Dubs decide what i say next

Dubs decide what i say next

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i wanna eat out your ass with peanut butter

I'd love to fuck my sister once.

send this

>"Because uhm, you know^^, that's me xD. You know, I'm gay and everything right... T_T "


Because I have sex with children and their assholes taste great

ask that again and ill fuck you in the mouth

I just finally wanted to see your butthole. I'm kind of awkward, sorry...

Ok rape you next week


We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

>i wanna eat out your ass with peanut butter


Just fuck me already!

because I like to suck dicks. So either try harder and grown one(and not a simple 2 inches asian size dick like mine, I'm talking the real deal, 7 inches unga boonga dick or more) or do the right thing and leave me alone


11 check em!

Fuck, do i have to?

>>Dubs decide what i say next

My mom knows, that you have a penis

of course you do! What are you?! A FAG!!!?!



my fingers smell like poo

I suck bcc and I like shots loli and incest porn

Not the answer i was expecting

OP won't deliver because he's a fag

Fuck, forgot pic



I'm gonna rip off your head and shit down your neck

Please fist my nipples with a cheese grater.

Your malformed skull is unfit for my pisspot

There's nothing like the smell of burning chinks in the morning

After I've run you through; next is your mother.

Allahu akbar

Come over tonight so I can fist your tight little asshole

I'm glad the shooting in California happened

Maybe you could eat my asshole out too?

"Auschwitz was a summer camp lol"

Cars were popularized because of big oil during the early 1900s when they became available to the most Americans.
This was a plot by the jews to make them rise into power with their hand in big auto and big oil.



i can't cum unless you stick your foot in my asshole.

Op dead

Lil peep died :'( he's more important that the stupid kids in California




Damn it

Fun things are fun

I wanna stick my Pickle Rick in you like the intellectual I am, and if you impress me enough, maybe I'll even show you my Rick and Morty tattoo. ;) Wubba lubba dub dub, m'lady

Oy vey goyim give me your money.


you subhuman shiteater and breather, kill yourself.

Holy shit. Nice quads.

The entire bee movie script.



It's the first time I see quads and it's posted by a fucking nigger

OP must obey the Quads

Your new is showing.

1st message:
>I'm recruiting you into the KKK. Join at your nearest designated KKK meeting spot. WHITE POWER

2nd message:


The newfaggiest of newfags


Hitler did nothing wrong

Guys, what the fuck, give me something that will really shock this guy

You're a shitfaced nigger

you're probably sending these to yourself faggot

Are you talking with cleverbot or something?

"Nazi songs are my favs. I like The Ballad of Anne Frank"

trips goddammit

oh hi satan

What's the best way to kill negroids? Burn them? Shoot them?

No its a real guy but i dont know, i think he has mental problems?

I play ROBLOX regularly with my autistic brother. I play in secret after bedtime to jerk off to roblox girls.

This but instead of negroids niggers

He's a normie. look at the way he speaks.


Send tits and a time stamp.

Open bobs and show vageener

One time my great grandma told me how to survive back in her day when nigger slaves were still legal.
She used to round them up like cattle and slaughter them for meat during the winters. I tried it myself and I have to say it's pretty tasty if you mix and season it well.


lol roll

you can't just reroll faggot.

yes we can haha

I really like going to parks and watch little fellas, while I listen to some gachimuchi music

niggers are the reason western society is going down the drain. If all niggers died tomorrow I'd be celebrating

What a boring conversation.

"God i hate islam"


What a fucking waste of dubs


Would you show me your penis please?