Be me, 26 y/o

>Be me, 26 y/o
>Wife wants to get pregnant
>I don't want baby yet, maturbate daily so my load is small when I do her
>She finds Out
>Come home from work, wife says she's got a surprise for me
>She asks me if I wanna make her happy
>"yes I do"
>She wants me to wear a pink chastity device
>it will only come off once she's ovulating, so she takes a full month load
>i can take it off once she knows she's pregnant.
>I'm guessing she'll do the same once she enters the second baby fever.

Dubs get chastity pics
Trips get... request I guess

Pic related, using this exact one.

thats not how that works. thats not how anything works. I hope your wife leaves you because youre a masturbating idiot.

so you just let her?

also kek

Nigger how you piss in that?
If trips kys for letting yourself wear that

it has a hole, lucky me my dick fits right, so the hole is just tight, i can pee standing and all

post pics faggot

Thats not how any of this works. Kek. But true op is just a sissy cuck fag cleverly disguising his cuck fetish thread with a shitty story.

divorce her ass. If she can't respect that you don't want a kid yet, and wants to force you into a situation that YOU will be financially responsible for, get rid of her ass ASAP before you end up getting reamed by the court systems.

Nice cuckold fan fiction you wacky faggot.

If you masturbate prior sex, your load is obvs smaller, and you dont cum balls deep... reduces chances

she's been trying to get pregnant for a month now, i recently started doing that.


We fucking told you some shit would happen if you kept not putting your foot down. But no, you were a pussy, you just kept going along with shit because you didn't want to have the tough conversations.

>t that you don't want a kid yet, and wants to force you into a situation that YOU will be financially responsible for, get rid of her ass ASAP be
we both work, and i kinda promise her to get children after a year of being married..

get dub for pics, it happened.

This is dumb as fuck. Lol good luck with your cuck fetish, but your biggest and best load is on average your third or forth day. Keeping an "entire month's load" is letting your sperm just sit there.

If true, and its not, she is dumb as hell. The shoyld be fucking you every 3-4 days to get the biggest load of freshest sperm possible

It's not like it goes bad... her next cycle is in 2 weeks, i hope she gets pregnant so i can get off this. if not its a month.

you locked yourself you dumb faggot
you don't have a wife


Its not that bad see it from the bright side, well a month is long yes.. but at least you have orgasms like never before again.

also.. at least ask her for a decent metal cage.. much more hygienic

>much more hygienic
those are for short term usage, also, she knows i work with people so she gave me that one because of the bulge factor, it does not have an external lock.

Let fuck you with a strap on too, cause you a bitch

it is medical grade resin, so its pretty hygienic

If dubs dont fucking post your pics , if trips just kill yourself faggot , beta faggot

Sup Forums has ruined your mind, my story has nothing to do with cuck or strap ons, im guessing, she wanted to spice up the married sex life a bit, since i got her vibrating panties 2 weeks ago, mybe she wanted something for me.

Don't have children. Leave your wife. Get a vasectomy.

if i leave her, why would i get the vasectomy XD i want children, just not now.


not sure but think he ws actually referring to me there.. but no thank you.. not into that shit..

and indeed it can spice up things like you did with the panties.. but it does not spice up things at all if you are not into the tease from her though

file for divorce

>Dubs have been had

true, but wating a week or 2 for your next fuck, that fuck i guess it can be awesome

so many dubs, still no pics

if trips kys


do you leak precum yet?



no, ive been 2 days. that happens?

Specially if she teases you all the time, even simple messages can do..

a promise is not a binding contract.

What's the point of a baby? She's clearly already taking care of a man child who can't take care of himself.

i know but my excuse to not wanting children is time for the PC gaming, its not like i have a better excuse like money or work.

she wants to get kids before turning 30


What happens if you get a boner? Does it hurt?

If you don't take it out for a month, wouldn't it stink like hell? All that dried up piss and semen wouldn't do your dick any favours. Not to mention that risk of infection.

i hope she gets horny before the ovulating and locks me out

There's not a chance in hell I'd wear that. That's fucked up. Man to man, you a bitch.

Happens indeed over longer therms of desire but not getting any stimulation.. do you also wear it at night of just overday?

it doesn't matter WHY you don't want kids. You just don't want them yet, and that should be enough. Seriously, get rid of her before it's too late. Once she has that kid, she's got you by the balls for life, and not even the fun way.

it does not hurt, actually, if you start to get a boner, it kind of stops at the middle of it, no akward public boners.

its pretty hygenic, i showered, you you soap in it and it rinses thru the holes

Might as well start wearing panties

Your solution is to say FUCK YOURSELF unless you're a total cuck. Jesus, stand up for yourself. If my fiancee came home and told me I'd be wearing one of these, it would go right in her ass like a buttplug.

