Is this a diamond?

Is this a diamond?

I wouldn't imagine so if it's held in metal as cheap as that.

No, conrats this is the dumbest thread ever.

How can you tell it's not?

No. Likely not even cubic, probably just plastic.

Yes, and your embarrassing spelling makes it worse.

How can you tell it's cheap,metal?

Not a diamond. Probably cubic zirconia

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Rough edges and poor craftsmanship

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Using the power of sight.

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Try to scratch the surface of it with a kitchen knife. If it scratches, It's fake.

no its a ring

its a diamond
i can tell by the pixels and seeing a few diamonds in my time

You should rub it on glas, if its leaving cuts in the glass and does not damage the diamond it could be real

Put water on it, if t beads it’s a diamond, if the surface gets wet it’s fake

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No, my boy.

This is a diamond

Carefully unfold the clips and hit the stone with a hammer if it breaks its not real

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That's a very shitty setting. Probably not. However take it to a pawnshop and ask them to test the diamond in front of you. I worked at a pawn shop and some ugly ass settings had these pretty big, mid to high quality diamonds

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The only way to confirm if it is diamond is to look at a shitty picture of it

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All I have are scissors right now and they aren't damaging the stone at all

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Get a better pc

Get something harder. Try to find a diamond lying around and scratch your diamond with that one. Whichever diamond gets scratched is the fake.

Take a hammer.
Put the ring down on a hard surface.
Smash it to pieces and realize how fucking retarded you are for believing it's a real diamond.

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take it to jeweler moron not Sup Forums

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No. First off, you need a strong metal like gold of platinum to set a diamond. Cheap metal is not a option. The ring is poorly made and obviously is gold plated, then no.

Second: you can do a couple of simple home test to check it. And no, trying to scratch a mirror is a no sense. Mirrors and glass are made, mostly, of silica. Even zircon is a full rock. Every precious gem is a rock and everyone of these can scratch glass.

First one: use a flashlight and pass the light trough "diamond" if you see a rainbow inside it, is fake.

Second, pick a book or anything with a small typo on it and put the "diamond" over it. Try to read looking trough. If you can, at least, recognize some figures, is fake.

Third, exhale some breath over the "diamond", if you can condense some vapor in the surface easily, is fake.