Need your help

Need your help.

So my girl has always been super sweet for the most part, but when I mention other guys etc she goes berserk at me, gets defensive and in to a mood which she'll instigate as my fault.
Long story slightly less long, I went through her phone and on her Instagram there a tonne of guys in her direct messages. Thing is they mention finding her from Tinder and matching in some cases but she doesn't even have the app on her phone.

There are some guys who said I don't wana bother you and she's replied " You're not bothering me " " What"
She's even given her number and Snapchat to some who have asked which is a huge red flag, because there's zero paper trail with Snap that's literally what it was designed for.

She's been honest about guys reaching out to her she's like mentioned that, but spared the details and now I don't know if that was just a way to divert any suspicion.
Been together almost 2 years and I'm not sure what to think, is she cheating on me or am I being irrational? What do I do if she is.

Dude she's totally cheating on you. Dump her and get tested bro

She's cheating on you it's pretty obvious I feel like I shouldn't have to explain why. Even you know she's cheating on you which is why you made this thread. Emotionally distance yourself from her and find other girls.

No doubt at all she's cheating.
Post her nudes.
Get tested.

Second the rec to get tested.

haha i hope this is a joke. but based off of that photo and not the wall of text (which I read), she's fucking other guys behind your back. It's that unnecessary glare/brow-beating thing she's got going on that shows shes a cheater. I;ll bet she gets super upset and jealous when you're gone for a few hours with friends, huh?

You asked because you already know the answer. She's cheating. Dump that slut.

>Goes apeshit and pushes you back whenever you talk to her
>It's your fault for 'disturbing her peace of mind'
>Random dudes literally tell her they got matched on Tinder
>She encourages random dudes to make advances on her even when they can't think of anything better than "I am sorry to bother you"

Drop the stupid whore you dumb fuck, she's totally getting it behind your back.

See that's the feeling I get too but I'm just not sure because her personality always seemed like loyal typical girl behaviour. You know? As if she read somewhere you gotta be a lil crazy for no reason.

drop the roastie you fucking fag, but first take everything you can from her and leave her in shambles

Thing is since we've been together we've always done stuff, holidays etc trips and we've always never had time for anyone other than each other, I mean even on social media she's only uploaded like 5 pics in 18 months just bc of how busy and focused we wanted to be with each other.
Now finding all this whilst not blatant proof, it's about as close as you can get. I just dont wana risk getting the wires crossed.

Then make stupid excuses and do nothing, she’s cheating on you and deep down you know it.

When we got together, I pushed her to block her ex and they were really close and she agreed he wasn't going to stop chasing her so it was the best thing . At least for a while but they haven't been able to contact each other since, he's ignored her prolly cause she left him like that and the fuckers a recluse so no social media. But apparently he liked her pic from an old acc and she freaked out and went private. Idk it's whatever.

I just don't know truly what's going on in her head weather I pushed this on somehow.

What you mean like try out a bunch of things I've always wanted to try ??

fuck off fag you saw that on a video of a couple going through each others phones gtfoh

Some people like attention without necessarily fucking all the dudes.

How many times do you think if it's true?

Yeah, you need to break up and move on Sup Forumsrother. You're obviously not trusting her since your looking at your phone and other social media and that's just a bad sign man.

How many times do I think she cheated on you? Idk man just sit down with her and demand she tell you what’s going on.

Cheating and conniving cunt, either treat her the same and watch her squirm or move on

Before you break up make sure you take as many nudes as possible and make sure you use her like a slut.

Well, something is indeed wrong with you since you're seeking couple therapy on a website whose culture centers are around the motto "I hate women because they won't let me fuck them"

Talk with her, and tell her to tell you the truth, she has be honest, only that

She is cheating on you or she has big problems with her self-esteem and needs the attention of other guys to deal with it.

She's not giving a fuck about you no matter what it is.

I would just walk away.

IF she's not explicitly cheating, she's a ho. Plain and simple. So either enjoy fucking a ho while you can, pretend you can deal with it and keep on humping, or just split if that's too much.
You already showed your insecurities to her and that definitely has an impact on how she will view you from now on,IMHO

Just the fact that you're having serious doubts about her fidelity means your relationship won't last. You should end it as soon as possible. Good luck user.

Tinder = ho? Most people have friends of all the various sexes. How do you even know it's a guy for sure?

>IF she's not explicitly cheating, she's a ho.
Whoa there, Casanova. Do a 360 and reconsider.

typical action reaction when you mention other guys. clearly she's hiding something and its probably worst case. she does this because evidently you will back off.

you've seen plenty of evidense to support your suspicions. you should just confront her and stand your ground.

They're all guys. I thought I was clear about that and yeah I don't mind her having friends of the opposite sex, but the fact she's handing out her number to guys she's met off tinder even if it's only in a friendly way and not telling me, is a worrying sign. I know people deserve privacy, but this is something she should tell me about at the very least, no??

She's cheating, dipshit

She's a person not a bloodhound. Everyone has insecurities and some a lot more than others but I doubt that would change how she views me.

dude wtf, there is no such thing as handing over your number via Tinder to be friends, wtf man!! grow a pair, throw the bitch out asap idiot. I get really annoyed reading how oblivious you are, you remind me of myself when I was dating someone like that, twenty years ago

unless she's doing work that requires a lot of personal PR then she's obviously cheating

After two years of a relationship you should be able to ask her about it? Not directly what it says on the phone, but try to bring that thing about men contacting her or w/e you said about it. Then ask her if she replies, give into it or even answers them, and if she straight up lies bring it up that you accidently saw her messaging them back when you were checking her phone for the time or something