Please comment if you like rice or don't like rice

Please comment if you like rice or don't like rice

Yep, that's me!

I like rice

What kinda cunt doesn't like rice?
I like wholemeal rice... it's got a bit more bite to it and it's healthier.

I like rice.

I like rice

I like rice. Eat it almost every day.

Basmati all the way. Seriously, it'll ruin all other rice for you.

I dont like rice

Oh my fucking god. I only discovered basmati rice last month and I've been eating it morning, noon and night. I feel like I've just been let in on some gastronomic secret.


How the fuck did you only just discover basmati...

I don't like rice but eat it often because it is easy to prepare

I knew about it but always wandered past it in the shop. Thought it was some crazy shizzle that took 2 hours to cook and only went in things that I can't make.

The same way he only just discovered that girls are interested in him.

Oh wait, they're not.

i kike rice

Rice is the best

Rice is Nice


dat rhyming #onpoint you should become a poet like Sylvia Plath and kill yourself in an oven

i loving :3

I like rice

Eat it every day

> " Please comment if you like rice or don't like rice " ;

Well, despite the fact that your question effectively precludes my answer, I am nevertheless compelled to assert that:

..... I neither like, nor dislike :


..... strewth dude, I am WAY beyond
"... marginally indifferent to it... " ;

..... truth is : I couldn't give a monkey's about it one way or the other:

it's just subsistence level shite for gooks, geigo's, wogs and faggots to get by on.

..... no offence intended to gooks, or wogs, or namby-pamby faggots that think it is somehow:

"... all inclusive ..." ; or; "... indiscriminatory ..." ;

to consider the festering, athlete's-foot - trodden, paddy-field shite, to be in any way acceptable as an " edible produce" within any modern cultural society, beyond your typical Neanderthal troglodytes.

to paraphrase you "because asains eat it"

Yeah I eat rice. Sometimes for breakfast or a side dish for dinner. Can't really go wrong with it.

"... geigo's ..." ;

. . . . . profuse apologies :

I am given to understand that, for some bizarre reason, they prefer to be referred to as "... Diego's ..." .

it's ok

Only... ok.... please go

my dick is over 2 inches so no, I don't eat rice

Proof or it didn't happen

Love it. Especially with a nice, sweet Tikka Masala.
Or Katsu if I'm feeling nippy.

Pics for proof

I love rice in every way possible: steamed, fried, boiled, paella, mexican, soup... you name it!

>inb4 asian
(I'm no asian)

I like rice, especially Toyotas


that aint rice bruh

Miss me with that shit