Be me

>be me
>24yo femanon
>meet guy off tinder
>he's super cute
>go to his place
>he's fucking me
>decide to try talking dirty
>"your dick is so big, i feel like a little girl getting raped"
>he pulled out and asked me to leave

tits or gtfo


I would have at least finished before kicking you out

Tits or gtfo

last time i posted tits people were rude

bitch you must be lost


they said i was the most flat chested fat girl they'd ever seen

Same fag pasta shut your faggot whore mouth up OP. Your the reason Sup Forums is shit. Sage

Sad. I'd have kept raping you, femanon. I'd have told you to give me that sweet little girl pussy. ;)

Maybe you should reconsider your life, and stop coming here. Its obviously left a mental impression on you, that you projected unto a normie. He was disgusted and decided you were insane.

tranny gtfo

ew those are the absolute worst.

When you become a 4chin autist


That being said, flat is justice. Will fuck.

flat is good I like em flat

now I need to see, post pics

Tits or gtfo

tits or gtfo

this sounds like what a guy would write if he were trying to be an autistic girl

We get tranny posters daily
Show your pussy instead then

maybe she's just an autistic girl

>"your dick is so big, i feel like a little girl getting raped"
I was eating and literaly stopped chewing when I read that.

I visit Sup Forums since 06 and I am far from normie, but still I get massively turned off by girls trying to "talk dirty" like this.

This is fucking stupid, would've told you to leave aswell.

Fuck off, neckbeard.

>Be me, betafag.
>Score qt3.14 at friend's bday party.
>She takes me to her house.
>I need something very specific from you to cum user.
>Out comes the dragon strapon.
>You fuck me in the ass with this till I pass out from cumming then you can do whatever you want.
>Strap up and prepare to obliterate.
>One more thing user, make me cry.
>I tried everything I could think of to make her cry, even a wooden spoon on the ass.
>If she couldn't cry, she couldn't cum.
>Finally called her my little girl, she cried daddy please stop.
>She kicked me out, I barely got my clothes.
>You tell me what happened.

Tits have been sourced out by men already.
Pussy is the only unaqcuirable thing women have left.

Show us some pussy.

Tits or.... (you know the drill) ..

what is a good sexy line i can use


>be me
>read every other day about femanon getting her freak on with qt and being dropped
>tfw not laid in 2 years
there is nothing inside me that resonates with what you feel as anguish.

>i want to sit on your face
try that one

You don't fucking pick em like this beforehand.
Can't you just act according to the mood of the situation without ruining everything with these planed out imaginations?

Maybe it's just me and my tendency not to stick my dick on someone absolutely dead and unoriginal, albeit sometimes I joke about it.

sex is overrated

i still dont have a qt bf

2 years?! Jesus user.

try 19 years

he was probably worried about going to jail for sexual assault. 30 years from now...

will it be 20 on your next birthday?


You're losing our attention, start to show pics or your threads are doomed.

nigga i don't get laid a lot, but at minimum once a year.

That's a fail so hard...that might be a win Sup Forumsro

1. Stop larping for reactions retard
2. On the very miniscule chance you are a female, this isnt /soc/. Fuck off back to /soc/

>ahh, damn it, user, you make me feel so... full!
Look, written this shit sounds autistic, but when phrased correctly, it sounds hot. Compliment a guy in the sense of "less is more", like just emphasizing "god, you're so hard", try describing how you feel with euphemisms, or challenge him a bit while not hurting is ego, like "you're good, user, but I doubt that's all you've got" in a charming, playful tone.

The sexy thing about sex is "I like how my/your penis is in your/my vagina, gosh!", it's about embracing the moment, and playing with the psychological switches that tickle on the sex drive, like challenge, compassion, mystery and charmeful boldness.

i work 3 shift job and barely have any time to do social stuff so yeah. getting paid is more important atm then having sex i guess.

Also, the best sex is sex you have with someone you love, period.
No matter how much of a sex goddess you're trying to be, just "be yourself", and that means to get out there who you are, without being worried about trying to fit in.
I'm 21 now, I've been a virgin till recently, now I've got a gf who's the perfect match for me, like key to keyhole, who had 2 guys before me and yet she asked me several times if I'm not a liar about it being my first time, because it's the first time she ever enjoyed sex.

You morons treat sex like a replacement for masturbation. You see your sex drive like an inherent need that needs to be fulfilled like hunger, or the need to take a piss. It's not, you're perverting something that should only be the cream on top of a good relationship into something your life revolves around.
You think good sex -> good relationship partner
This is why nowadays everybody fucks around and nobody ever sticks together for longer than a year.
It's the other way around.
Good relationship -> good sex
If you love your partner, you stop caring about breast/dick size or skill in bed or physique, because the only thing you care about is how you can be as close as possible in any and every way you can, in which sex is merely the bodily way to express your affection and how much you want to make your partner happy.

You're a slut, OP. not because of your amount of partners, because of your attitude towards sex.
And no, sluts aren't the stacies who are sexier than you, they're actually superior to you.
Let me tell you, out of a man's experience, literally every slut has a _low_ self-esteem and just give in to guys dropping the message of "your personality sucks. Sex is all you're good for."

>gonna get dumped hard real soon, the post

Dude in a good relationship here, with good sex just here to say this user has no fuckin' idea what he's on about. Stop pretending to be superior, you sound like a douche. Let me tell you, out of a man's experience, sex is fun and the emotional part is entirely optional, go out and fuck whoever you want (as long as it's legal, you fucking degenerates)

u know the rule biatch, tits or gtfo.

well, there's passionate sex and hardcore sex, you can't passionate fuck a slut but you can fuck your gf real hard and also be passionate so i guess that's it

Not certain he was a "Normie" as others hered say. Maybe, Just maybe he didn't trust you enough. Personally, I had several girls try things like that with me and more than once it came back to bit me in the ass - like "a proof" that I'm a maniac/rapist/whateves, because according to the SJW circles I'm in, if a woman has fantasies like that she's a victim and can't be blamed, if a guy has them is a potential rapist and must be shamed.


Let's see them. I don't even care if they're small.

you should have been nicer the last time


also sage goes in all fields


op here... fine, i'll post tits, but only if someone rolls trips first.

you arent op

fine, guess you won't get to see my tits then. i'm fine with that.

i would have been turned on if you said that to me






Does dubz get anything?

He's not a real man if that didn't turn him on further





trips pls


roll for tits

what about double dubs op?

When you say "his place", do you mean the bins behind Maccy D's?


>they're rolling to see the tits of a girl they haven't even seen the face of who said herself that her tits aren't great

Roll for tits

U got a problem with that buster?

Tits are tits. And I wanna see just how bad They are


nah, but just a heads up, op probably left this thread an hour ago, even if you get trips you aren't going to get tits.

Nigger we love tits nigger so fuck off nigger msnajzhxbsjajabshsjdhd nigger

that was one time

>and isn't even a girl.

Sup Forums in a nutshell

No I'm still here waiting for trips




Sorry but hearing that would get me diamonds and encourage me to go harder



so youre willing to post them

Yes but that was my personal high point of your tinder dating odyssey.

nope, that was a fucking failure to begin with. putting the dick in crazy like that

Trips for nips