This is a man

This is a man.

>How does that make you feel, user?

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Grateful I don't have a mental illness.



100% straight, as he is a dude and I like chicks



guess im gay, cool

Perfectly comfortable with my attraction

like i want to suck that dick

Well, he/she is part negroid anyway, so it wouldn't matter. If you want to pose a question about our sexuality, keep it White. Everyone wants White.

already bisexual

No this is NOT a man.

She might have been born with a penis but that in NO WAY makes her a man if she chooses she will identify is a woman.

Stop spreading your STUPID propaganda, it's 2017 FFS!

Obvious b8 isn't clever or challenging.

you say the same shit in every one of these threads

Makes me feel horny. I want to suck her off.

Like any hole's a goal.

spectrumofadistantdream tumblr com if you want to see this bitch's thick ass in small thongs.

>a man
With those hips? No fuckin' way.
>feminine penis or gtfo

Doesn't make me feel anything, if he's happy then good for him

How fucking new are you



Id still fuck her


>This is a man.
>>How does that make you feel, user?

Like you're a dumbfuck Jew shitposter doing all you can to fuck Sup Forums and Sup Forums over with endless faggot threads. Fuck off, Schlomo. Die in an oven.

moar pics plz, need to fap

As much as im opposed to the trap / faggotry spam , just like you are , that seems a lil on the triggered side.
You okay fam? Let faggots be faggots bruh , aint none of our business.
>Id fuck a really hot trap tho
Like this one

faggot in denial detected


Eduarda Vieira. Heard she got SRS fairly recently, though. What a shame.

his butt


>hurr durr teh joooz

Here's a nude where she's tucking.

wrong thread idiot

Thread seems to be about extremely passable shemales/traps. Regular trap threads are always full of shitty crossdressers.

I'd smash