Are you fucking retarded? Like actually?

hahahaha, never get married then my friend.

I hope she'll help him unlock and clean every day, a month without.. god goes that would go real bad real quick

Sneakily find a way to remove this cuck device while she is out and masturbate as many times as possible and prevent yourself having to pay for another mouth to feed, school expenses and alimony when she finally decides to leave you.

Literally none of his story is true, so no worries there.

I wore it overnight, las night, not the best but its not bad i guess

she's very sweet, shes not a maniac, im the horny fuck, i always get her sex toys so she uses on her for me, i guess she wanted a comeback

Sperm does have a life span, and as they age, your body absorbs them and reproduces more. So at best you will have a quarter of lazy old sperm, half middle aged unfit sperm, and a quarter of fresh young stud sperm. Good luck i guess

Honestly don't go without taking it of for a month with a non metal one, take it off daily to clean just 15 min should be enough but you better start worrying about your dick after a month with only cleaning in the shower without taking it off

This isn't a comeback. This is practically entrapment/blackmail. Seriously, leave the crazy cunt.

we take showers toguether after work, i guess that i can tell her to lock me out for the shower

yea. Mornings can hurt a bit at the beginning i imagine

as I mentioned before, as soon as the morning wood starts, your body kind of know you cant get any harder and stops it. at least that happened in the last 2 days

I guess you really have no self restraint or control over your own life, huh?

run away

I'll have to steal the key first.

Dude, its plastic, it can be easily broken.

>find another way

I like being married.

but do you??? i mean she's asking you to lock up your sex organ.... might as well just put your balls in a jar for her too. i'd be prepped for a kid that doesn't look anything like you showing up. I'd be really careful before your name goes on that birth certificate.

>she presents this to you
>>you agree to it
you deserved this, OP

pretty sure she'll get horny today or tomorrow.

yeah but for you? with your little dick locked away in this? or some other guy that would say no to this and fuck her raw?

i mean there's sacrifices to make in a marriage and then there's this.... can you imagine once the kid shows up? you'll be getting zero sex

zero sex in marriage after children happens right?

Ok I'm the wife of the dude saying a promise isn't a binding contract, leave her, blah blah. Listen. He's right. I'm 28, we have a 4 year old oops baby. Love him to death but if we had the option to wait, totally would have went that route. It's not just lack of personal time, you literally give up your life for this kid, in every single way. You HAVE to be READY or all sorts of mental emotional shit fucks you up, which fucks the kid up. Look I'm not gonna kink shame you, me and my hubby are well versed in bdsm, he's my owner. But there are things called hard limits and you need to set some for yourself. Your woman has NO FUCKING IDEA what she's setting you both up for and this is a really shitty way to start a family. Tell her to chill the fuck out.

I'll know if the kid is black

do you still have sex after the kid was born?

One ring to rule them all and in the darkness..


Top Kek

pic of wife? she must be smoking to agree to this

You can still finger your butt to cum.

she is.

hahaha no thanks,

Depends. If the planets are aligned just right and mercury is in retrograde, we just might find a baby sitter. And if we do, we just might not be too tired to fuck. If we're really lucky.

Only with my sons real dad ;)

shit, i guess thats better than being 28 and still live in your moms basement

No we live in his mom's basement. 1 bedroom apartments are fucking 1400 a month, no utilities. Fuck that, I'm not ashamed of living with the in laws.

Asian wife, met her when i went to study abroad.
she works at an online retailer, have to text her and speak to her in japanese, she doesn't kno englis, so i doubt shes fucking black dudes

OP must be autist

dont rent, get a home, you pay less a month and at the end its yours

She's got that sex toy culture i guess...

>she's been trying to get pregnant for a month now
a whole month? duh

Hey, I'm autistic, please don't compare me to op. I would never wear pink.

don't need english to fuck a black dude... or really any dude for that matter. she's hot? doesn't really need to speak the language to get banged

what i mean is that the baby fever just started for her

besides kind hard to have a conversation with a dick in her mouth

she told me that pinku kawaii desu

You sound like a massive faggot. Man up, tell her you're not ready for kids, you moron.

1400?! Fuck that noise. Out in the Midwest I pay 800 for a two bed two bath two floor townhouse.