Italian friendless btard here

Italian friendless btard here
>be me
>spaghetti eater
>no friends

pls cheer me up, I don't know what to do with my life anymore

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ayyyyy whaddaya mean ya ain't gots no friends eh?


I'm in the same boat only 23. Infact I just had some macaroni for lunch.

well, I just don't habe someone who cares about me, or even someone to hang out with

Hey buddy, what if I told you I care

eyyyy, whaddaya talkin' about here. What woulda your poor ol' ma think about what'chu sayin' eh?
Ya gonna break her freakin' heart here

Go outside, look for bookclubs listed advertised in coffee shops, join a political party, go to church

sorry to hear that boi. I know that sucks

So what do you do on your freetime?

well, thank you boi

hasta la pasta

yeah.. I kown, it's just that I find a lil' bit sad to stay at home all day long. I put my nose out only to go to Uni

those are some good advices

We'll get through this OP I know we can do it.

>play vidya
>go on my bike
>ambulance volunteer

Doesn't sound that bad. You might just be a introvert, a lot of introverts don't have swarms of friends around them. Have you ever done any of those personality tests?


Do you have any close family or how would you describe the current social contacts that you have?

yeah I'm quite sure we will

that's a very nice personality test! thanks.
yeah I'm absolutely an introvert,but before higschool ended I had a few good friends, now all of them are either far away or too busy to care about me

pasta la vista

Np, helped me understand some of my own traits in the past.

Yeah that's pretty common, the school was a place for you all to meet up and spend time together, such friendships fade as the bond between you is gone.

It really comes down to what you like and where you could meet friends, if you need friends. But if anything, you should always take care of yourself first and eventually you might find like minded friends in areas where you are interested as well.

I bike too as I love it, I've biked across Finland several times and met a lot of nice people who became my friends. Nature is something what everyone should embrace. Exercise is overrated, movement is underrated.

>never had a gf
>parents pity me
>have 1 friend
>he owes me 1200€ and will pay me back


*will never

Take a walk and listen to music. or visit a museum. or go to a bar you may meet someone special.

Focus on getting a job and working on improving yourself. Study or whatever makes sense in your country to achieve employment.

26. Fuck the parents, just believe in yourself. You owe it to yourself to make your life worth living for. Nobody else does this for you. It is all up to you.

Isn't life perfect in France?
we unironically think so in Italistan

Fellow spaghetti eater here! Op where do you live? I Can be your friend

you sound like a very emotionally stable person, I envy you! ;)

it's pretty much like in north italy but with tons of sandniggers

Hinterland Milanese my boi, u?

>Focus on getting a job

I'm trying my dude

well we have a lot of them too... so I think we are all on the same boat

I live in turin, we can meet up if you want

>so I think we are all on the same boat

But at least we won't sink and die like sandnigger subhumans lmao

join a sports club, take some classes that interest you, or just go hiking (alone) for spiritual fulfillment.
what not to do: eat like shit, spend 23 hours in the day collecting porn, feel sorry for yourself.

I'm like 4 hours by car from turin
will come if you're cute

i will be frend to you if you are a beuitufil lady very cexy women pls open bob and vagene

Go away Alex

not op

how the fuck do you know my name???

sound interesting, but amma boii

smart one eheheh

>Set up a camera.
>Make an classic Italiano dinner.
>Record it.
>Give tips.
>Get followers.
>Boom, friend and chick magnet

ahahahaha should try, thanks a lot

I'm a dude... sooooooooo nope

lul pinerolo city here OP btw i can't help you

if you see somebody drunk screaming "pepe!" at san salvario or turin in general just come say hi

sorry i'm in turin just 2 days a week to study, go to scream 4chanz meme at the quadrilatero near porta palazzo like monday around 23 pm night, sure i will hear you

>24 y.o
>neet (never worked)
>1 friend
>parents hate me