Whats the worst thing to happen to your school?

Whats the worst thing to happen to your school?

This happened to mine lol.

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Is this a bad thing?


>somebody once put a car in a door
usually takes a crane to get it out

Praise Gene z

Probably this:


"The east end of London became a war zone Saturday night as hundreds of rioters in the Fanshawe College area of the city attacked police and burned vehicles.

More than 50 officers in full riot gear surrounded by an alcohol-fuelled mob on St. Patrick's Day held a one-block sector of Fleming Drive for more than an hour before being repelled by a downpour of broken glass from thrown bottle, rocks and even wooden planks torn off of fences.

A TV news truck parked in the middle of the violence was overturned and set on fire. Flames shot 20 feet into the air interspersed by violent explosions, one of which illuminated more than a block of houses in bright orange and sent many in the crowd screaming for shelter.

Even as the truck was exploding, rioters were throwing bottles of alcohol at it causing many smaller blasts, each one inciting the crowd more than the last.

Many danced around the flames, while others fed the inferno with any wood they could find to keep it ablaze. Some risked injury by tossed a couch and a mattress into it as others roared their approval.

Not long after, at least one more vehicle was torched.

A firefighter on the scene told The Free Press that some rioters were treated for burns. It's not known how serious those injuries are.

There were no reports of police or other emergency workers being seriously hurt.

"This is awesome, isn't it?" one shirtless young man bellowed. "I've never seen anything like this."

damn dude you got an entire article :(

I should mention it's London Canada. Not the other London

looks like bait. some sjw is trying to start shit.




Probably not the worst but jesus was it weird. I used to throw ice cubes at this fucking troll. Turns out she was 30!

This is why i dont browse Sup Forums often.

ikr, what happened to all the uneducated tards that used to lurk

More like Rabbi whatcha doing!

yep whoever did this cant even draw a halfway symetrical swastika and seriously "hitler long live" what kind of degenerate illiterate retard would write something like that?

couldn't the snowflakes that drew those swastikas look up how one looks like on their $600 computer in their pocket?

that fuckin cripple spastika
rabbi whatcha doin?

Do you have pics of this girl?


they lack the hand eye coordination to pull it off and they are so overconfident in their own ability that they dismiss the idea of training before smearing it on a wall.

even the most degenerate nazi would at least make sure his swastika was spot on.

Betcha any money that this wasnt done by some "racist" white guy but by some minority fishing for sympathy...

>right wing ideology happened to muh school

Must be a leftist. Everything is a conspiracy, and the right can do no wrong. Otherwise it wouldn't be called "Right".


At my old high school everyone hated this one english teacher who was out in the little "portable" classroom things which are essentially nothing more than glorified trailers, so they spray painted "fuck you bitch" all over her little portable thing and it was funny we had to have class in the library

It's called vanalism. Yes.

>kill homosexuals now
lol some illiterate minority obviously did this.

Who taught that skinhead English??

That wasnt my point.


Girl in graduating class was slipped antifreeze disguised as vodka and died days before we were all free. Teachers crying, giving speeches and acting like they knew her personally was so awkward.

In high school, one of the kids dismemberment his best friend.
>pic related

>antifreeze disguised as vodka
she must have been the brightest kid in school

Sounds like some primary school.

>Whats the worst thing to happen to your school?
this one time these two kids dressed up as the matrix started shooting kids in our school


probably his spanish speaking english teacher

One of the T.A.'s was caught raping their special needs student in the basement storage during lunch break.
A student had went down there for restock when the school store ran out of gum. That was an awkward week.

I mean when you're piss drunk and handed a drink you wouldn't notice if it's sweet

you didn't mention she was drunk. and also im not dumb and i know what antifreeze looks like

I hope you did chem and know how antifreeze tastes like because of that.

Ah yes, the London Ontario riot. A bunch of college fucks ruining our town.

not him, but my grandpa taught me about this because he would use this to kill rats

My group was in the classroom when
my 6th grade English teacher was arrested for having child porn in his computer.

There was a suicide, and overdose, and one of the teachers fucked a 12 year old girl, cant remember anything else but there was probably more

Obviously not.

What state was this in?

the only bad thing in my school was all the gangs, east siders,south siders. which was dumb because they were all mexicans that were born on different sides of the city.

Ethelyne Glycol is clear you dipshit. Its pretty easy to separate from the coloring too.

"Hitler long live!"

What country do you live in OP?

and you think these kids were smart enough to do this ?

Also, can't find the article, but this kid I used to sit next to in my history class one year was later arrested for raping one of his younger cousins over a course of some years. Made sense why he seemed pretty off in the head.

>Illiterate minority

Yeah some little trashy white kid. From some cousin fuck family.

sounds like someone has been fantasizing again

You being stupid on purpose?

i have to, its the only way i can communicate with you

Was this icicle dude? Filmed it too? After a fuck sesh, time to go full preying mantis

It's not about the kids anymore, the point I was making is that you could be too dumb to know what antifreeze looks like.