Forgive me, mother, for i am libertarian

forgive me, mother, for i am libertarian

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Cucked by capitalism



capitalists don't like libertarian since they're for free market, which is a unregulated capitalist nightmare


Sure thing sweety, keep telling yourself that.

>100% Juice

well, it's the crony kind of capitalism that hates free markets. they want a communist-style regulated market where fatcats decide what people should buy

LOL, and how the fuck is that any different from what we have now. Just because the illusion of choice is there, doesn't make it anymore real. Fucking brainwashed idiots, all of you!

"But that wasn't REAL capitalism, REAL capitalism would actually work!" isn't this just the same shit people say when someone says communism will work, but you should just ignore every Communist government that's existed because they weren't REAL communism?

Anyway capitalism only looks good in paper doesn't work in real life.

>literally arguing against yourself
top kek

so you don't want to pay taxes to fund my pension and helath care now I am old? No son, I won't forgive you. I brought you up better than that.

get out of here you freeloading selfish little bastard.

I disown you, and you won't inherit a penny.

you confuse "free market" with "freedom". its just a marketing strategy to get you into the brand. free market in reality means the rich own you and you have no rights or freedoms.

tbqh it doesn't even look good on paper

>tfw people still reply to a bait thread

the difference is that we don't have a free market.

i don't know what real capitalism is, i just support financial competition since it benefits me as a consumer

You know what would really benefit you? If you actually got the full value of your labor. If you lived in a world where anything that could be automated WAS automated, and that helped you out personally instead of just giving a corporation money and making it harder for you to get a job.

>If you actually got the full value of your labor.
absolutely agree. that's why i'm against taxes; i want to keep my all my money. if i could do that i'd be rich

Hitler did real national socialism it worked . Fuck you !

hitler was a catholic string puppet

Let me don't trust the gub'ment. How special

More like



Capitalists will defend this


that is communism in a nutshell

Read up on the Pareto distribution, aka Mathematical proof on why what you posted will happen EVERY time in any system when humans are involved

Nah, corporate America making a cash grab. They found a way to monetize teen angst.

So what, do they deserve the profits their workers earn for them? Can 10% of Americans work harder than the rest of the nation combined?





actually yes
The pareto distriburion claims that a people's 50% of actual earnings is produced by the root of that people
So say if you had say 100 farmers, 10 would produce 50%

I forgot to mention that, if you had 100 million people like say in the US, then 10000 would produce as much as the 99 million++ combined

>white christian world domination
kek. it's the catholics that run the world, and they're not christians

What, so those who control the factories can produce more and use the advantage to beat out opposition? I'll alert the media.

Since when weren't they?


funnily enough, you see 20% all the time cause its literally what the original Pareto's law, also known as the 80-20 law is
Those who control factories also built them
Are you suggesting that someone who spent countless hours in learning how people think and how a service works and then took a huge loan to build a factory to produce said service based on people's needs should be paid the same as a random worker that has no money on the line, is guaranteed a paycheck that's agreed upon and will spend 0 hours of his personal time considering the future of the factory user?

since never. they baal worshippers (satanists), who rejects jesus christ as god.

or are you mentioning the good ol' companies that are lobbyists amd destroy the free market by being in bed with the government, amd thus having illegal advantage over any new company wanting to enter the field?
Much like the "pro-environmental" filters that a new factory has to also consider their (great) cost of or be fined into oblivion, but vick's chemicals can easily apply the costs since it's practically a momopoly on the field amd shits gold
Or do I mention the Federal banking systems, aka the most corrupt business today?

Can you explain to me in a nutshell what libertarianism actually Is? Inb4 google, I have done and I'm still none the wiser. And why is it primarily an American thing? Do we have an equivalent in England and if not, why not? Genuinely interested.

>7.25 an hour
I wish you'd read history, because America's poorest workers are considered literal gods payroll wise when put against any other poor people in amy civilization in any time in the entirety of human history
And let's not even mention how the poors under Communism were (t. Ukrainian)

the belief that everybody should be free to live their life as they see fit, in peace.

Ah. That explains why we haven't got an equivalent. We haven't been able to do any of that since 1066...

You dont have an equivalent in England because you have a monarchy's presence, technically, in the UK
Libertarianism is a capitalist view of the world (aka people are born competitive) and promotes limited to no government (depends on who you ask) in favor of the free market (government doesnt meddle in people's trading with regulations etc so people can sell a product at any price they want. If the consumers is actually willing to buy it, is something the seller should always take into consideration)
That's dumbed down stuff
If you're interested in it more, here's (my) reading list

Yep. Cheers for that. Will check a few of them out.

I'm saying there shouldnt be the current level of inequality and that every person deserves the base nessecities.

And how much money is generated without them working? Or through inheritance?

I'm going to guess the only sources you have are YouTube videos and InfoWars articles?

