So a while ago I tricked this dude into sending me money by pretending to be an underage girl and sending him nude pics...

So a while ago I tricked this dude into sending me money by pretending to be an underage girl and sending him nude pics of a girl (who is of age), the guy was so stupid he gave me his phone number, his email and his actual home address, but I never did Anything with that information, I just got the money I wanted then blocked him... until now, I'm going through money problems, should I blackmail him to send me money? giving that he thinks that the girl in the pictures is a minor, it shouldn't be that hard right?

what's his phone number?

Don’t be an asshole. I know I’m saying this on Sup Forums and everyone’s a piece of shit but please, you could potentially destroy this guy’s life in exchange for what? Some shitty anime figurines? Nothing you but will make you happy. If you’re sadistic enough to completely shatter somebody’s hopes, dreams and future then you’re too far gone and really you should just end it all now before you hurt more people

Kill yourself you piece of shit

I don't want to do this, And if I'm being completely honest I won't call the cops on him either, but I need the money, or I might get evicted, and you know how it is, it's survival of the fittest......

Please don't. I'm a bad man too but dude, don't ruin lives.


>survival of the fittest.....

When you study from 8am to 6pm it's kinda hard to have a job...

surprised how many people on Sup Forums are defending a pedophile

Whats that? A loser is trying to justify taking advantage of another loser? You realize you are literally being nigger right?

>I won't call the cops on him either
whatever he may or may not be 'guilty' of, it still doesn't change the FACT that you'd be guilty of extortion and possibly wire fraud. I hope you do get evicted, you deserve it.

not defending anyone, but for this hypothetical person to be a pedo he would actually have had to have done something, you know, innocent before proven guilty and all that?

pretty sue he's guilty for asking pics of a girl he thought was a minor

I wouldn't be dumb enough to blackmail a dude for cp if I had it myself

Oh you're 'pretty sue' so that must mean guilty right?

Scroll up to the top of the page, read what it says beneath the header that says 'Sup Forums - Random'

I'm 'pretty sue' you might be one of the fools referenced there.


making fun of a typo is the best you've got?

what fucking major on earth requires 10 hours of study a day? Where did you even find the time to scam this guy in the first place?

senior year of high school at least where I live I start at 8 and finish at 6pm most days & scammed during summer vaca,

>'making fun' of a typo invalidates the post
Yeah, because the other 37 words in the post are totally meaningless. Are you retarded or something?

>Bad man
>doesn't ruin lives

Okay kid

dude you're defending a pedophile, you really want to act like you're right ? I least I'm aware that what I'm doing is wrong.....


uh no, I am not defending anyone, actually I'm calling bullshit. We're just supposed to take YOUR word for it?

senior year = 18years old

oh so your including time spent at school? i gotcha. Why are you living on your own if your still in HS? also its really not that hard to find a job that wont work you that hard. I do dishes and they currently only give me a Sunday shift. Keep in mind you can just work harder to make your own way instead of screwing over someone else also youll be way better off in the long run

why the fuck would I lie about this? I was just asking for advice...

Also, if you haven't already called the cops on him and have no plans to, and you knew about him, WHO is really defending a pedo? That alone might make you complicit.

the money is to help my mom pay rent, I work on saturdays, but I don't make enough money to make a difference

seeyou fucking loser

I'm taking advantage of situation, and he didn't really get any cp, just pics of a random hoe, I think making he pay my rent will be enough of a punishment for him to learn not to do this shit anymore

being a pedophile is not a crime, acting on your pedophile instincts is.....
as far as I'm concerned he has regular porn on his phone....

First of all, you are full of shit.
Second,, you are not part of the justice system.
Third, if you aren't totally full of shit you are complicit by omission
> I think making he pay my rent will be enough of a punishment for him to learn not to do this shit anymore
so this statement proves YOU are the one concealing with intent to further defend a pedo.

Oh, and I'm 'pretty sue' that sooner or later, you'll get what you deserve, people like you always do. We're done here.

solicitation of a minor IS a crime, though...

did you get the part where he isn't actual pedo? because he has not actually committed a crime....
he thinks he did, but he didn't. trust me you don't know how many times I've reported those guys that come in here looking for cp kik groups...I could do the same with them, but I think those people actually deserve jailtime, this dude? he's just a loser who thought I was a 17 year old girl....

seeFor the last time, fuck off already.