Alright Sup Forums i snooped around on my girls phone and caught her sexting another guy

Alright Sup Forums i snooped around on my girls phone and caught her sexting another guy
I confronted her
She said she doesnt feel guilty because nothing has happened between them
Am i overreacting
Or is she in the wrong

you are getting cucked.

either dump the bitch now or embrace your new life as a cucked faggot.

No you're not overreacting. Your girlfriend is a slutty cunt who will cheat on you with that guy. The fact that she doesn't feel guilty proves she gives no fucks about how you think.

She's using a defense mechanism that kids use to justify what they did instead of owning her mistake. She sounds pretty fucking lame and immature, dump her

She wants to fuck someone else. Means that she might. Just because nothing has happened yet doesn't mean it won't. I'd jump ship if I were you.

Women who think they can do whatever they want as long as a penis isn't in their vagina piss me off royale.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Abandon ship.

Op here she also said she liked the attention

Keep her around for ass and cheat on her to get revenge, but first post nudes

So many red flags...

I honestly dont know what to do
I really dont want to throw away 2 years of effort plus we just moved into a place i have no chance of paying on my own

>I like the attention
This isn't the first time, you just caught her this once.

How long have you been together? This is an actual defined relationship, as boyfriend and girlfriend, correct?

That's still cheating.
Either dump her immediately, or admit you're a cuck.

You'll have to move buddy

Yea 2 years and some change

Op don't but into her bullshit, if she doesn't admit she's wrong than she ain't worth keeping. She will like you more of you stand your ground, enough of her shit you are in control now.

Start sending dick pics to all her friends

Thats the thing tho when i confromted her her words were "it was just her being stupid"
She didnt even apologize until i mentioned she didnt seem the least bit remorseful

Do you know if she knows this guy in real life? You could MAYBE justify this behavior if the dude is on the other side of the country amd they've never met.

They fucking work together

uh yeah, she hasn't apologized when she should. in other words, she's seeing how far she can go with this. it's very simple, you let her get away with this, and she'll either:
A) stay with you, but treat you like shit
B) leave you very shortly

these are the kinda girls you don't want to be with. they attribute sexual attraction with value. at the moment you have no value, so she's not interested. threatening to leave, or just leaving her, will increase your self-respect and dignity, thus increasing your market value.

It's a decision that will define who you are as a man, all men want respect but only few demand it. You are worth respect

I told her before she went to work to cut contact with him outside if work i know her schedule where she works how long it takes to get home and if she speaks to him again her were done

She’s a cunt for doing that and you’re a pathetic piece of shit for snooping through her phone.

/bears teeth and inhales through them
/makes distressing noise
Ouch. That is not cool, OP. I don't want to alarm you, but it sounds like your relationship is heading nowhere but downhill.

it doesnt matter where the other guy is . over time she WILL find somebody that will want to meet her and she will agree to it . the fact that they work together is basically the biggest red flag i have ever seen.

>if she speaks to him again her were done
did you tell her that? it's very important you make sure she knows that.

This is true but if i hadnt id still be in the dark about it

I made it extremely clear to her the last thing i wanna be is a fucking cuck

Ask her if it's cool to send dick pics to one of your coworkers, and get nudes back. She probably wouldn't want that, which makes her a hypocrite. If she is cool with that, it's a sign that she is detaching from the relationship.

The end is neigh
Show that girl you arent afraid to walk through that door and never look back
Protip > fuck sluts

snooping in the private life of women and children is justifiable they both act irresponsible and need somebody to keep them in check.



I speak out of experience. She will say she will never do again. But once she did it she already has broke the line and doesn't respect your borders anymore. I already experienced it active and passive. Trust me.

ABANDON SHIP ABANDON SHIP! Before you catch them in your bed.

in other words, you danced around it by saying it indirectly. this is why she's toying with you, man.

How does that justify it?

You fucking buttplug

kill that hoe

shes obviously in the wrong retard
the stupid roastie whore brainwashed you

No i told her straight out she talks to him again were done plain and simple

I don't necessarily disagree with you. I was just trying to establish if this was something akin to Chaturbate, a mutual nude exchange between strangers. This is instead a situation with no argument. It's bad. Really bad.

Don't be a pussy, OP. If you let this slide she will cheat on you and it will hurt far more when you catch her doing that. Dump her ass NOW.

fucking beta you need to yell at her and terrify her with your voice. they she will be reminded of her place. grab her shoulders and shake her. shes doing completely ILLEGAL stuff in the relationship world. lay down the law

Go for one more smash. Take pics. Post them here than...

Dump her and find someone new. Make sure to fuck her a last time really dirty (in ass or mouthfuck etc).

Bah, you're fine for checking her phone. I look at my girl's phone every once in a while. I don't dig very deep; just a quick glance for anything out of the ordinary. I sometimes leave my phone on the couch when I go to the bathroom, so she has an opportunity to look through mine if she wants to. I have nothing to hide.

Our conversation is far from over i just need to approach this the right way

Hypothetically you suffocate her shortly after with a pillow and because of the bruising on her neck the cops will think she was strangled to death plus the guy who gave her said bruises is black while you are sipping pina colatas on a beach somewhere bangning chicks 10 times hotter then this slut.

Do you consider yourself a weak man? Because acceptance of this type of shit makes you a weak man. Not trying to offend, dude. But she will keep doing this. Doesn't matter if she said it was her "being stupid". Move out, or start looking to move out, even if it's back home. Just get the fuck out.