This also. The cost of starting up, and then the advertising to get known, is more than many people can put up unless they are already wealthy.

Really, because the average worker benefited considerably from the creation of the USSR.

Did you know that inflation of housing and education have increased way more than the working class's wages?
Libertarianism only works if people are born on an equal socioeconomic playing field, otherwise wealth accumulates.

How edgy. *tips fedora*


Reminder that automation will make capitalism obsolete in our lifetime. Once the majority of manufacturing, service, retail, management, transport, and probably a few other industries is automated, the only solution will be either UBI or full socialism.

it's essentially utopism, like all ideologies, but it's the best one available out there, if you ask me.

plenty of different libertarians. some leans to the left, others leans to the right, some are in somewhere in the middle.

libertarianism doesn't offer any real solutions to societal problems. it's just a philosophical framework of how to live free, side by side, in relative peace.

and you do have a libertarian party in the uk:

all those youtube videos are based of actual sources. there's plenty of books written on the subject of the bloody history of the catholic "church" - fun fact! disregard all those theories and the catholic church is still responsible for the majority of "christian evil" in the history

It exists due to the literal psychological human nature, I can link to papers on that if you want
>cost of starting up
That's why you need a free market. The government raised the cost so much with regulations that you practically can't start up unless youre filthy rich, amd even then you'd more likely go to China amd make your factory there
>Inflation of housing
That's pretty much because of the Fed's House Planning due to the mid-1900s (aka every American should own a house). When that plan didn't work, the US government tried to bail out said company, the rest is history
>Equal playing field
This holds the most truth out of what you've said, but thankfully a person can lose wealth in a free market as easily as they can gain it. The only reason you don't see that is because the government has rigged the game (lobbyists etc) in favor of multinational corps, so the rich literally can only remain rich no matter what

Reminder that futurism is a Soviet movement promoting machinery and it's advancement for that very reason, but it never worked out
Mayakovsky (it's founder) suicided after going on a 10 year long rant about why he hated Stalin's Russia (even if he was a main piece in the entirety of October's Revolution)

I will admit that the church's history is horrible, but many protestants aren't much better.

>what is human empathy?

You know that many regulations exist fkr a reason, right? Otherwise the bourgeoisie would litteraly poison the air and water for 5% more profit

The actual problem is that for many people their wages don't seem to be tied to the productivity of the nation. We are producing more wealth, but few see the benefit.

Yes. This is why I believe that system needs to be remade. I am no longer sure if it is possible to reform. UBI now

We will soon have the technology to actually support it.

no the protestants weren't the problem. they believed in the actual gospel of jesus and got branded as heretics by the pope. that's why many escaped to america, to be able to practice christiany without being threatened by the catholics

Why are you sorry for what you believe in?

Many Baptists, Pentecostals, and Evengelicals follow the Prosperity Gospel, or that worldy possessions are a sign of the Lord's favor. That is pretty much the opposite of Jesus's teachings.

And honestly, look at most modern Evengelicals.

>regulations exist for a reason
Reminder that for nearly 1000 years, before the government claimed responsibility and ownership of lighthouses, people built them in their own private properties if needed, cointering your argument that they live only to profit.
Generally that thought process has been debunked by Austrian Economics, which is pretty much why libertarianism exists in the first place
>wages tied to productivity of the nation
ofcourse they aren't, the government is favoring hardly the corporations that pay it the most (Lobbyists for the third time, I'm getting repetitive), thats why you need limited to (imo) no government.
UBI won't really work imo because people won't really be motivated to work.
>inb4 law to work
You already know my response to federal laws, probably, you seem smart.
>inb4 they wouldn't have to work
Then you'd be mad at the people working, aka the machine engineers that made a shit ton of money
>Inb4 they wouldnt be paid to make them
Then they wouldnt do it. They'd rather spend time with their families like everyone else
>Inb4 force them to do it
Back to step 1

Sorry, better phrase than "worldly possessions" would be "economic success."

Look at industrial revolution Britain and America. Or read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. Corners will be cut if they arent inspected.

We can at least agree here. An autocratic decentralized government may be a better option. And would low wages rise naturally with productivity with limited/no government anyway?

The point is that a lot of unskilled or low skilled labor may not be needed to be done by actual people, or at least not full time. If there are way less jobs than actual workers, how does the average person survive? Yes the people who do work would receive some incentivites, but the inequality would be nowhere near what it is now and poverty could be eliminated.
>inb4 wishful thinking
This is a very real possibility if it is worked towards, and automation will start to take away more jobs than it produces.

most forms of protestant beliefs has been corrupted by meddling jesuits (the catholic church secret service).

