So I decided to stop forcing myself to masturbate and only do it when I feel the need to...

So I decided to stop forcing myself to masturbate and only do it when I feel the need to. It's been 6 days and Im still not the slightest bit horny. Is that normal or do I have low test?

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welcome to stage 2 of permanent erectile dysfunction

it may be too late to counteract it

nah its fine op, last time i did what you did i went for a week and a half. Sometimes your libido just dies down but it till be back eventually dont towrry

Its normal m8. Source tho?

Whenever I do nofap the first week is always hard. I figured I'd last maybe 3 or 4 days considering my past nofap expierences.
I got it from here a few months ago.

normal, your body and mind need to readjust... you will get boners and become horny again

Possibly man. I go to the gym 5 days a week but was getting dead dick so I went to my GP and discovetef I had low test. He asked if I wanted to be put on Testosterone replacement treatment but I refused.

I ended up going three weeks without masturbating and my flaccid pencil dick turned into a thick chubby when it was flaccid and I could fap for ages while feeling pleasure and without cumming.

My deadlift also went up to 220kg after being stuck at 210 for months, and I felt so great.

I went back to the doctors and my test levels were normal.

At the time of having low T my hair was shedding and I mean dramatically. I put it down to DHT but it turns out it wasn't the case.

It was a combination of low testosterone, and testosterone spikes after working out. My body was converting too much T to DHT, a more potent form of testosterone but would go below normal levels afterwards for reasons my GP didn't know. (I put it down to fapping after working out) and I thought because my DHT was high, my body was possibly dropping my T on purpose to balance out the effects ofit.

When I fap I feel sluggish, get bad scalp psorasis and fapping more than once a day, everyday is enough to cause me dead dick for a week.

So now I let it build up and fap once every 4 days if I need to.

I could fap everyday when I was 14 and get away with it but now being 22 it just doesn't seem possible and I hate it, it sucks

Similar situation here

I ended up getting erectyle disfunction at the early age of 21 and started balding also. Around that time I was a chronic masturbator and have never believed in the no fap hype because doctors usually say if you don't fap you lose it. Do you think if I stoppef masturbating it would help restore my test/hair?

Interesting yeah I used to lift but I kinda fell off after getting a manual labor job. One of the reasons I always ruled out low test was the fact that I have very thick hair and it's never gotten any thinner. May be my genetics though, my father and his father both still have thick hair even for their respective ages.

I can't guarentee that it will restore your hair, however it will definetey help restore your penis sensitivity and help with your testosterone levels.

There's no guarentee though, it totally depends on the cause. Remember erectyle disfunction is caused by lack of blood flow to the penis, so get a blood test.

I took an anti androgenic shampoo which apparantly has no effect on hair growth in because the effects are supposed to be so mild. However I noticed since using it every day for up to a month, the hair line on my head looks like it's restoring. I told my doctor this and he looked baffled. It's not psychological because it had an effect in terms of my gains also and put me back into the cycle of having dead dick.

Sometimes DHT is good, it helps to give you your hard erections. The shampoo literally gave me dead dick again and whenever I tell my doctor, as its the only thing I added to my life, he looks at me in disbelief because there isn't studies to suggest that it caused an adverse affect on testosterone levels.

But to answer your question, fapping in my experience did have an affect on my ability to get an erection from desensitzation. Stopping it might help to regain the ability to get a hard on. Fapping too often also fucks with the reward center of your brain, so after giving it up for a month, you will feel like a kid again and cum buckets when you release.

In terms of hair loss, it might depending on how long ago you started receeding, and if the follicles are just dormant and still alive.

doesn't higher t make your hair thinner?

I believe it's the opposite but I'm not an expert on the subject

You're really lucky then.

I started receeding into a mature hair line after I started heavy lifting. I'm 22 now and have been using anti androgenic shampoo for a year. It would get rid of my itch and I was reccomended to only use it 2 days a week, but it would never be enough to get rid of the itch. So to experiment I used it every day out of curiosity.

It got rid of the itch and actually restored the thin hairs on my hair line. But in the processI became increasingly more sluggish and fell into the cycle of dead dick again, but this time gained watery semen.

