
Speed-running is certainly nothing for me.

I guess this feeling is the mark of an incredible universe created by someone.

It make you feel so attached to the characters, you had the feeling you lived their adventure with them, so when it's over you are just like... Ok, now what?

But i definitely prefer that it finishes that way rather than a bad ending that ruins the whole thing

Bioshock 1 is great game- story s fantastic. Has one of the best reveals in gaming.

Uncharted is good series, not really rpg. PS only.

Knights of the old Republic is also a great game. One of the first your decisions had an impact on the way you played, (light or dark). Also one of the best stories, reveals in gaming.

Great games are like novels, have to have good story that involves you. Like "playing" a story through.

Like some other fag mentioned, play Mount and Blade warband. After you get a hang of the game there's a mod for almost anything, star wars, warhammer etc but I recommend a mod called A New Dawn, got almost 300 hours on ONE character and I'm not close to done.

welp, games that I personally liked for their story:
mass effect 1-3
Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind
Elex (Along with Goth 2 & 3 / Risen 1)
Pillars of Eternity
Divinity: Original Sin 1&2
Dragon Age Origins
GTA SA / VC / 4 & 5

Guild Wars 2

Fuck, how could I forgot
Knights of the Old Republic 1&2, as well as the Star Wars MMO (albeit I put it down after finishing the character-story)

Diablo 3 is the greatest game and it never gets old

Witcher 3 is actually a masterpiece, absolutely wonderful. I think I cried like twice playing through it. The DLCs are also amazing and we have CD project red to thank for it. A lot of people give credits to other games some of which deserve it but I don't believe Witcher 3 is appreciated as much as it should be. The Last of Us is also amazing, Dishonored, and also Skyrim.

Yeah. Same. I've played through the game 3 times and I'm always left with that feeling. After the 3rd time I started reading the books. Which helped for a time, but it came back. Was the same with LOTR, certain anime series things like that.

The Gothic and Risen games are good, entertaining.

The Dragon Age series does get you involved a great deal in the characters, much like Witcher series.

There's also a flock of older games that are remarkably good. For example the Bioshocks, the Half lifes, Portal 1 and 2. The original Doom, Blood, Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Starcraft, Warcraft, Bloodborne, Dark Souls. So many good games, but for me Witcher 3 remains unmatched.

I've played Witcher 3 through on three different occasions this includes the DLCs. I got different endings and went with different builds and different armor. Afterwards I went and played the previous Witcher games. The first one was decent but had far too many issue and had obviously poor graphics. The second Witcher game really stepped it up, was able to take advantage of the incredible universe in the Witcher. I also bought all the books on Itunes, and they are even more immersive. Witcher universe is truly amazing, Andrei Zapkowski shit over George RR Martin