I'll look into it just for (you), user
>Low wages rising under free market
Yes, as the person hiring them now also has to worry about another say, factory, opening up down the street, as starting up is now much easier. Unwritten law of the free market (and common sense) has it that if workers are paid more there, then the first factory (say factory A) will lose all of its workers to factory B, so to remain competitive it HAS to give people wages high enough that they're very unlikely to leave.
>wishful thinking
Not really, my only issues with UBI have always been
A ) people that support it usually also slap along that everyone should be paid according to what they need, not according to if they work or not.
B) For it to work you need many taxes and taxes lead to state power, which I am against (I believe the state exists to omly grow stronger, and throughout world history, especially US history, the State has gotten into wars etc on purpose to increase taxes, military spending, amd gain power - a good example of this is the US embargo-ing Japan during WW2, so the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour because they would all starve to death if the embargo wasn't lifted, so the US could then gladly go into WW2 as saviours etc etc)
C) Some people wouldn't want to pay for what they don't plan to use

Feral cats can live just fine in the wild, the population will vary depending on food supply.

So everything is the Catholics fault and all Christianity is terrible? Actually makes some sense, but I doubt they are Satanists.

And while I am not religious, I believe that faith in a higher power has helped some through rough spots in their life. Opiate of the masses and all.

Of course, it shouldnt be used to silence scientific thought or to control, as it often does.

But an oligopoly can collude pretty easily, and has now. That is part of the problem, they start to just coexist.

Bureaucratic/management could also be automated to a sizable degree like an industry. And once AIs become a possibility, if not true AIs then a sufficiently advanced computer system, it could handle our economic planning.

No, we don't like our tax money being stolen and used to fund an annual military budget of hundreds of billions, among other things.
Also, cities have proven that contracting out infrastructure work is cheaper and better. Hiring city or state crews to do a job costs tons more.

i live in sweden. thanks to minimum wage and heavy taxation, smaller businesses can't afford to hire people, unless aided by government funding, which causes slave-like conditions.

as a result, corporations who can afford it moves away (taking the jobs with them) and less people are inclined to start businesses of their own.

but those who gets the blame are the immigrants (they steal jobs) and rich people who do tax avoidance (they hate poor people).

no, christianity is a good thing. it teaches humility & empathy. it's the catholics that are the bad ones and they are not real christians. they are the heir of a false religion of baal. if you start looking into catholisism & the jesuits, you'll be amazed about the things you'll find. it's seriously crazy shit

Let me start from the end
>economic planning
To do this, a government needs to have sensitive and private information of its citizens.
For many many reasons, a lot of people wouldn't want to give any power, this included, to any government. So I disagree completely on the ifea of economic planning. After all, the economy is shaped through the free market, you don't plan it. When you do, things like the late 1920s- 1930s crisis happen
That is probably the most real danger that a free market can create, and I'll clearly admit I'm not that well read on it. The general thinking is, for an oligopoly to occur naturally through the free market, you need the people to not care about it being formed and support said companies creating it. But generally people, according to Austrian Economics (in contrast to regular economics) don't and won't behave like that, assuming a degree of knowledge on the subject.
On the bottom line, an oligarchy is pretty much an autocracy, and should be overthrown much like the government itself.
>bureacratism being automated
I hate bureacratism but boy am I looking forward to not being stuck into a bureacratic hell waiting 2 months to get my divorce papers (as I have done)

fuck off heretic

I'm sorry to hear that user, but it's really to be expected if you are to read up on economics
The government meddling into the market creates the very monopolies that ruin it. Federal banking in the US is a really really really good example of that.
what strikes me as a surprise though is Swedish people being racist (???)

I counted to 30

and live in a shithole

taxes are price for a civil society

t. never seen the Balkans

Oh, maybe I will.

>economic planning
The Great Depression's root cause was insider trading and the stock market is a mistake in general. Also recessions are inevitable with capitalism.

I would argue that capitalism naturally creates them if left to its own devices. See That is the goal. Humans will be freed by automation

>recessions are inevitable
absolutely yes, but the severity of them can be avoided to a huge degree
The problem with the great depression is that the government didn't ever really acknowledge it until it was too late. Pic related.
Each to their own opinion on that, I guess. Sadly there hasn't really been a free market to test this scenario in, and the way the world is headed I doubt there ever will be

another word for that is a cabal, and that is not a result of free market. an oligopoly requires two things in order to work: control & suppression. this can be done in many various ways (such as controlling raw materials or tolls).

free market encourage competition and renders an oligopoly useless. an example of this is the practice of bootlegging popular products.

the new world order of the catholic church is one of the oldest conspiracies around, and also the most mocked one. instead people generally prefer to believe that jews control the world (one of the catholics oldest rivals). but like the old saying goes: all roads lead to rome.

I understand that the government did too little too late, which I doubt many private companies could have done.
While some banks did try to slow it down by buying stocks, they also couldn't stop it.

So long as merger's are allowed and happen, markets move towards them.