What do women think about as they are getting fucked ?

what do women think about as they are getting fucked ?

They think oooh aaah oooh oooh oooooh ah

>How do I turn this mutually pleasant thing into money for myself?

my 2D husbando

Sure I use the vibrator to get me off and make my boyfriend feel like he's not doing enough; but nothing beats a good pounding from a real cock. Just don't tell my lover because then he will think I'm a slut.

Well I'm a man and I think about work, video games and hamburgers, if I'm hungry.

I'm guessing females are not different.

Male negro detected

Head is spinning, too distracted by the sensation.
Tried getting some answers out of women while fucking em, to test how far I can go.
They kept trying and trying to say something, even started stuttering and taking thought breaks, and only started to think and speak clearly when I stopped.
Not saying I'm a pussy destroyer or shit like that, my dick ain't even that big.
It's just surprising how damn sensitive women are, at least most of em.

But similar stuff happened to me sometimes as well.
So I guess the answer is "barely anything, blood goes from brain to genitals" for both genders.

Well, your gf thinks about me, user. Sorry.

your best friend

if youre any good, they dont think.

>taxation is theft

This is basically the TL;DR edition of my post,

Who gives a shit?

>please stop

Ceiling needs painting.

what to make for dinner

>hurry up and finish you fat fucking slob i cant wait until you die
>imagines getting fucked by the gardner/pool guy or hot celebrity

try taking it in the ass and you'll know

They can solely think of the act itself, guys have to imagine.

Those from pictures IMHO how they spend money they got from it.


Enjoy 8th grade geography today, kid.

Lold hard

He's right you know....

Jet fuel can't melt steel beams.

what a dirty girl I am


Anyone got the link to the full video?

Are there actually any femanon answering? Or just from virgins?

It decreases the amount of weight they can carry dumbfuck. Adults argue about who was in the airplane if there was any.


I'm cracker as they get.

Women want sex just as much as men but society has branded a promiscuous woman as a slut.
Secondly, women have come to realize they have a valuable commodity. All they have to do is make it available in limited amounts to get the price they want.
So slut shaming isn't just men being idiots but women trying to keep their product valuable.
Prostitution is illegal in places because of slut shaming and the fact that it brings the commodity to the most basic of levels.

So if the world were fair.
Fat chicks would be paid less for their body then nubile and fit 19 year olds. This is as it should be.
But I can pay $200 for a full service from a fit 19 year old. So that over weight, older woman should only be worth half that.


I think about those beans

What do you think, user?

Tits or gtfo

bing bang walla walla bing bang.

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