Dump that cunt, you’re definitely not overreacting. Why would she sext him if she didn’t want ‘something to happen between them’? Dump her slut ass

it would still be a massive breach of trust especially since it was secret.

personally i set the border at camming/sexting
without the partners knowledge. watching porn is completely fine even behind your partners back but everything more should be discussed with your partner .

>never fucking come here again.

okay, that's good. now the question is do you continue snooping to see if she's stopped (which makes you an asshole), or do you ride it out (which makes you oblivious to her messages)? if you have a hard time deciding between the two, then it's obvious that the relationship needs to end. you cannot trust her anymore, and most would agree that that's justified by her actions.

She's fucking him

Don’t try to work this out, leave her. She deserves it

This guy knows whats up OP

If she isnt already, she will be soon

Maybe she'll you a break on the rent if you serve as a fluffer for all the guys she fucks.

I plan to keep snooping idgaf if its a dick move
She lost my trust

If you care so much about what she does... Then what are YOU doing on Sup Forums? Kys hypocrite

EZ solution. Leave her or keep being cucked.

No chance so far im on tip of her schedule

Ever use Chaturbate? Is that cheating? Some people say it is, others don't. Depends on what you agree to with your partner. Mine and I agree that going to a strip club is not cheating. Touching the strippers is though.

I knew this guy in college who wouldn't look at porn because he felt it was cheating. That was retarded, but just another thing to mention.

It still counts as cheating, you need to dump her.
>We didn't touch bits so it's fine
Is about as good as saying "You're disposable, OP"

The whole point of monogamy is to be a voluntary show of loyalty. No one magically stops being attracted to other people, they refrain deliberately. If she's willing to act out like this and sees nothing wrong with that, it shows she doesn't value the relationship - or you, really.

Get out now.

the guy sits in a cell on death row, thats if you live in a death penalty state.

She won't believe you. Because you didn't say "Simon says."

Trying to get some input from the biggest assholes on the web thats what

>They're 100 percent fucking.
>Be a man and dump her now.
>You're a fucking joke to her.
>This isn't the first time.
>Won't be the last.

> nothing has happened

it obv has happend something, as you said theres proof on her phone


Agreed. Set boundaries with your partner so there is no confusion.

You're a Idiot for not dumping her. But this reaction have many people in relationship. Anyway you will get hurt. Once only light cheating there is no way back.

I said i caught her sexting but from what i can tell in the messages they havnt done anything im trying to nip this in the bud rn before it escalates

She's fucking him at work, dumbshit.

Listen, that is the BIGGEST RED FLAG on Earth you can receive, unless you found them fucking in your own bed.

Dump her asap and move on. You can even being send to the stepfatherzone if you remain with her.

> inb4 in 2 weeks a thread
> "I found my gf getting fucked by 3 niggers"

Dump the bitch, you're not wrong, she's clearly not trustworthy and likely a whore.

What don't you like about what I wrote?

What has she done that have not yet discovered? Cut your losses short fam.

The fact that you haven't left her tells a lot about you Sup Forumsrother. Grow a set and move on, she obviously isn't the one.

let me reiterate ... SHE WORKS WITH HIM ....
she has daily opportunity to cuck you...
you are NOT on top of her scedule...

>"gonna snoop"
>God she must be wayyyy more attractive than you.
>o.p seek help.
>bitch is fucking.

She's looking for something new and exciting. Dump her, then dump her nudes and name.

It shows he wants fuck her. And she is open to it. Just wants him to try better.


Oh shit. In that case OP she's already fucked him. You really need to get out right now. Have some self respect.

Slam some beers, get fuckin mad, make her feel like the piece of trash she is. Go do some fuckin drunk donuts blasting your fav jams and forget about that stupid bitch.
Been in the same situation and I didn't hesitate to drop the bitch off immediately.

Youtuber Shay Carl was caught sexing with an MFC camwhore and the entire internet accused him of cheating.

Sounds like a cheating cunt to me, about the same as the one that secret me and cheated on her boyfriend. Kick her ass out of your life, or learn to like being a cuck

Seconding that you need to dump her. Letting that happen just makes you look like a little bitch in her eyes, never gonna recover from that.

The fact he saw it just makes them be much more secret. Unless he has 24 HR observation they will find a way to secretly fuck

You need to start thinking about a different living situation. Your relationship is in danger right now. Cohabitation with an ex is pure hell. If things go bad, you need a plan of action. Start looking at apartments you can afford on your own, or consider moving back in with family. Mentally prepare your alternatives.

You can't control who she sucks off. Either she wants to be with you, or not. In your case, she's using you while seeking someone else. No way this works out for you. Get out now. She either already has swallowed her co-worker's cum or is just about to. Keep thinking of her gobbling his cock if you're having trouble leaving

/bears teeth and inhales through them
/makes distressing noise

>Seriously. Worst type of cringe shit.
>Stop doing that.

yep and the bitch will be even more eager knowing its forbidden and has to be secret.
bitches love forbidden secrets.

Fuck. Sorry to hear that, OP. I feel for you.

> tldr; everybody tells OP to dump her
> OP wants to become cuck

This happened to me once, I couldn't tell her I was trolling/catfishing people on a sex site to get free pizza. I told her I liked the attention, it was actually just popular on /b back then. You sure it isnt for the lulz?