Lil "let me get another hit" Peep

Lil "let me get another hit" Peep

Lil "let me take a longer sleep" Peep

dude its 2hu

Lil "that pic is stitches n yall are bitches" peep

Lil "Will never get do drive a jeep" peep

Lil "slip em a xanny and he's bangin a tranny" Peep

Lil "made my muma weep" peep

Lil "perma sleep" peep

lil “marshmallow” peep


That's Lil Pump, mate.

Fuck off nig-nog that's big sean

>anarchy symbol in the face
wow so much edge

Lil 'his music wasn't that deep' perp'
lil 'face tats caus rep the street' fleerp
lil 'w i g g e r o l o g y' streak

"LIL" is industry jargon for lgbqtpqwertuvwxyz.

Fill me in on this peep guy.

what's he taking there?

he was pretty gool guy and doesnt afraid of anybody

its the fantastic four one dumbass

the lds?

Some variety of dead nigger, I believe.

lil "i wanna be in the screen cap" peep