Does liking traps make me gay Sup Forums?

Does liking traps make me gay Sup Forums?

>Asian traps are the best

yes now fuck off faggot

No it doesn't.

Liking a trap is no different from liking a woman with broad shoulders or fridge body.

>Does liking dick make me gay Sup Forums?

Not necessarily, liking men while being a man either makes you gay or bi if you're also interested in women. Traps are men and in no way closer to a woman.

In fact it's even less gay as long as the penis is feminine.


No, a penis doesn't make a man. A woman can have a penis as they can use a strapon. It's only an accessory and, frankly, it's like an upgraded woman. You can even say you are more straight since you're going to like women even more after trying it and any interest on men, if there were any, will be diminished.

>feminine penis
Do you not realize how much of an oxymoron that is? You just like dick get over it

and theres 63 genders right?

Only if it's feminine duh

Jep IT does. You are gay.

Any tips for starting out or interest in helping training?

OP here.

I am in no way attracted to men on the sexual level, but something about a cute "girl" and her dick is a taboo-ish turn on for me.

>hairy, built dudes are disgusting


of your attracted to a penis you are at least bi



go back to tumblr faggot

Oh yeah, your definitely gay

But you're gay with good taste.

You faggots would rather change the definition of being gay than admit your gay.

>liking traps make me gay

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Yes user. Yes it does. Your father is so disappointed in you.

It's not gay if the penis is feminine!

No wonder he left when I was little.

I'm assuming you're a trap yourself then, if the picture truly is you

It depends.

Is it a 3D trap? Yeah that's fucking gay.

Is it a cute 2D anime trap? Yeah that's fucking gay too, but it's not as gay.

You tell me, faggot

No nigga. It's some pic I found on here a while back.
I wish I was that qt 3.14 geek, and I'm a guy.

Are you telling me there's a spectrum of trap gayness?



Prove it then


looool that man face

Yes OP, you are gay.
Liking traps is the same as liking men.
"But they look like women!", perhaps, but you actually know they are males, and as such, liking them makes you a faggot.


Those are traps?? The world is not safe anymore.

Yes you fucking retard.

No, you like the female Look. If you still like them when they show you the dick it is gay, but still OK.

Traps are gay, game over.

No, it's the quite the opposite. Only a real man isn't afraid to admit he likes a nice dick on the girl he fucks.

Those who don't like traps are probably insecure and struggling with their own latent sexuality. Only a fag is too much of a pussy to admit he like cock now and then.

Yep this is a real woman

This thread is bad and you should feel bad.


I counted to 30

yes mam

Or he looks at 3D trap, easily realizes it's a guy and it turned off. Only 2D traps can pass.

If you go by body and genitals and take the mean, 1+1 (Guy appearance, guy genitals)+0+0 (Female appearance, female genitals) it is .5 on the gay scale, AKA 50% Gay. Guy on trap would be 1+1+1+0, or .75, so that is pretty gay. HOWEVER, Masturbating to a trap by themselves (1+0) is only 50% gay, as gay as straight porn. Watching lesbian porn is 0% gay, Trap on trap is only 50% gay, and Trap on woman is the least gay, only 25%.
Keep in mind that saying no homo does negate the gayness back to 0%.

This assumes that the masturbator is also a male.

Who is this?

this isnt how makeup works you fucking idiot

Yeah it is faggot, there's even an app for it




i wear makeup. This isnt how makeup works. that app is fucking stupid lmao.


Post a pic of you in makeup, I'll reveal the man underneath it.



Yes. Homosexuality has many nuances, but all of them are gay. The most gay would probably be turning yourself into a trap and getting fucked in the ass, least gay would probably be fucking post-op, passable trannies in the ass. Again, it's all gay though.

Are you fridgephobic or something?

The Jester



of course yeah


unfortunately I've come to realize that there are some traps that are more beautiful and feminine than the vast majority of women out there...

long are the days where trannys looked like something hideous straight out of the rocky horror picture show.

such confusing times...

I'd probably think I had scored bigtime, until I discovered that 'she' has a bigger schlong than me :C

Yes it does.

It's not like an actual transgender person, who is actually female brain in a male body.

Traps are exactly that. A trap.

They are a man dressed up as a woman.

And you LIKE that.

Therefore you are a gay fucking faggot who wants to suck dick.

Deal with it.

>validating trannies
>ever sucking a trap