Thoughts on lil Peep and his music, and general RIP thread

Thoughts on lil Peep and his music, and general RIP thread.

Who the fuck is this?


holy shit the kid from home alone died?

My thoughts? Good riddance, now fuck off with this shit.

>Åhr died on November 15, 2017, shortly after he was taken to a hospital following a suspected heroin overdose. Numerous people in the music industry, including Diplo, Post Malone, Pete Wentz, Marshmello, Zane Lowe, ASAP Nast, Rich Chigga, Riff Raff, Ty Dolla Sign, Lil B, Travis Barker, Lil Yachty, Lil Pump, iLoveMakonnen, Juicy J, Bella Thorne, Sam Smith, Mark Ronson, Charli XCX, El-P, and Alice Glass paid tribute to Åhr following his death.
Plenty of faggots to replace him

Never heard of the bloke.
He looked like a ridiculous douche faggots, and has a name that only someone with the mental ability of a tween can find funny, but that is too young to die from terminal stupid.
I feel sorry for his parents.

yeah i didn't know who the fuck this ding dong was until today. The only feels I have for him is that he apparently suffered from depression and seeking help was frowned upon because it wasn't 'gangsta' or whatever.

not even going to bother looking up his music because I know i'll hate it, but still, RIP to this kid.

dubs decide if and how i kill myself.

glad he died, never heard of him, not famous, nothing of value lost, glad his mother is crying over his dead body right now.

Actually pioneered a pretty cool genre of music, did his own thing. And it's always a tragic loss of life when someone dies so young, regardless of what the neckbeards on this website think. RIP Lil Bo Peep.


Anyone who wants to give his music a listen check out Gym Class, Benz Truck, White Tee, Suck My Blood, Benz Truck pt 2, Beamerboy

I saw him live in Toronto end of October. Was a great concert, apparently the biggest of his tour. He's really young, think about it.. same age as the Ian Curtis, or Sid Vicious. Its a tragedy to see anyone so young with a love for music die so young. Anyone disrespecting him clearly needs to get laid.

Im gunna get tore apart by all the faggots on this board but look up at least one of his tracks. His music is actually semi unique

As well, star shopping is a great tune.

Good riddens

>duhh love for music
>non music which he doesn't compose anything of
>just raps stupid retard shit about pill popping
>dies doing same at TWENTY ONE
>not even a hard enough person to fucking survive PILLS past the age of TWENTY ONE

laugh at this fuckin white trash loser

Now, if only you were dead.

So I took your advice. It was the best crappy music I have ever heard.

She was a wonderful person RIP

alright, well, recommend me a song then

i think, his music was very ok, no shitty nigglet stuff. im a bit sad because his tunes had some emotions in it.

Me gargling the words 'whale cock' with liquid vanilla custard to the beat of deadmau5 would be unique.
Good, valuable and unique are not the same words.

would have been cooler if his name was Lil Pepe

Why are people obsessing about this decadent retard faggot. He is just another junkie, another passing form or temporary amusement for shallow millenials. He is an icon of the self serving reckless myopic hedonists bringing down society to the level of what blacks have been living like for years although if people are to fall so easily for this facile "culture" and it's vain and ineffectual icons of baseness, then they deserve to live like the crude monkeys of society that they are.

Peter Piper packed the pickled poop of pretty Peep

Looks like a giant faggot. Did he choke on a dick?

Man, just relax, so what if that was his shtick. It's still sad.

lol lil peep
sounds retarded

>being this purposely edgy
wew lad

pioneered? srsly?

Never heard of him, couldn't care less



Didn't know who he was until today. Sad that he died young but what do you expect with his lifestyle. I assume something shitty must have happened to him as a kid for him to go off the rails.

I liked some of his music.

I liked some of his songs, too. The beat on Benz Truck is pretty cool. It seemed like goth/rap, kind of a cool mix.

>Why are people obsessing...?

No one's obsessing. Sounds like you're the one thinking about him too hard.

Who ?

Pink hair tattoo on his face never heard his music it’s probably as gay as linken park or slim shady


It's time to shine
>lil windex

RIP enimen


Old Sup Forums is so dead. People actually feel bad? This is funny.

Shit music for morons. Don't care that he is dead

never heard of this twat. saw he died, figured nigger. listened to music 0/10. shitlord trash. good riddance.


Who tf cares!? Stop posting this newfag shit on /b

What the fuck is lil Peep?


i dunno why but it feels like i lost a family member

looks like peep grew on me

More degeneracy purged from the planet.

the amount of posts for this druggie OD'ing lmao.

Justin Bieber died?

someone one google search away

>Thoughts on lil Peep and his music, and general RIP thread.

Looks like a total dickwipe. Zero interest. OD and dead at 21? Sweet legacy, pal. What a zero.

Lol who the fuck?


A leader of a new wave, Peep will be missed, truly missed. In Peep's death heres to the life of goth/emo Rap

That's what it looks like. That's sad he just got back with the Mexican slut most freak out over here

Pressed Xanax is killing alot of people. It was not Heroin

You can't understand why someone would like some rapper white boi, instead of faggot nazi like you? Weird

stefan burnett is still alive is all that maters


In this world of overpopulation, nothing of great value was lost. I'm sure he'd be the first to agree...

if you died nobody would give a shit, cos you're a disgusting rancid fuck

Who would have tbought the guy with tatoos all over his face would make bad decisions on a constant basis?

Maybe faggots shouldn't take Xanax like candy

WTF are those people? How come I don't know any of them