Why do sex abusers think apologising is enough?

Why do sex abusers think apologising is enough?

You've already VIOATED ANOTHER SOUL. You can't apologise for that. You can't make up for it. You can't atone. There's just no going back from what you did.

The only good thing to come from apologising is admission of what you did. That's it; straight up. You still shouldn't have done it in the first place. You still shouldn't have considered it. You should've had NEVER let that thought pass through your mind. You just should not have committed that crime.

The only way to make this right is to have never bothered in the first place. Just don't do it. Apologising, trying to "atone," make amends, is not enough and never will be; in fact, it's nothing more than insults to your victims. You admitted to what you did. And now should be made an example of. You should lose your career. You should have your reputation tarnished. And your livelihood never the same.

Like Louis C.K., George Takei, now Al Franken. Examples to be made, trash to be discarded, so we can finally combat this epidemic.

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Huh, what a completely random sample size of people you've chosen. I wonder who could be behind this post.

all those cunts deserved it and liked it

such violation, how will this poor woman ever recover from such a horrid experience?

>thinking democrats could ever be alpha enough to sexually assault someone

you shills are so fucking retarded.

What in Allah's name were those whores doing outside without a chaperone???


So British spelling commenting on left wing ‘Muritard celebrities...

Good day, Comrade!

Also, a man has needs.

Nice try Ivan.



Looks like Al is going to jail.

We're so sorry, Uncle Albert, But you're days of playing grab ass have cought up to you.
Resign you rapist pig!


So, this is the new thing now huh? Every female who was once touched or didn't like what someone said is now going to come forward, earn their 15 minutes in the spotlight and be a hero? I'm glad the Hollywood Elites are being exposed because it's long overdue but some of this shit is ridiculous. Especially the "he sexually harassed me" claims.

I honestly can't count the number of times I was groped or had unwanted advances on me when I used to be a pub stomper in my early 20s. Gay guys and fat women in particular. Fat women do not possess the cognitive ability to realize you're not into them, no matter what you say. Gay guys just get more turned on the straighter you are.

Where's my platform? Can I get my 15 minutes too by calling out all the fatties and fags in bars who see a straight man and grope them or tell them what they want to do to him when it's most definitely not asked for?

What do you expect then to say?

"Yeah , I raped that bitch. And I would have gotten away with it two if it wasn't for that dog and those meddling kids"

>Where's my platform? Can I get my 15 minutes too by calling out all the fatties and fags in bars who see a straight man and grope them or tell them what they want to do to him when it's most definitely not asked for?
No, only women can be sexually assaulted. Ask the FBI.

Stopped reading at vioated, wrote this reply. OP is a faggot

Souls don't exist

relax, let the men do what men do, penetrating some pooseys

I wonder how many of these women being "brave" right now felt violated when they were getting a pay check for a career above their waitress job?

I'd be upset too if I was Rose McGowan. Have you seen her latest movie? Fucking horrible.

This tbh.

If sexual abuse damages the soul than are gingers immune from it?

An ugly faggot like Franken can only get laid by either being Funny or Famous. The fact that he was only slightly good at either shows how lame he really is.

Now that this chick has come out with photographic evidence of his degeneracy, I wonder if he'll moderate his "outrage" at conservatives who are accused of the same thing.

Forget the fact that this is, for all intents and purposes, Typical Male Behavior - that's a topic for another thread...

BTW: The chick who accused Franken is smokin' hot. I would'a tried to slide up on that too.

Here's a hint:


Yeah. Same with the Chinese.


SJWs need to be killed.

All of them. That's the answer.

Real, genuine "rape" is really rare in the USA. You're more likely to get shot by a nigger than be raped if you're a woman.

But the "raep culture" that feminists have propagated in this country wants you to believe that every woman from 8 to 80 is sexually assaulted on their trip to and from the 7-Eleven on a daily basis. kek.

Bahahha do people not delight in the irony? All these leftist pedophiles and sexual assaulters are being called out by their own demographic. They're being called out by special snowflake leftist women and it's beautiful. How does no one see how beautiful this really is?

Today I learned that Roy Moore is a leftist.

I do. It is rather glorious - except that by relishing it, we're actually helping the Feminazi's in their quest to neuter every male out there.

Maybe the pendulum will swing the other way, and we'll go back to groping chicks openly on the subway, like they do in Japan...

Yeah man total commie. Bet he loves Muslims too.

and yet unlike Trump Davidian caveman cultists like yourself, no one is defedning Franken. No one is comparing him to Joseph or Jesus, or claiming his accuser is lying. It's almost as if the left has this thing called integrity, and it's almost as if you're a faggoty fucking mafia wife for a serial sexual assaulter fake president who has 19 accusers himself.

he's not even touching her

also, she claimed to be so disturbed that she avoided Franken during the tour

> orly

Franken should resign immediately. kek. Think that'll happen? Yeah, just after Hillary returns all the Uranium One donations...