I tell my doctor this but he looks at me like i'm lying just because it's topical. When i stopped the shampoo my dick returned to normal yet again, hair shedded although my semen hasn't been the same since and it used to be thick.

That's why i'm urging anybody who is losing their hair or sex drive to go to a doctor, especially if their semen isgetting watery over time if it used to be thick.

You could have low T/haemoglobin/anaemic/deficient in vitamin b12

Erectyle disfunction isn't normal even from time to time, there could be a number of factors and fapping can cause it

>doctors usually say if you don't fap you lose it.
Yeah, that's exactly the kind of propaganda they want you to swallow.
Look at how masculine and productive the world was before we wasted our Testosterone and Energy on Auto-Eroticism.
Look at it now, where our standards of beautiful teen guys can't be told apart from fucking girls.

fapping gtet's boring over time. that's the whole background.

wait till you have a real GF and when you know what feeling you are really fapping to, it will come back with forth.

Had been the same with me.

Testosterone doesn't affect your hair, DHT does (Di-hydro-testosterone) a more potent form
Of T which binds to the hair follicle, it is mostly responsible for male pattern baldness.

If your hair follicle is sensitive to DHT then your hair will thin. But because someone has high t doesn't instantly mean high DHT, it depends on how much your body converts to DHT, and how sensitive your follicles are.

Dht is also required to maintain an erection. That is why if anybody takes any Anti-DHT medication to restore their hair, one of the side effects the will notice is a low sex drive and inability to main an erection.

You could have low T and low dht, but still be bald due to having DHT sensitivity

Or high T low dht because your body doesn't convert much of it

Or low t, high DHT from the majority of it converting


so best combination would be, high T, high DHT and zero sensitivity of the of the follicles?

Yes, basically you could be a body builder with a hard throbbing dick while keeping your beautiful locks.

It's what differentiates between the people who take steroids and bald, and those who don't bald.

Before I started lifting I couldn't grow a beard to save myself and had a youthful hair line.

Now I can grow a beard although my hair is thin as shit. I went through a predicament where I had to give up lifting for a whole year to support my parents because my mother was diagnosed with cancer and we didn't have much money. During that time my hair line started to grow back and my beard grew slower and thinner.

So in short, those who usually grow beards will be bald due to high dht because they're sensitive to dht, and dht = better beard growth

Those who can have full hair and a full beard have low DHT sensitivity

And those who can't grow a beard or hair, is purely genetic, either caused by high sensitivty to DHT in the scalp, but dont have the follicles in their face to grow a beard. Or thy might possibly have low t/low dht

Low test can also cause hair loss

Balding fag here who can't grow a beard

Normal T levels, High sensitivity to DHT, but can't grow a beard because everybody in my family can't


once i relapsed from nofap for a week i was straight up fapping 4 times a day

>get a gf
>be in love
>have extremely passionate and endurant sex
>even without cumming, it feels fucking great
>whenever I try to fap now, it just feels bland and filthy, and makes me miss the touch of my gf
>completely drop fapping, feel like a champion sometimes, testosterone levels rise and increase my masculine behavior, bust massive nuts in and on my gf, gf gets even hornier and sex becomes even better from the pent up sexual energy
Tfw love gives you the key to nofap and makes an alpha out of a beta

>have never felt love
>never had good sex

This is the biggest lie you've ever been told. Take it from someone who has experimented in this department before. Fapping every day is bad for your sex drive. Here's why;

- Fapping everyday especially with the aid of porn literally rewires your brain. If you chronically masturbate, the reward center of your brain doesn't become so rewarding. Lowering your sex drive in the process and hormones that make you horny such as Oxytocin meaning you require something harder to make you horny like a drug addict upping their dose. If you go a month without fapping you will notice the sensitivity of your dick will be higher, your head will lubricate easier and you will feel like a teen watching porn again.

- It desensitizes you. Ever feel like you're forcing yourself to cum and fapping is becoming boring because you can't feel anything? It's because your dicks nerve receptors are becoming used to the feeling of your hand. Your reward center also becomes used to the feeling, therefore blood flow decreases. It's like a muscle that's getting used to a weight, you need to higher the weight or up the volume to get good pumps.

