Girlfriend of 1 year says I can fuck an Asian girl on my holiday to Hong Kong, is this a trap Sup Forums?

Girlfriend of 1 year says I can fuck an Asian girl on my holiday to Hong Kong, is this a trap Sup Forums?

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Yes. Do it, but tell her you didn't.

That's some scoliosis here.


>doesn't realize she's gonna fuck another dude while you're out
No it's not a trap, go for it.

yes, either she was testing you on your response or she wants to fuck another guy

start shopping

she's about to fuck some dude and she's gonna make it as an excuse because she wanted it for some time now.

a you probably both know him

It just means she wants to fuck someone else... She did a good manipulation by telling you that you can do it. On that way she implicates she is allowed too. tldr; she wants cuck you

or she has already and shes leading you to cheat so she doesnt feel guilty

you fuckin some malaysian ho in wanchai? cuz hk bitches will ask you on the first date how much money you make, and will kiss you maybe on the fourth date, at your apartment, if you own it. you want casual pussy in hong kong, find some white schoolteacher in lan kwai fong, she'll let you do it missionary style.

It's really hard to tell. Traps these days, especially Asian ones, can be pretty passable sometimes.

Yes. Or she wants to leave him. There are just those 3 reasons for allowing fucking others in relationship. Either desire, guilt or indifference

Yes, it's a trap

She is going to fuck other guys while you're gone

You wouldn't be able to get laid there anyway

malaysians in wan chai? newfag... hahaha
they only care about how much they can make of you in on that night...

Oh look, it's Harriet Sugarcookie.

He's not talking about traps you idiot. He is asking if that is a trap. smh

yes, that's what i meant. if you want a prostitute, easy to fuck. if you want a hong kong girl, they're prudier than a white schoolteacher. sorry to have to spell that out for you.

How much is it to fuck one of these whores? I know it says $300 hkd but how much to actually fuck them?

>I know it says $300 hkd but how much to actually fuck them?
$300 HKD


>is this a trap Sup Forums?
i dont know, check if it has a dick

do it

> great call mate. Can't stand chinks faces but she has an incredible body

Fuck, that sucks man...

yes. it's a trap.

This is my hobby

She wants to kill you OP. She has clearly killed your family or wants to for a long time.

Kill her and her family first you faggot!!!

Proud of you

I may also be fucking autistic too, sorry

you can tell him that it is the love of your life, and that he will never betray him, and fuck you like a nice Thai ass

Don't apologize for following your dreams, user! Even when your dreams are stupid

Thank you

Yes. It means she wants to fuck some other guy on Holiday.

Femanon here

Any girl who says that wants to fuck another guy.

fuck a guy instead and see how she responds

Don't be stupid OP

if she says that it means one thing and one thing only, she expects you to return the favor by letting her cuck you with some other guy.

its basically her way of saying "you dont satisfy me but i dont want to hurt your beta feelings ya so you have one chance and one chance only of staying with me by turning this into a open relationship"

Seriously, women just dont let you fuck other women without letting them also fuck other men while you are in hong kong.

its also possible that she knows for a fact that she will cheat on you while you are in hong kong, so as a guilt trip she will let you fuck a asian while in hong kong to make it even.