What is this small, white, slightly hard spot on my balls Sup Forums?

What is this small, white, slightly hard spot on my balls Sup Forums?

>inb4 hurr durr cancer, herpes


It's probably cancer or herpes user

zit or just regular genital warts

Thanks. I guess that's it then.

Is it common to get zits on your balls though? Don't know where i'd have gotten genital warts from though.

The only solution is to cut it off



status forcyde

Its not cancer or herpes, dont listen to these fucking idiots

Its called sebaceous cysts, they can grow around your gentials when a sweat gland gets clogged with bacteria. You can't really pop it right?

Just a bit my dude

It's probably just a zit

issa zit or one of those spots where a hair grows but is infected for reason x or y

leave it alone fag

Does it hurt when you touch it user?

I dunno, but whatever you do, take advice soley from Sup Forums. Don't consult a doctor, just listen to us and ignore it.

Cancerous herpes


Ingrown hair or pimple

it's a cyst. Get some Lidocaine cream and cut that shit open and squeeze it out.

bonus points if you post pics

looks like a zit, just keep your balls cleaner or go to a doctor of you're so concerned.

It's Fordyce, it's natural and alot of men have it, your's is only that hard because you tried to pop it. Basically it's just oil in your pores.

you have sebaceous glands there - if one gets blocked it can build up a lot of sebum - basically a white head. pop it - it will not be painful.

hurts a little when i squeeze it yes

I'm not retarded. But there's still some people who know what it is. quicker than making an appointment. Because i know it's not something serious.


Just pop it, it is totally safe and it's nothing to worry about

Might be fordyce spots - look around the thin skin by your eyelids and on your lips, you might have something similar

Had that too. Was really annoyin sometimes but just because of the look. It's away now, dont know why. Ya don't really have to do anything

i have a couple from chigger bites. it's just soap and body oils gathered in the scar left over from the chigger bite. you should be able to squeeze it out.

Bitten by radioactive spider

Looks like an ingrown hair.