What's going on in this thread?

Dude, we all know these bitches are full of shit, it's just fun to see the Libertards hoisted by their own petards (hey, that rhymes!).

Plus, Franken is a waste of human garbage, so it's fun to watch him squirm.

*Clinton Foundation donations. Nobody believes that debunked bullshit anymore. The Clinton Foundation is one of the highest rated charities in the world, and that money has fed, schooled, sheltered, cured, and saved millions of lives across the 3rd world.

Trump spends his fake charity's donations on self dealing legal settlements and giant portraits of himself.

I think the Al Franken one is interesting, because there’s a picture of her wearing a bullet proof vest and pretending to touc her boobs. Also they said he was acting in a play that required a kiss and he tried to kiss her during rehearsals.

The fucker apologized too. He should of told her to fuck off and grow a pair.

Trump and Clinton accusers I don’t believe. I believe Roy Moore,p and Cosby victims.

Weinstein victims are just whores who didn’t end up famous or did then became irrelevant.

Suuuuuure. I believe you. Really. kek.

They give such awesome speeches that they're WORTH $500k a pop... Sure.

yes. If that's the asking price, and Russian oligarch billionaires are willing to pay it, yes. Got a problem?

Just read the accusation against Franken. She was / is a tea party conservative talk radio host, they were rehearsing for a USO show the skit in which they kissed, her not being an actor Franken rehearsed with her. The groping was done purposely in front of the camera as a gag photo while she pretended she was asleep. She is being paid to do this to counter all the allegations against Republicans - which is sad because both Republicans and Democrats are being legitimately implicated and this will just muddy the waters...maybe that is the plan?

Every last single woman who has claimed "muh, he dun raeped me" is full of shit.

If that really happened, why didn't you call the cops? Every time my house got broke into, I called the cops. But YOU didn't for rape????

Bullshit. Don't believe any of them.

No problem, as long as she goes to jail. That'll pretty much take care of it. She can share a cell with Podesta too.

100% agreed!

Also, and Trump and Moore to that list.

This is getting outta hand. This fight the patriarchy B's is gonna lead to no man wanting to make the first move on a woman. A bunch of beta cucks running around while bitch ass women run the world into the ground with all there libtard SJW ideals.

I know women who have done the following
>Faked being in love with someone for 2 years just to live with him because it was close to work
>Faked having been diagnosed with cancer on FB for attention
>Lied about her ex-boyfriend raping her when he refused to get back together with her, there was no trial, his reputation was ruined for a while and she eventually admitted it was a lie with no repercussions
>Threatened to miscarriage and blame it on the guy if he didn't give her money (her ex)

The list could honestly be turned into a novel of the fucked up things I've known women do for attention, even if it's only slight attention.

This is the problem. There's so many vapid empty dead inside cunts out there who will do fucked up things like that it de-legitimizes the ones telling the truth and makes it hard to tell who's telling the truth. Call it sexist if you want but women are not logic driven thinkers. They're emotional driven thinkers and don't think shit through before they do it.

This one however I can answer. A lot of women won't report real legitimate rape because most of them know the rapist. Rare rapes rarely ever happen. They don't want to get them in trouble, they're scared of backlash, etc.

The problem today is, most of these aren't rape, they're gropings or things they didn't want to hear such as (sexual harassment) claims.


She should've kicked Stuart right in his "Smalleys".

Conterminously with the development of Sex Robots, this Faux Feminazi Outrage will guide most males to purchase one within the next 50 years. Mark my words.

low quality bait

[pic too low quality to post]

*cough* *cough*

>spends life selling body for cash
>feels violated from kiss on stage

Lol OP is triggered. Turns out some people like to do distasteful things before they die. Is it wrong? Obviously. But soon it will all be forgotten, just like this shitpost and rosie odonnel on the kids choice awards.

>Other people are getting nationwide attention?

The woman's definitive guide to tell if someone is trying to rape you or not

Is he attractive? Yes? Not rape.
Is he attractive? No? It's rape.

Oh okay let's try this game then. You wake up to find Miranda Kerr laying on top of you kissing your neck. Do you feel violated? Now replace Miranda Kerr with Lena Dunham. What about now?

Anal Al mind-raped me years ago with his lousy "Comedy". I demand an apology!

I don't think anyone actually believes apologizing fixes anything, senpai, but what else are you supposed to do when you've been caught? Saying sorry is just what ya do. Like Tiger Woods.

Meanwhile the break room at work is filled with disgusting fat hambeasts today talking about how they want to pin down Zac Effron to the ground and have their way with him. I love how fat middle aged women always shoot for the stars

As long as they’re both gonna make me cum afterwards, I’m cool with that, maybe lena would throw in some cash if i was nice to her.

