Truly entertained the idea of suicide for the first time

Truly entertained the idea of suicide for the first time.

ive been planning suicide for years but im too much of a pussy to finally do it

amazing. do you experience other feelings that every single person does?

planning? What are you having trouble with? What is so hard about a fucking one step process?

Too bad you pussied out.

I've entertained the idea before. I just think that its pointless to waste your life since it ends anyway, so why not just live it you'll still die in the end.

Implying that every single person is suicidal. Ok pal.

>What are you having trouble with?
Probably the killing yourself part if I had to guess.

dont do it ...its a permanent answer to a temporary problem. which will never give you anything. just simply takes it

To be fair, it might require a bit of planning
If you don't give a shit about anything,you can just jump off a bridge or something
But if you don't want those around you to know you've committed suicide,for example, you need quite a bit of planning
And even jumping off of something does require you to find a high enough place,a plan on how to climb it, the courage or carelessness to do it.

ok pal those thoughts are experienced by everyone even if it is for a moment it still happens to all. you fucking faggot retarded idiot piece of shit.

We all did at some point
Your decisions is what matters most though.
I mean,I contemplate suicide on a daily basis,but only out of boredom, and it can be quite an entertaining subject to think about.
Like the repercussions it would have on those that care about you,how you'd do it and how long it'd take until someone would find you,why you'd do it, what might have pushed you over the edge and so on.
If you're not a pussy, you can analyse your fictional suicide quite easily without going into a "depression"

It gives relief from suffering. Suffering that can be immense.

do things that you like, take some time off from stressfull things in your life, and EXCERCISE! You got this user and you are not alone

>I contemplate suicide on a daily basis,but only out of boredom

Yeah I used to be like that. But today was the first time I crossed into territory where I thought it might actually be a good idea.

it's testosterone that causes violence. This is why nigs and darker skins are more violent. They have more test. It's not a bad thing but can be used wrongly for repressed individuals with a cause.

also, I am more than depressed. I am hopeless because my cock is basically just ugly and I hate looking at it so I hate myself and others who have an ideal penis that curves up all nice. If I can't figure out how to transform my dick I'm offing myself before I'm 40. I am almost in my mid 20's

meant to send this to you

The only reasons I haven't is because of my family and the few friends I have.

Also the hope that things will get better.

Also every now and then usually when I'm alone on a Saturday hungover playing a video game or watching a movie I feel happy or at least something that isn't just pure shit.

Tried it. Scared the shit out of me. I could have fucking died.

Congratulations, welcome to the club! Now, every day you remain alive, it's by choice. You've chosen to keep doing this thing. You may not always believe it was the better choice, but it's the only way to see if things will get better.