- You lose important nutrients during fapping. Your semen is made of different proteins, zinc, copper etc which are essential to maintain testosterone levels. Doctors claik that these nutrients aren't utilised by the body, which is not true because if semen isn't ejaculated, it is reused by the body as an aid to maintain homeostasis.

- It causes a low sperm count. If you chronically masturbate, expect your sperm count to drop. Your body can't recover every time you fap.

- Testosterone increases after a fap session, but most of that testosterone is converted to estrogen. That's why you feel like shit after fapping.

- Fapping chronically will half your size (legit). Don't fap for a month and then fap the next day. Your dick will recover faster, and your flaccid dick will be thicker than it was before when you were fapping everyday.

The key is to not care about sex.
I never entered the hookup culture, had one hookup and it felt... empty, meaningless. Didn't finish, either, I simply couldn't. I felt like I could've done a thousand more fun things on that evening than stick my dick in her.
Started making me not give a fuck about sex, considering it WAAAYYY overrated and making fun of how centralized sex has become to us when it was a taboo topic just hundred years ago, where - surprise surprise - relationships actually worked out instead of being "our genitals touch, so we have a relationship, even though we've barely got anything in common except for regarding each other as sexually attractive".
I looked women right in the eyes and turned down thots left and right, looking for wife material.
It worked out, it's just a question of patience and endurance.

And it keeps you from the pandora's box of comparing your gf with your exes or constantly desiring things your ex had, compared to your current partner, making you unsatisfied with the only chance life's giving you to make it beautiful.

>- You lose important nutrients during fapping. Your semen is made of different proteins, zinc, copper etc which are essential to maintain testosterone levels. Doctors claik that these nutrients aren't utilised by the body, which is not true because if semen isn't ejaculated, it is reused by the body as an aid to maintain homeostasis.


yeah masturbating lowers testosterone levels. sure.

>wait till you have a real GF
Yeah I doubt thats ever gonna happen. I've accepted that I'm going to die a kissless virgin whither it's tomorrow or when I'm 100.

Start exercising.

that's why ur a virgin

- It dehydrates you: Fapping is enough to dehydrate you. Your temperature increases during a fap session, and even if you don't notice you start sweating. The loss of nutrients also cause dehydration.

- No pheremones: It's not the real thing, so technically you're cucking yourself when you're watching other people fuck through porn.

- Your nuts shrink: Semen isn't in the nutsack, but rather in the seminal vesticle, then how can it shrink your nuts? The fluid which causes you to become wet is found in the nutsack. A lot of it is used during fapping. The increase in estrogen after you climax can shrink your balls also, it's not because their empty, it's the increase in estrogen causing that combined with the loss of fluid seminal fluid.

- You will feel like shit: Your hormones are constantly all over the place when you fap. When you are constantly fucking with your hormones, even if it seems insignificant because it's fapping, imagine fucking with them every. Single. Day. You're bound to exhaust the glands which secrete and regulate the hormones.

- It can cause baldness, it's not a myth. When you fap DHT increases. Dht is responsible for hair loss. Those who are predisposed to hair loss and chronically fap will soon see their hairlines receeding.

- We're not meant to fuck everyday. It might be unbelievable because we fuck for pleasure, but just because we fuck for pleasure doesn't mean we need to. A womans at her horniest during the time she can get pregnant. Humans are animals, we have seasons also.

- We rely too much on porn: Humans today are beta and rely on porn. It's easy to get porn, therefore the instant gratification you get from it is not normal, which starts the chronic masturbation cycle to begin with.

reverse won't find shit.

I'm gonna need salsa for this one fam

Fapping does lower testosterone levels. Why do you think boxers or body builders stop fapping before fights and competitions?

It's common sense. There is a short spike in testosterone after fapping, but followed by an increade in estrogen. The T produced during masturbation is cancelled out by the increase in testosterone to prevent one from wanting to fuck again. That's why you can feel like ass after fapping or sex.

You obviously haven't reserched. If you can cite any source that says otherwise, i'd be glad to see it.

The increase in testerone is cancelled out by the effects of the increased conversion of estrogen. This is necessary to turn testosterone levels back to normal and prevent the male from wanting more sex.


And when you chronically masturbate, you're only going to be lowering both testosterone and estrogen....

You know nothing try and fap before a workout and tell me if you still have your aggression


and get off this board you normie fag