Meh, they'd both wind up sucking my cock, so no, I wouldn't feel violated.

Dude... have you no honor? Lena Dunham... seriously?

I like this guy^

Sure, as long as I don’t have to pork that bitch, the honor will be all over her face.


this chick is smiling and laughing while she tells her "horrible story" on tv, does she really think this is anywhere near the same level of misconduct as other stories that have come out recently?

Hooray for dubs and sassy cat lol

See? Difference between Men and Women.

Hence Women are not = to Men. Feminists don't know shit. Either you are a "protected class" of person who needs Men to look after you and treat you like a delicate flower, or you are = to Men and you don't get to play the "he grabbed my booty" card.

I woke up hammered at a party once, with a fucking 2/10 sucking my dick. I didn't feel "violated" I went to the bar and told my mates about it that night and had a great laugh. Fucking hell.

It doesn't matter. The politically correct and SJW train will get behind it and set out to destroy him, regardless if any of this shit's true or not.

Expect a lot more of these "brave" women to come forward in the coming months.

Roy moore’s Victims were 14. He’s like the Heterosexual Sandusky. Cosby victims were drugged.

Those are the only females I categorize as “victims”.


I'd just close my eyes and dream it was OP.

Fun fact: Roy Moore tweeted today
"Bring It On"

For those of you underage fags, "Bring It On" is a popular older movie about High School Cheerleaders.

I would fuck both. Lena Dunham is a solid 4. I’m a 6. So still within my range.

I like this guy too lol. Thanks for being in the same boat

I think Lena Dunham is pretty hot tbh.

Fully agree with this statement /b ro

Just looked at the accuser's instagram. This girl is a walking cum vacuum but an inappropriate kiss from years ago was the final straw. Okay.

10/10 Trolling:
+3 = Controversial topical topic
+5 = Only pick liberal/democratic people involved despite the more famous and powerful conservative/christian/republican examples (Moore, Trump)
+1 = Picture of Al Franken
+1 = Include CK who got consent

Well played.

THIS is what people are so upset about? Seriously? I can't stand that self-righteous douche but how the fuck is this a big deal?

It's a stupid picture but it was obviously done in a satire way. He didn't reach his hand up her shirt and start grabbing away. This looks like more in fun than anything.

Says “underage fags”
Says bring it on is “older movie”

Get fuckeddd

hover hands

virtual groping?

I'll betcha he wishes he HAD copped a feel back then for all the misery he's getting now about it. At least he'd have the memory of her soft supple titties in his tiny girl-like hands.

I don't think you all realize how this ends. This is what (((they))) and the femnazis want. They want you to be terrified of even looking in their general direction without a permission slip. You're going to have to get a fucking consent form in the future just to have consensual sex and even then, they can just claim you assaulted them after they signed it and then turned you down.

That's where all of this is heading and it's terrifying. Maybe all those nerds who hover hand in pictures of women were on to something.


As a convicted self absorbed molester. I would have to agree

Woah you just blew my mind

This is why no believes women. This is a joke. What a cunt.

I would tweet her, but twitter removed all 8 of my accounts.

You're right OP. He should step down. So should Trump.

Who did you molest, user? And was it worth it?

...I'm asking for a friend... yeah.

>Hover hand woman to avoid touching her
>Don't hover hand woman

You can't win

Agreedo OP knew how to blow it up

>I would tweet her, but twitter removed all 8 of my accounts

Well a “younger girl” (my friend’s sister) was in the same room as me, i happened to be on kik with a mistress and chatting. I got a hard on. She saw it apparently which I didn’t know, she came over and groped it. I was like why did you do that? And she immediately put on a sad face, I decided to take her up on the opportunity.

Why aren’t more people, conservative and liberal, calling this horseshit?

Al was obviously trying to be humorous. So now comedians can’t even joke?

This shit is out of control. Franken did nothing wrong. Free Franken!

And because she was underage, you got to go into the slammer.

The equivalent "crime" would be you're walking around the store, and a Kit-Kat Bar hops off the shelf and jumps into your pocket voluntarily. You walk out of the store and get busted for shoplifting...

Not saying you should'a done it, just sayin' I understand...

Because it's cool to see Liberals get owned by the shitstorm they created.

It's all biblical an' sheeut. "Judge not, lest ye be judged" an' sheet.


I guess i used convicted too liberally. I definitely was not busted. But everytime i go to me friends house, she always wants to play with me or she asks if I’m staying over. It’s cute, but I don’t think she exactly remembers the details.

Yeah, well, life is short dude. And she most definitely remembers the details. Women forget nothing. Even the stuff they make up.

Good point, but it’s been a few years, and sometimes i think i wanna wait a few years so hopefully she does remember so when she’s 18 i can fuck. Then again I probably could right now.